From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Mini voice of sense and reason ......always...

I'm going to start today's blog with what my friend Mini Mathur wrote on Twitter...

My sentiments exactly...

In this short life of ours..
We are given families that we are born into ...
And then we meet strangers in life , who by a strange twist of fate become our friends..
"Friends are the families we choose for our selves.."
And in between our families and the friends in our Life...
We all do have our favorites and the ones we love more than others...
A star for each one in my life...

And yes we all really have very busy lives and are constantly juggling between home , kids, work , social commitments and trying to find some me time..
 And sometimes we take for granted friendships and relationships..
And I guess that's where we make our biggest mistakes in life..

We were all born on this Earth for a purpose...and we will all one day have to leave planet earth..
So should we not make the most of the time we have here , and spend quality time with the ones we love..
Rather than live in regret when we can't anymore...

Yes all relationships have their bouts of anger, love, disappointment, happiness, beautiful happy highs and horrible lows...
But I think if we are able to cross a bridge..
Say sorry if we have wronged someone ..
Or then just forgive , without holding a grudge...
I think we will lead a richer life...

I'm not saying be part of a one sided relationship, or a selfish relationship or an abusive relationship...
But don't let your EGO get in the way of someone you like, love  or someone who does bring a smile to your face...

I feel that love or friendship need not make you laugh like crazy ...
But it should definitely not make you cry...
Then something is wrong somewhere..
Maybe then you can keep this person in your heart but not in your life...
And if you are really large hearted ,then in your life too....

I'm happy that I'm blessed with family that is amazing ...
And friends who are my family...

And today made muffins, because I was thinking about everyone who is part of my life..
Some physically, some mentally , some emotionally and some spiritually..
Yes I bake when I'm pondering about life too...


Butter-50 gm
Dark Chocolate - 40 gm
Castor sugar - 100 gm
Egg - 1/2
Vanilla extract -1/2 tsp
Flour - 130 gm
Butter milk - 140 ml
Bicarbonate of soda - 1/2 tsp
Dark chocolate chips  -85gm


Pre heat the oven to 200 degrees C.
Melt the butter with the chocolate in a bowl over hot water  ...
Or zap it in the micro wave..
Stir in the sugar, egg, vanilla and butter milk..

Teal Blue..I love you ...
 Sift the flour with the soda bi-carb and add the chocolate chips to it...
Mix this into the wet chocolate mix..
Do not over work the batter..
Spoon it into tiny muffin cases and bake for 15 minutes or till a toothpick inserted into the muffin , comes out clean...

I then made a drop consistency of sugar icing and let it flow over the cold muffins ..
Sprinkled them with stars ... 

These muffins I made in silence..(no don't laugh)
Yup ....I do stay quiet tooo...
Very very quiet..
And was thinking about my life this past year to be precise..

All the places I travelled to , all the wonderful friends I met, all the soul connections I established..

All the laughter , all the fun, all the memories of this year gone by..
And yes my year starts with the kids holidays and ends with them starting school.
And was thinking of the ones who are really part of my life....
The ones who have always been there for me and the new ones I have included in my life..

No I'm not the easiest person to be friends with ...

I talk too much...
I ask too many questions..
I argue too much..
I eat too much ...
I do everything too much ...
And I'm sure I'm a pain, even though in my head I think I'm a good soul to have in ones life...
I'm far from perfect...

But I am also am very forgiving ...
And I love too much ..
And I do not like losing the ones I love..
It kills me..

And so if the ones I love , want me part of their life..
I will be there armed with all my love and a big bright smile and all my nonsensical madness..
And if I feel that I'm not wanted, then I try and win them back ..and if that does not work ..
Then I finally let them go ...

But I don't want to live life in regret..
Of not having said "I love you" to the ones I love...
Of not having said, " I miss you like crazy" if I'm missing someone..
Of not crying my eyes out and fighting with them if I'm feeling hurt..
And then also retracting back in my shell...when I feel , that's all that I can do..

But, I still just want to say , " Never give up on the things that make you smile"
And frankly , " The best things in life are not things" ...

To everyone who is part of my life ..
Thank you for being there...
And I'm sorry if I have knowingly or unknowingly hurt you ..
And to the ones I love with all my heart..
Thank you for allowing me to love you with all my eccentricities , faults and puppy-dog kinda love ...
And before I sign off I  need to quote Jackie Chan from a film, whose name I don't remember, ''Family isn't whose blood you carry, it's who you love and who loves you ''.

So here's presenting "Silent moment muffins"...
Warm, with a dollop of  'Teal Blue, I love you" icing..sprinkled with stars , that represents each and everyone I hold dear in my life...
With a long siggghhhh,  only from "Maria's Kitchen"...


  1. Hello hello,

    Two posts in a row,take a bow, you chirpin sparrow(Had to rhyme it). Rissotto and muffins. fun things to try. cause the natives are rebelling in the house saying i am only giving them indian khana. now i will show them my international colours. Pleased to announce the arrival of lady summer in toronto. kidslooking like tomatoes and neighbour who is italian is growing nice juicy tomatoes. The best things in life are not things i know , but the things that come in life mariaaaaaaaaaaaa like the michael kors sandals that i saw in the mall yesterdaya nd i have to go buy it today make life a tad bit more exciting. My gym is in the mall!!!!!!! it's like the swimming pools and clubs in mumbai and a vada pav wala right outside. All the guys working in my fav stores know i am doing a cool down when i walk by. chalo let u go now.
    BTW: song stuck in my head today, Kabul fiza ye hain kabul fiza

    1. Dear Sneha, ha ha ha you are funny...
      Have fun in the Toronto summer after that crazy spell of cold...
      And keep visiting me here...

  2. Love the muffins spilling over
    Just like life wants to
    Beautiful writing..

    1. Dear Rajesh,
      Hmmm you are a poet ...

    2. Jester
      Since most words
      Are actually humorous
      If we laugh at life
      But the muffins....
      Their cup runners over

    3. Runners = runneth
      Word correct don't know Victorian I guess :)

  3. wanna eat nowwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!

    1. Dear Disha ,
      Please feel free and go ahead and bake ...

  4. Learnt just today that you write blogs.. Nice blog, beautiful pics.. I love your expressions.. :)
    Please write something about 'Do it sweet'.. :)

    1. Dear Pritz,
      Thank you sooo much ...

    2. Totally my pleasure Maria.. :) Also I am a fan of Arshad.. So used to seeing him do crazy things and give crazy expressions.. It feels difficult to see him serious in your pics.. :) You both look so good together.. :)

    3. I am very bad at cooking.. So the recipes just don't enter my head.. But I will soon complete reading all your non-recipe posts.. :) If you find time, will you visit my blog please? I would be privileged..

  5. ohhh yeah....i will coz ur recipes are juz so tempting...cant stop myself widout trying thm...:) love u maria..<3

    1. Hope you tried at least something ...

  6. Dear Maria, I just had to break my silence today. I discovered ur blog a month ago and hav finished reading all ur posts. The muffins are so tempting to look at , that i had To break my mode of a silent reader and admirer and post a comment. Would u b kind enough to post the recipe of the sugar icing ? i'll b grateful. Thanks .
    Anjum Darvesh.

    1. Dear Anjum,
      Thats too sweet ..
      well icing ..
      Beat one egg white..just a bit ..
      Then in another bowl take a little egg white..
      Add sieved icing sugar and mic to the consistency you need..
      Add a squeeze of lime...
      This is actually a basic royal icing ..
      And you can add icing sugar if you want it firmer ..
      Have fun....
      And thanks for reading all my blogs..

    2. Dear Maria, Thanks a lot for ur prompt reply . I find baking very therapeutic , it's my way of destressing. I will surely try making those chocolicious muffins this weekend. Thanks again


  7. Yup, best things in life are certainly not things :)
    but some things might make life little better if not the best, just like your muffins, red velvet cake and my butter chicken :)
    Take care Maria!!
    Niagara Falls :)

    1. Dear Raman,
      You got me...with the mention of the Niagara falls and butter chicken..
      Love both with equal intensity...
      You just have to share your recipe please....

  8. Hi Maria!

    You've pushed this lazy writer to finally start a blog..THANKS A TON....have to send the 1st one to you...Love, Nandini...

    Uncountable as the Stars
    Assuring as the Sun
    Boundless as Air
    There's much for everyone

    We bob across this ocean
    Our sights on the horizon
    The journey is made special
    By these little chaperones

    Each one is a treat
    Each one complete
    Carrying stories to unfold
    But hidden underneath

    It takes one to lift a veil
    It takes one to flash a smile

    One to forget woes
    Just one to forgive foes

    One to vow forever bonds
    One to drown what the devil wants

    One to take a timely pause
    And one to stand up for a worthy cause

    Happiness, fun, joy and cheer
    Success, peace and all that's dear
    They get them our way every day of the year

    So don't let them hurry
    Make each one count
    One can alter any story
    Moments are what we make of them...never the other way round!

    1. This is beautiful ...
      So very beautiful....
      Never the other way round...
      is just so true....

  9. hey maria those muffins are just amazin and so r u :)

  10. all your posts. Have tried some of your recipes, and they have come out great. For the cupcake recipe, i wanted to know which buttermilk can i use? Like the packaged Amul one, or need to prepare something?
    Also, if you could share some vegan cake recipes it would be really great. Or let me know if i can use some egg substitute .

    Thanks & Regards,