From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Monday, May 6, 2013

Day 95 : FUNDAY FONDUE....

Children are amazing creatures.
They are blunt ,honest,say what they want .
And say the most amazing stuff at the most opportune moment.
So summer is here in full swing.
And as my friend Kichie mentioned, "If the outside feels like an oven, should not the inside smell like brownies"
Well what can I say our city of Mumbai is as hot as the women that live here ha ha ha ..

Well so the ZZ's are busy enjoying their Prithvi workshop..
And I'm really enjoying, hanging there, in the quiet buzzing atmosphere, trees and happy faces.
And so I have started using those two hours to write..
I use my earphones, put on a compilation of my favourite music and just write straight for two hours..
It's lovely..

My kitchen is getting moved.
I'm glad.
I somehow love change, and I'm constantly rearranging, stuff around the house , so it all looks different, I also rearrange the plants, if they could talk , I know they would have plenty to say to me, but they are flowering, so I know they are happy..

I have always wanted my kitchen upstairs as that's where we entertain.
And I have realised that I usually get what I want , maybe not as soon as I want it , but eventually...
If I still want it as much as I think I do .

So this year, I took that giant leap and decided, that , this is it..
I'm going to get what I want ..

My kitchen is going where I have always wanted it..
And so I'm knee deep in dust and kids on vacation..
And it's all good..
So my kitchen is being pulled apart and getting re-arranged, and re-located, and I'm hoping it gets done before the rains..
And so we have been eating out a lot.
Because its kinda not feasible to be cooking with the dust..

So today we all go out for lunch, order food, and in the middle of our order, the neighbouring table gets a pot of fondue with bread.
And Zeke looks there and says, I want cream and bread.
Then he realised that it was cheese and then wanted cheese and bread..
And he went on and on, that I really thought that our neighbouring table were going to invite him over or send us the pot of fondue.
It was exactly the case of , " I want what they are eating"..
Which reminds me of that fantastic scene in "When Harry met Sally" ha ha ha
Meg Ryan was just adorable...

So yes, while I got back to my saw- dust and cement with the workers ..
Zeke continued about the fondue.

And so by 5, I decided to go shopping..
I don't know what's wrong with me..
I'm not much of a shopping person actually..
But shopping it was..

So I get into my car..
And decided to call  Sandy, why ..
Don't EVER as me why ?
I do most things impulsively ...I hope thats answers your question...
But it's always fun to hang with her..
So I picked her up, and a-shopping we went..

Vintage earth is a great shop, it has the most amazing ghagras (Indian printed skirts)
So I was trying to convince them to take the five skirts I have back, so I can buy more, I'm sure they think I'm completely crazy, and I'm never arguing my case ..
I like being crazy..
It's a good place to be..
One day I will invite you in my world of crazy , and you will see that it is beautiful...
If I'm rambling, I blame the dust..

So Sandy and me , then went to natures basket, and bought our groceries..
We talked about stuff ranging from food, to work to fun gossip.
And I was back home with ingredients for fondue for my little cubs..

And so while the carpenters hammered away upstairs, I started prepping for dinner..
What were we having..

AND so I googled a whole lot of recipes..
And wanted to make the healthiest fondue ever..
Ha ha ha


White wine - 11/2 cup
Cheddar cheese- 11/2 cup grated
Gruyere cheese- 1/2 cup grated
Garlic- 4 cloves
Nutmeg-1/2 tsp
Chili powder-1/4 tsp
Flour - 1 tsp
Butter -1 tbsp

Mushrooms- 1 packet
Cut them into four pieces , and sauté in a non stick pan with 1/2 tsp butter and 1/2tsp olive oil , sprinkle salt , and keep aside

Prawns- 200 gm.
Sauté like above

Carrots- 2
Dice them and sauté like mushrooms.

Baguette - 1/2
Cut it into bite size pieces, and toss it in 1 tbsp olive oil and 1 tbsp butter, then bake it at 175 degrees for 10-15 minutes.
I like it crunchy..


IN A non stick pan, add the butter, then add the nutmeg, chili and the flour and cook this really well , at least a minute or more on very medium heat.
Then add a little wine at a time and keep whisking the mix, so that the roux or the flour mixes into the wine and you do not get any lumps.
Add the grated cheese a little bit at a time, and let the first batch completely melt , till you add some more.
Keep doing this till all the cheese is over.
 Do not let it bubble.

I was done..and we all sat for dinner.
Zeke took a bite and said, " oh my god, it's so cheesy"
So I explained that this is what fondue is..
Then he went for it, like he has not eaten in at least a year, he is like me in some ways ha ha ha ..
Zene looked and said, "mama, I love it, it's awesome"
Then she said the sweetest thing, "mama our house is like a restaurant, we get all the best things" ..
Just for this I could go shopping and cooking all over again...
 They ate the carrots, the mushrooms, the prawns and the bread..
Then we made bowls of all the ingredients and I poured a little fondue on it , and they ate it with a spoon...
I think the Swiss, French and Italians would die if they saw us do this...
Thank God, they were not invited for dinner..ha ha ha

I think fondue is to the west what khan-suey is to the Orient...
I did not have my fondue dish, because I do not possess one..
So we ate straight outa the pot..
On a mat on our floor like a picnic..

I like trying new stuff..
And it's amazing how easy and tasty this was..
It's just a big mix of yummy things..

So as my home sleeps..
I sit alone thinking ..
My life  is  a mix of moments and people..
And it's this mix that makes life so interesting..
Some are the garlic in my life, I want them everywhere, I love garlic and put it in all my dishes
Some are like wine, that make me all bubbly and too honest , which may not always be fine..
Some like cheese, that are a bit hard to please..
Some like flour, that are needed in doses , so that it makes life seem solid
Some like chili, that you need a little of ,for that extra zing..
Some like butter, you never seem to get enough of..
And some like nutmeg..
Subtle but intense and adds a lot without being too overpowering, and all may not miss the taste except the one who has tasted it..
So here's presenting , " FUNDAY FONDUE"
Hot , full of flavour and Zing...just like the weather and women in Mumbai ha ha ha ..
Only from Maria's kitchen ...


  1. Thanx t ur kids holiday as we will get t knw more of you...u make cooking sound so much fun...lotsa love...aashi

  2. Loved the nutmeg part ....)

  3. 'The summer in Mumbai is as hot as the women here' made this blistering summer so much more bearable with that one...;-)

  4. Beautiful as always...ur kids i think are the heartbeat of ur life...ur truly blessed to have a lovely family along with friends...pls blog more often so we can forget all our daily tensions and be in a dream land with your beautiful words and blog...ur truly touch our hearts every time you post a blog and it brings a huge big smile on my face...thank you Maria


    1. Thank you for spending time here with me...

  5. If there had been a 'like' button like fb, i would have liked all your posts. I just love them!

    1. Thank you Pranamee, the fact that you visit me here and leave a line is enough for me..

  6. lovely post Maria yet again! can i do away the alcohol and if so then what can be substituted?


    1. Dear Zeenath, it can also be made with milk ..
      try it...
      but it will be very very rich ...

  7. Maria my darling friend...your fondue looks sure the kids must have loved it...most of all it is these wonderful memories that they will hold dear as they grow older...both of us are foodies & when i feel happy or sad i cook because i remember how food brought my family, aunts, uncles, cousins & friends together...teaching liresam that as he is a major foodie & loves trying new things, he insists on helping me out & now tells me how i need to add salt to my food, has been happening since he was 18 months old & now at a ripe old age of 22 months (ha ha) he say mama i like to cook, help you? Onions! Mato! (tomato) & lendo (his name for cilantro) PLEeeease Mama :)....adorable, now am waiting for,you to visit & teach us a few more recipes & hear stories about tante marie etc...xoxo to all 4 of you...shalini, brad & liresam

    1. Dearset Shalu,
      I should be coming in next yer with the troops, long holiday, want to visit everyone..
      So yes will be barging in on you too...Waiting to see little Liresam in person..
      he looks adorable..
      Tight hug to Brad..
      lotsa love to you always and tonnes of blessings...

    2. You know you are always welcome...looking forward to it, hanging out, cooking & if you come during our summer....chilling in the pool :). Have a great weekend...xoxo....

    3. You are always welcome..looking forward to hanging out, cooking & chiilin in the pool if you come during our summer...have a great weekend...xoxo

  8. ur posts and food is a treat for me....and the way u narrate ....feel like u are preparing the dish right in front me....yummy:P

    P.S: hope to meet u someday:P