From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Friday, June 11, 2010


Now this is something that is going to get passed on to my Zeke and Zene too, because its part of every celebration at home, i have seen my mum making this since i can remember , and it is always tasty and really easy , infact its the 1st dish that i learnt from my mum that i got right at the very 1st shot,we'll i have modified and un-butterfied it, but the essence is the same..

It's great to eat ,really healthy and can be had with bread , pulav rice or just some plain salad ..
My mum used to fry potatoes on the side , which were finger-lickin good, but im baking garlic and tomatoes to mix with my salad...
What am i celebrating today ..well..LIFE!!!!!!

Baked Chicken Ala Mama
1 1/2 kg chicken full with skin
Garam masala
Lime juice

Marinate the chicken by rubbing all the above ingredients on to it and leave it overnight in the fridge

Chicken liver minced
1 slice toast cut into pieces
1 onion minced
1 chili
little peas
7 cashews lightly fried
10 kishmish lightly fried

In a non stick pan, add a little olive oil and cook the onions and the chili, when its nicely done add a tiny pinch of garam-masala ..
Then add the peas and really cook well..
Add the chicken liver last and salt... when you feel its all done, add the cashew and the kishmish , and toss it around....add the toast and let it soak in all the juices..
let it cool completely.

Take the chicken out of the fridge at least an hour before cooking, then in the hollow of its stomach, fill in the stuffing and stitch the opening of the cavity ...
I wrap the chicken in tin foil ,so it kind of does not get too dry and also is kind of steams , then open it when its nearly done so that its browns up
Bake it for about an hour and a half...then pierce it with a blunt knife and if it goes through smoothly, then open up the foil and increase the temp to 200 degrees , pour a little olive oil over it and brown the chicken...

Take it out and have it piping hot with some salad and some baked tomatoes and garlic on the side
We just did....happy and happy

"Baked Chicken ala mama" only from "Maria's Kitchen", have a great weekend guys....


  1. will try that out soon. Sounds so delicious.
    But what are kishmish?

  2. Kishmish are Raisins. Correct me if I'm wrong Maria.

  3. kishmish are raisins, but love the sound of kishmish

  4. Hi Maria, I love cooking! I was just wondering at what temperature you're supposed to bake this at for an hour and a half? Thank you for sharing this!

  5. thanks Maria....looks awesome i can almost taste the chicken...will try this recipe out soon!!:)))

  6. Love the new look of the blog. Did you do this with the new design option on the dashboard? )I haven't tried it as yet on my blog!)

  7. u shld write your own book...:))

  8. Love ur new layout...pretty cool!!!
    So delicious, this baked chicken sure is something i wanna bookmark right away, but then u make me feel that way on every page Maria!!!
    Super day to u!!!

  9. Hi Maria,
    I tried this out---Mine came out a bit dry.
    Anything to avoid that?
    What must i have missed?

  10. even kishmish sounds a great word, but as I dont like raisins I will skip it (-_^)

  11. Dear Anonymous
    I really want to know who you are

    Dear Jas,
    ha ha ha thank you.

    Dear chandani,
    Thank you

    Dear Sugar plum fairy,
    you are too sweet

    Dear Guddi,
    cook it at 160 degrees after you pre-heat it at 200 for half an hour, then raise it a bit if you want to brown it , or cook it directly without the foil at 170 for about 1 and a half hour, as all our ovens heat differently, we need to learn by trial and error

    Dear Bald Guy,
    yup, its the new design option