From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Yup! this is my mum and dad.
And they are the best any kid could ask for, they worked so hard all their life and prayed even harder and that's why we are so blessed today. We did not have a fancy life and yet it was filled with all that is good and wonderful, we had all we needed not what we wanted , and that's why probably i am what i am today.
My parents instilled values and good behavior and too many morals for my own good....
They always told me to "treat everyone like i would want to be treated", and "to do what i want but never dis-respect or hurt your family".
I never got pocket money , and i had to reached home at 12'midnight no matter what time i went for a party, and gosh! it used to make me so maaaad, but today ,i thank them with all my heart for all that they did and continue to do for me ...
I'm blessed that i have 2 guardian angels in my life to look after me..
If i can eat 24/7 today and am still hungry ,its because i got that from my DAD and thank his amazing genes that i do not put on weight very easily and if i can cook today its because my mum is awesome in the kitchen and when i think of her in our kitchen i see her tossing spaghetti , with vegetables , boiled eggs, cheese, butter and ham into a huge plate that we would devour like a pack of hungry wolves, its my favorite childhood transporter , "MY MUMS CHOW"

Mummy's Chow
Handful of broccoli, baby corn , french beans, peas, carrots and red and yellow peppers,all diced.
Chicken sausages /ham/ bacon diced
Salt to taste

Cook the spaghetti and keep it aside
Heat a vessel of water and when it is boiling , dunk the vegetables in ,a bowl at a time, as all cook at different temperatures, do not over cook them .
Then heat a small fry pan , and put a little olive oil and butter in it, put all the vegetables in and let the butter coat them..keep it aside
Do the same to the diced sausages/ham /bacon.
After that warm the spaghetti if it has gone cold, and then add to it some butter and some cheese spread , for this all to melt into it, it actually has to be just about drained , so i time it very well.
Boil eggs for exactly 7 minutes and just cut in 2.
Mix the spaghetti , vegetables eggs and the sausages together and eat it while its still hot.

That's exactly what i did and Yeah the kids and me loved it, we are now sitting happy and satiated, i think this is a good way to get the kids to eat their vegetables and their eggs ,GOSH ... my mum tricked us into eating veggies ha ha ha
Just like I'm doing now, so i made plates that looked like clowns and it was fun and tasty

So 'Mummys Chow Clown " hot piping and yummy straight from "Maria's Kitchen"...


  1. Such a lovely post Maria! It makes me wanna go back to my mum's and dads arms :(

  2. Amazing ! Made my Sunday delicious. Will try this one for sure

  3. thank u so much
    ms.zeus and uncannybal
    i have been at it since morning, and have had a good day
    see you tom

  4. Hola Maria,its lovely to see ur blog and yeah i did u need to tweak this one....html is d way to go...but i think its cute...
    i love the theme of ur blog, eat, love, pray, laugh and hug....
    Well its the theme of my blog too, of love and dance, of laughter and song...bursting with the joys of spring:-)))bubbling with joy ....topped with love...all for God in my life and yeah am a total foodie tooooooooo....
    Loving the deliciousness oozing here , oh yeah i do!!!
    have a auper sparkly day and hope to see u in my world too:-))

  5. I simply had to add , i love ur parents post:-))
    Its so so cute, i had and have a deadline of
    I have a little mothers day post too and am more so telling u this coz so so muc want u to win something for ur mom maybe, or maybe she'll gift it righ back to u:-)))
    Ok here's the link , am sure tart pans and cookie cutters are something u will love -hop by this link :-))