From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Friday, June 29, 2012


As I whispered into the rain ..
And danced upon the moist earth ..
My soul was quenched with much more than ..
What most feel as just a thirst ..
When it rains it pours..
And as I ran through the cold and the rain lashing against my face ..
It cleansed me of all my thoughts ..

The sky opened ..
The clouds welcomed me into their fold ...
One with the thunder and lightening ..
And elements that just bowed in repose ..

What was this ..
Is this a dream..
Or am I really sitting among the clouds like a queen ..

And then a cherub came and kissed me on my lips ..
The sweetest ever ..
And held my face in his little hands and peered into my eyes ..
And said , " Never ever worry , we are always on your side,
Come hail or snow storms..
Your heart will always be warm ..
You have been blessed with a heart ..
That you can  share, with all whom you love  ..
And if they have no clue ..
What to do with you ..
Just keep giving ..
Because ,that is all ,coming back to you "

I sat and sighed..
And pulled a little star aside .,
Sat in the crook of his beautiful sheen ..
And smiled like no one has ever seen ..
I looked at the moon..
Beckoning me ..

And realised once again that all the most beautiful things in life are free..

The most beautiful and powerful of all, "LOVE"..
Is what we all have inside of us
And every time our heart smiles..
Our soul beams ,with a light that explodes  out of every pore..
And races to the ones we hold so dear..
And washes all over them like summer rain ..
Glistening , warm and cooling all the same..

It feels so good to just be able to love ..
To let it soar over the skies above,
To touch each star and shoot , over the plains..
To breathe in deep and just say your name...
To reach out from my heart and touch deep inside your soul ..
To walk through your dreams..
And to dance holding you close ..

Can you feel it..
If not just close your eyes..
That's all we really have to do ..
To be in paradise..
Two steps forward ..
Don't turn back ..
Love is meant to give fully ,without holding back ..

It's the fuel of life ..
Much more than air ..
Because we may breathe everyday..
But if we have no love ..
We are only half there ..

I don't know about you ..
I can only speak for myself..
I have a heart full of love ..
That's as delicate and as powerful as can be...

I have started a little fire..
Deep inside my soul..
That's fuelled with the essence of me....

That is going to burn ..
Till I'm done with this earth ..
And am again walking with creation all alone..

My heart will be joyous knowing fully well..
That I walked this earth..
And not just lived ..
But loved with all my heart, like a bottomless well..
Regardless ...

So I'm happy to join the army of the brave ..
Fearless and Loved ....

So if you are still wondering what to do ..
With all the love surrounding you ..
Reach out ...
Smile ..
And your heart will explode ..
With unbelievable happiness..

Because you know.....

Love is meant to be shared, expressed and experienced....
And not kept under a paddle lock, like pirates gold.....

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Mini voice of sense and reason ......always...

I'm going to start today's blog with what my friend Mini Mathur wrote on Twitter...

My sentiments exactly...

In this short life of ours..
We are given families that we are born into ...
And then we meet strangers in life , who by a strange twist of fate become our friends..
"Friends are the families we choose for our selves.."
And in between our families and the friends in our Life...
We all do have our favorites and the ones we love more than others...
A star for each one in my life...

And yes we all really have very busy lives and are constantly juggling between home , kids, work , social commitments and trying to find some me time..
 And sometimes we take for granted friendships and relationships..
And I guess that's where we make our biggest mistakes in life..

We were all born on this Earth for a purpose...and we will all one day have to leave planet earth..
So should we not make the most of the time we have here , and spend quality time with the ones we love..
Rather than live in regret when we can't anymore...

Yes all relationships have their bouts of anger, love, disappointment, happiness, beautiful happy highs and horrible lows...
But I think if we are able to cross a bridge..
Say sorry if we have wronged someone ..
Or then just forgive , without holding a grudge...
I think we will lead a richer life...

I'm not saying be part of a one sided relationship, or a selfish relationship or an abusive relationship...
But don't let your EGO get in the way of someone you like, love  or someone who does bring a smile to your face...

I feel that love or friendship need not make you laugh like crazy ...
But it should definitely not make you cry...
Then something is wrong somewhere..
Maybe then you can keep this person in your heart but not in your life...
And if you are really large hearted ,then in your life too....

I'm happy that I'm blessed with family that is amazing ...
And friends who are my family...

And today made muffins, because I was thinking about everyone who is part of my life..
Some physically, some mentally , some emotionally and some spiritually..
Yes I bake when I'm pondering about life too...


Butter-50 gm
Dark Chocolate - 40 gm
Castor sugar - 100 gm
Egg - 1/2
Vanilla extract -1/2 tsp
Flour - 130 gm
Butter milk - 140 ml
Bicarbonate of soda - 1/2 tsp
Dark chocolate chips  -85gm


Pre heat the oven to 200 degrees C.
Melt the butter with the chocolate in a bowl over hot water  ...
Or zap it in the micro wave..
Stir in the sugar, egg, vanilla and butter milk..

Teal Blue..I love you ...
 Sift the flour with the soda bi-carb and add the chocolate chips to it...
Mix this into the wet chocolate mix..
Do not over work the batter..
Spoon it into tiny muffin cases and bake for 15 minutes or till a toothpick inserted into the muffin , comes out clean...

I then made a drop consistency of sugar icing and let it flow over the cold muffins ..
Sprinkled them with stars ... 

These muffins I made in silence..(no don't laugh)
Yup ....I do stay quiet tooo...
Very very quiet..
And was thinking about my life this past year to be precise..

All the places I travelled to , all the wonderful friends I met, all the soul connections I established..

All the laughter , all the fun, all the memories of this year gone by..
And yes my year starts with the kids holidays and ends with them starting school.
And was thinking of the ones who are really part of my life....
The ones who have always been there for me and the new ones I have included in my life..

No I'm not the easiest person to be friends with ...

I talk too much...
I ask too many questions..
I argue too much..
I eat too much ...
I do everything too much ...
And I'm sure I'm a pain, even though in my head I think I'm a good soul to have in ones life...
I'm far from perfect...

But I am also am very forgiving ...
And I love too much ..
And I do not like losing the ones I love..
It kills me..

And so if the ones I love , want me part of their life..
I will be there armed with all my love and a big bright smile and all my nonsensical madness..
And if I feel that I'm not wanted, then I try and win them back ..and if that does not work ..
Then I finally let them go ...

But I don't want to live life in regret..
Of not having said "I love you" to the ones I love...
Of not having said, " I miss you like crazy" if I'm missing someone..
Of not crying my eyes out and fighting with them if I'm feeling hurt..
And then also retracting back in my shell...when I feel , that's all that I can do..

But, I still just want to say , " Never give up on the things that make you smile"
And frankly , " The best things in life are not things" ...

To everyone who is part of my life ..
Thank you for being there...
And I'm sorry if I have knowingly or unknowingly hurt you ..
And to the ones I love with all my heart..
Thank you for allowing me to love you with all my eccentricities , faults and puppy-dog kinda love ...
And before I sign off I  need to quote Jackie Chan from a film, whose name I don't remember, ''Family isn't whose blood you carry, it's who you love and who loves you ''.

So here's presenting "Silent moment muffins"...
Warm, with a dollop of  'Teal Blue, I love you" icing..sprinkled with stars , that represents each and everyone I hold dear in my life...
With a long siggghhhh,  only from "Maria's Kitchen"...

Friday, June 15, 2012


My heart is filled with wild flowers and a love so deep ..
In which my words I keep ..
Will scream them from mountain tops pretty soon..
Unabashedly ..

Like a volcano pouring out with molten gold ..
Unable to withhold ..

I feel sometimes like a fountain of early morning dew ..
Cool,fresh,sparkling,beautiful and perfectly in tune ..
With nature and all of life's simple things ..
Like you ,me and the smiles we bring ..
To our hearts and to our lips ..

If this is not loving......
Then, what is this ..

I'm running ..
For miles....

Through fields..
Filled with wild flowers..
And along a brook...
Watching fish swim ..
As sun rays penetrate my soul..
And melt me into the universe !

And every time I stop to catch my breath ..
You are with me ..
In little and beautiful things..
Sunshine, moon lite, rain and cold howling wind ..
I need nothing more ..

I whisper your name ..

And the sun just shines in my heart again ..
The rain dances at my feet ..
And the naughty wind tousles my hair ..

And the moon,it just sings to me everywhere..

Big brown eyes and running feet ..

My hair running wild and free..
Through a field of flowers I go ..
And sit down by my beautiful shore..
Music wafts through the air ..
And there is an aroma of berries everywhere ..
Green grass, butterflies and blue birds of spring ..
I just sit with my favourite things ..

I kiss the beautiful flowers you bring, 
And my lips burst with life....
Like shiny dew on a moon-kissed night...

You smile into my eyes, intoxicating like deep red wine.....
And everything is left behind ..
Any kind of sorrow ,hurt or pain .
Is all wiped clean ..
By the droplets of the summer rain ..

That surrounds us with immense love..
Caresses my skin and unleashes a spark of fire within...

Puddles of our footsteps every where ..
Shivering ,laughing in the summer rain ..
But I just know that within your warm hold..
And under your beautiful gaze ..
I'm loved and all is bliss ..

And so ,I lie down under the blanket of the sky..
Now sparkling with winking stars...
And listen to the music of our heart beats...
Completely in sink with the strumming of life...

And so with this ..
I'm going to sleep ..

Besos persistentes y abrazos apretados..

And laughter too...

With mountain ranges of love,

From me to you.....

Friday, June 8, 2012


And so life goes on..
Whether or not you sing a song..
Whether you walk , crawl or skip along...
Whether you are strong or weak..
What really does matter are the ones you keep...
In your heart and soul..
They are the lights that guide you home..
To peace, happiness and love...

Love.... you meet "Him" on the ride ..
And you must stop , smile , laugh, dance and hug with all your might...
Because in my opinion..
(And you may discard it if you please..)
He is the only one that makes complete sense in this chaotic world of ego's and smile snatchers..
He is the one that will keep you warm , even when he is far gone..
He may make you cry with all your might..
But can make you ecstatic with joy, like champagne and kisses in the moon lite...

And so be not afraid when you see him smile..
Or walk away , with a "what if" in your eyes..
Just because he may or may not stay..
Take a chance..
Take a leap of faith..
You may just have nothing to say to one another..
Walk on..
It's really fine to smile at love all the time..

Love has to tour the world..
Its what makes the world go round..
Don't we all say ..

So walk with love for as far as you can go...
In fact make that walk really slow..
Hold hands..
Savour each word..
Kiss as much as you can..
Hold each other with just a smile...
Sometimes talk with just your eyes
Go ahead and even fight..
Then make up, before you go to bed at night..

It is all this, that will make you laugh and smile ..
Into the still of "LIFE" ..

We are blessed if we can feel deep love..
Its sometimes as beautiful as a field filled with flowers..
Sometimes as calm as a smile on a babies face..
Sometimes as playful as a kitten with a ball of wool..
Sometimes as shy as a first kiss in Spring..
And sometimes as volatile as the frenzied breeze on a mountain top..
Sometimes deeper than the bluest ocean..
Sometimes as passionate as the "Flamenco".
As romantic as rowing through Venice..
As wild as climbing up Kilimanjaro..
As crazy as bungee jumping..
As exciting as deep sea diving..
As colourful and mystical as the rainbow..
So how can you ever walk through life,
without really living it through love..
Its like taking a holiday around the world in your own private jet plane..
Now isn't that nice..

Love is for the brave..
I say..

Can you love with abandon..?
With all you have in you...?
Till your pulse beats wilder than a lioness in the Savannah..
And your hair is wilder than the wind that blows through..
Till your eyes glisten like dew drops on wild flowers..
And your lips are not shy ..
Of confessing what's true..
You just have to be willing to take that chance ,on ''YOU" ..!!!!!!!

Well if you can love like this..
Then ..