From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Monday, October 6, 2014


And so finally after hanging up my working stilettos  in 2003, after many years of a fun filled carrier on tv, I finally succumbed to starting work again.
Ofcourse this time around, it feels different, I have no agenda , no plans , no back up plans.
What is
And what will be will be..
All I want is to be exactly who I am and to be "happy"...
I have no where to reach and nothing to prove.
I just want to share with all of you what I love and I'm happy if you want to walk with me to my corner, that always buzzing with chatter, laughter and songs half sung  (mostly because I do forget the lyrics)
And that is such a wonderful place to be, because there is so much , that's still left to learn in life..
I'm doing what makes me happy and working with a team of really bright young people from "#Fame"  and I'm having a blast ...

My friend Jaya who just won the Best Film award for her documentary "Surfing Yogi's" directs each cooking snippet and we shoot out of my kitchen with my dog Taz running around in the midst of it all or him deciding to sit right in the middle of the chaos..
So yup it's a full house of madness with the purpose of bringing to you something that you should go ahead and definitely try at least once ..

As my friend Mini said, I finally found my "true-love" ....
Ya I'm pretty romantic that way, and never cease to see the romance in life..
I believe that love is something that happens to you while you are not really looking ..
And when it does hit you , it feels like all the songs ever written about love were written just for you ..

We all at some point of time in life have felt like this ..
And it is the most wonderful feeling on earth..

But in my earthly experience( because most of the time I belong to neverland ...)
I have seen that love changes form..
It comes into our life to create, heal, nurture, realise and fullfill our true potential as humans.

It never ever leaves you the same.
It turns you inside out and upside down..
Till it has had its way with you ..
Like you are caught in a tornado...
And yes if you can reach the very centre of it, you can feel the beauty and calm of it all..
And if you are just caught on the surface..
Then yes you will feel just the whirl of it all, which is lovely , but will leave you restless..

So this recipe I'm sharing with you today is a lot like love that runs deep..
Far deeper than just the beautiful surface you see...

So I really do hope you enjoy watching it..

and making it ..
You know everytime I bake something..
I marvel at how ,just simple ingredients put together at the precise temperature and time, convert it into the most delectable yumminess...

Baking is a lot like life ...
Timing is everything...
But unlike having to measure everything when you have to bake, I feel you cannot live life in measured sequences...
You have to just live..
You have to take chances..
Change recipes..
Try out new stuff..
And never ever give up on your dreams and people that you love (unless of course, they don't even know you exist or you are in love with a fictional person ha ha ha )

So I'm hoping you are going to try this recipe, and have a bite of what I call a tiny portion of life..
The beetroot keeps the brownie moist and full of texture , and the chocolate just melts its way deep inside the recesses of the brownie, the cream cheese adding to the softness of each bite..
This to me comes a close second to that beautiful gooey feeling called "love".. 
With much magic , only from "Maria's Kitchen"...


  1. Congratulations Maria for your 'Fame' run! I am following you there and am sure to enjoy learning your delectable pieces of art!


  2. hii Maria- aww thanks for sharing this absolutely delicious mouth watering recipe - red velvet brownie cheese cake words to explain - probab a poet in me is wondering what prose to write on it..hehehe and ofcourse I love and respect the passion I see in you and and love for cooking in your conversation!!!

  3. Hi maria im a vegetarian and was just wondering what can be used instead of eggs in this cake please? :(

  4. Wonderful recipe.... Can U tell me if you grate raw or cooked beetroot in this recipe?

  5. Maria, can you share the recipe for your red velvet cake please?