From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Thursday, December 5, 2013


And so today after a very very very long , I felt like a big fat gooey grin...
Does it have something to do with some one or something..
Well always.. ha ha ha ..
I blame it on this season ..
It's December, it just does something to me..
It fills my heart up with stars, that burst out of me
And so I'm perennially walking under a star burst..
Is that not beautiful..
So the tree has been put up..
There are little reindeer's sitting in corners of my home..
My kids keep writing letters to Santa everyday.
Buble is weaving his Christmas magic around my heart..
I'm trying to make a Christmas menu, that I can cook in a short span of time..
I'm writing a mental letter to Santa ..
But leaving it up to him, he never gives me what I want.
So I have just told him to surprise me this year..
I love surprises..
Hmm.. so ya ..
Peace, joy and all the festive Christmas spirit has taken abode inside me..
And I'm happppppeeeeeee....

You know it feels nice..
To just wake up ..
And feel good..
To look around at your sleeping kids , and wake them out of their slumber, to go to school..
Frankly I feel, what fun if school was optional..
But then , I think all the mothers would go completely crazy, if all they did was look after kids..
I'm sure school was started with the noble intention of imparting knowledge and also as , rest time for mums..

So today started like any other day.
But by noon, I was suddenly having my friends over...
And so busied myself in the kitchen.
I have this new Phillips Air-Fryer, thanks to Mz.Mini..
Who is the gadget queen of kitchen equipment..
So I'm using it like crazy..
And so decided to make a pizza with ribs on the side and garlic infused potatoes ..
And so was happily, cutting, chopping, marinating..

Well if you can please do check this air-fryer out, I frankly have fallen for it..
I would like to marry it, it's easy , not complicated, and low calorie..ha ha ha
But Mins said, she is already married to it, so I will have to be the mistress..
And frankly, I'm OK with that,because it just maybe more fun ha ha ha..

So out of the blue,  Mini and Jaya came home..
And we sat and discussed help leaving, kids, kitchen equipment ( which drives Jaya up the wall) men , other women,other women's men , shoes, clothes that are not zipping up ,so on and so forth..
While my pizza , got baked in the oven and my ribs were getting nicely browned..
And then, we sat and ate heartily and happily among much banter..

There has been something that I have been wanting to try for some time now, but have never really got down to it..
When I do want to try something, I normally do get down to it sooner or later..
Today it all just fell into place..
Like magic
I had the ingredients and the most beautiful company..
I cook better when I am feeding people I love..
So while we sat in the sun and were getting baked, Mins said that it was to get our required dose of D3 ( ha ha ha Mini, she is our official non certified Doctor)..
So while we drank chilled coke with ice..
This was conjuring up in my head...
Sometimes I feel like a witch , trying to cast spells on people , with the help of food..
Ha ha ha ..
If I eat too much of food, I may not be able to fly on my broomstick ha ha ha ..

But here are the ..


Flaky pastry- 250 gm
Ganache - 250 gm
Marshmallows - 15 pieces
Vanilla ice -  cream
Strawberries - 10 , hulled and diced.

Preheat the oven to 190 degrees.
Roll out the flaky pastry, to about 1/4 inch thickness.
Smear it the chocolate ganache.
Randomly place the marshmallows on it.
Bake it in the oven for 10 minutes.

This is something you must serve hot.

The marshmallows look really cute and puffy.
The chocolate is melting and oozing out.
Very quickly, put dollops of ice-cream over it, and throw the strawberries.
Run the pizza cutter over and into it , and serve immediately..

What I realised about all the ingredients , that I had thrown together, was that they were all fantastic on their own..
Flaky pastry is yummy even if you just bake it with nothing in it , same with the chocolate, strawberries , marshmallows and ice-cream..
But put together they are a perfect blend of a opposites and variations..
Too hot..too cold..
All in one..

And I feel, all of us are like this , we are perfect and complete just the way we are..
We don't make anyone's life complete , and nobody makes ours..

But yes if we have a good blend of people in our life, it makes it so much more fun..

I think all girls will agree , that they are very much like this dessert...
Crisp when they want to be..
Flaky when they need to be..
Buttery when they want , what they want..
Chocolatey because they are addictive..
Gooey when you are able to melt their defences..
Cold  if you rub them the wrong way or hurt them..
And so hot, that you know, this could be real trouble..
And so juicy and pretty, like a strawberry , that you just cannot help but want it...
Ha ha ha ..

But please be pre warned ..
Girls will be girls ..
And this combination is pretty lethal and very very deliciously ..
But then, that is a speciality..


Ha ha ha
So while I bite into this yummy addictive hot-cold gooeyness...
I just want to say , if you find a Girl that is deliciously complicated, go with her..
She may just be exactly what warms your insides with her naughty smile on a winters night , or a crazy grey rainy day. or lights up the blue skies in summer and fires the perfect shade of orange in autumn....

So here's presenting "Deliciously Complicated"...with a whole lot of muchness...only from "Maria's Kitchen"


  1. Loveeeeeeeeeed it to bits! That's all I can say :) well written as always, simple, straight from the heart, full if marianess (yes that's a word,lol) and great to see you writing throughout Dec ;) xox

    1. ha ha ha ha ha thaaaank you ...
      yup its been really long ....

  2. Mariaaaaaaaaaa.
    Aap likhi. I likit. Sitting and listening to the morning prayer coming from the mosque and read ur blog. Here in mumbai to gather some.more memories and revisit old ones. To see and experience those stories that kalyan writes about . I will be the happiest person to buy that book of urs when it releases and hope it has stories with the recipes. Enjoy your fav month and spread lots more of that sunshine .

    1. Thank you so much Sneha...
      Have a safe and happy time....
      And Agra is still on the cards...

  3. Dearo Maria!
    Did i miss u or did i miss u??!! :D
    Liked d post.. well no, actually loved it <3
    And my mum has mentioned the air-fryer once or twice....May be it would be a nice idea to gift it to her... (good for me too... ;) more yummy goodies to relish guilt-free !)
    & Happy December to all !!!! :D

    - :) Lilo

    [PS: @currymasalaandmore -"Marianess"!! i like d word :D *thumbsup*]

    1. Dear Lilo, its an amazing gift , for your mum and you ...
      and thank you for visiting ..

  4. Nice to have you back. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.

    1. Thank you my dear Kiran..
      And a beautiful New year...

  5. Dear Chef,
    Back then, when you were standing in d line for d bus & getting squashed in trains..did not had a fancy life as a child..always had wat u needed & not wat u wanted..later on a MTV vj..a star wife & ofcourse a star herslef..You have come a long way..n many more to go..only one word for u…Respect..!! Happy birthday Ma’am..will keep u in my prayers..u r my Hero..and yes it woudn’t be nice..if i complete dis comment..unless i make u laugh..So now i have these two dreams to follow:
    1.Find a girl who really knows to bake muffins in a complicated way.
    2.Marry her.

    Su hijo,

    1. Ha ha ha Aryan...
      That's easy...
      Have a beautiful New Year..