From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Today was buying uniform day, woke up late and then had a hurried breakfast and went to buy uniforms, was glad to bump into Mini who i have not met in ages because she has been busy shooting and holidaying in the mountains and Anusha, who makes the best mutton in the world..
Got back to everybody wanting food.. like yesterday, so took the easy route out, put the kids in front of the tv and while they were busy with really irritating , bad accented and bad vocabulary "doremon"
I quickly made this...

1big sized pomfret
1 lime
1 red chili
1 onion finely diced
1 tsp east-Indian bottle masala
1 tsp chili powder
1 tsp haldi
1tsp garlic pounded
2tbsp freshly grated coconut

Clean the pomfret thoroughly , and then make a small marinade of the salt , haldi, chili powder and the juice of 1 sour lime , and rub it well into the fish and keep it aside...
In a non-stick, add a little oil , then the garlic , onion ,chili, salt and east Indian bottle masala, cook really well, when it is fully done , add the grated coconut , give it a stir and take it off the fire, let it cool completely..
Now take the pomfret slice it in middle , so that there is a nice big cavity to put the stuffing, fill the cavity with the stuffing , and tie it with some thread so that it does not open, heat a non-stick pan , put 2 tbsp of vegetable oil , till its nice and hot, put the fish on the pan on high fire, and turn it within a minute, then put the flame on medium and cook either side for about 10 minutes on the whole or till it is well done , it should be juicy and not over done and dried..

We having it with some lime squeezed over it and some finely sliced onions on the side, dal and rice ...oh! and papad and pickle, the ultimate lazy afternoon lunch, piping hot , basic and really tasty , straight from ,"Maria's Kitchen" with lotsa love.....

P.S. Today's photograph has been done by the very talented actor "Arshad Warsi "


  1. can't we microwave it??

  2. thnx for a wonderful recipe..looks delicious!!!

  3. i am vegetarian... i still almost drooled at the pic... have been reading your blog for a few days now.. i like your easy style! keep up the good work!

  4. Wow! Mouthwatering...made mustard fish today. Will try this another time.

  5. Dear Lopa,
    Do not know how to cook food in a micro, so try it and let me know

    Thank u anonymous

    Arundati , i dont know what to say, sometimes the best things in life are "fishy" ha ha ha

  6. Love the little blue hearts on the sunshine platter!!
    Very Pretty!!!U get it in Bombay?
    But i have a prob here, will u help me?
    Cant decide whats better, the pretty platter or Maria's deliciousness....
    Ahh i cant wait , i will take both ma'am!!!
    Yummy fish , we make the Goan rechiade masala at home with home brewed strong vinegar dat we r so running out of:-(((
    I know jus how this will be on my taste buds!!
    Love the addition of grated coconut too!!!

  7. Dear sugar plum,
    pray, tell me how to make an authentic rechiade masala, would love to use it with crabs soon , like tom, going fish shopping tom..

  8. Hmmmm,Looks Yummy..
    Will try it someday!

  9. hi hon,
    am enjoying ur blog more than u know..keep wondering what's going to be on the menu next..enjoying the great photos...have food allergies & it's mainly sesame & sadly i had to stop using bottle masala:( but i do have pomfrets from the asian store so will be making them tomorrow. keep smiling keep shining..XOXO

  10. Hi Maria,

    This is Reshma Iqbal from The New Indian Express, Chennai. I came across your blog and would like to feature it in my Internet column. I have a few queries, so do let me know if we could take this forward.


    Reshma Iqbal
    The New Indian Express

  11. Dear Reshma,
    please do call me, and we will take this forward

  12. hiya.wats east indian masala?