From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Monday, May 24, 2010


I remember tasting chocolate mousse the very 1st time from ," Croissants" the shop that sold yummy goodies and the place that i actually worked in, for about a year on and off...
"Chocolate mousse"hmmm... it was chilled, light , gooey and yummy, and remember people would call it "mousie"or "mouse" and i would keep thinking why would you call it a rodent and still want to eat it...
But i love all things chocolate and desperately need some comfort food today, so woke up bright and early with chocolate on my mind...not clothes, not shoes...but simple indulgence CHOCOLATE.
And so doing a recipe i learnt from Chef Vicky on "Do it Sweet", i googled many of the recipe's, but like this because its a good combination of cooked and uncooked ingredients together.And have made it twice before and it was a huge success with all .

Chocolate Mousse
280gm chocolate
50 ml milk
4 egg yolks
100 ml water
400 gm whipped cream

Combine the chocolate and the milk over a double boiler , till the chocolate melts, then keep aside to cool
Combine egg yolks, sugar and water over a double boiler, and cook it while whisking it with an electric beater, till it turns white about 6-7 minutes, remove from the heat and whip till its cool.
Then using a large rubber spatula, fold in the chocolate mix into the egg yolk mix , DO NOT BEAT IT, just with a whole lot of TLC , then fold in the whipped cream...
Put it in bowls and garnish with some chocolate and let it chill in the fridge for a minimum of 3 hours before you decide to indulge...

And it did not start off really we'll , because the chocolate i put on to the double boiler is spoilt, so chucked it, jumped into a rick and went in search of cooking chocolate, gosh its too hot , to be searching for chocolate, but since i said that i will do 1 recipe a day , i just could not go back on my word, so i went to Alpha in Vile Parle and found 2 different cooking chocolate , bought both got home and jumped right back into the kitchen , gosh what a girls gotta do for chocolate....
So like Speedy Gonzalez, i whisked and mixed and stuck my fingers into the mix and tasted and and all along, two pairs of brown eyes kept following my every move and as i turned my back , Zeke and Zene stuck their fingers into the bowl and while Zeke was busy laughing at getting caught, Zene just behaved like she is the official taster and said, "I love it mama, i really love it"

Also i used milk chocolate and not the 70% chocolate because that is slightly bitter for the kids and since I'm outnumbered , i just listen to the little chipmunks .
Let me warn all our weight watchers, this is really fatty , but really tasty , so what the hell , do an extra session of cardio.. but have fun..

So today , because i seriously need my comfort food , "Chocolate Mousse" straight from "Maria's Kitchen"


  1. chocolate always has been a remedy for all aliments..any form of chocolate is acceptable except sugar free and diet chocolates whose concept i can never understand...chocolate is meant to be enjoyed in its fullest form...wid no consequences on ur mind but sheer indulgence :)) bon appetite

  2. I remember you hosting a food show for Merlin. Great to see you blogging about food!
    For the adults I use a little bit of honey beaten into the egg and semi-bitter chocolate. I also fold in a hint of irish cream to give it a little 'kick'. I also have a food blog. Mostly traditional Indian stuff and some random western cuisine... do check it out...
    You will find my mousse recipe there!
    Cheers and keep blogging!

  3. nice ,) visit n post ur valuable comments

  4. The mousse looks so inviting. Completely divine. I understand the /need/ for comfort food. Especially chocolate. Only I need it everyday and visiting your blog is probably the worst thing I am doing to my overweight self.

    But sadly, the blog address has found a comfortable place in my memory and I didn't even have to try to memorize it. Life and it's humour!

  5. Dear Danny, Hansal,Apoorva and Pranidhi,
    Thanks all of you , for reading and commenting , i agree Danny , chocolate is gotta be real , and
    Hansal thanks for the irish cream tip, will definately also try out some of your recipe's if you do not mind, and
    Apoorva will check your blog, and
    my dear Pranidhi , eat healthy and love, pray, laugh and hug