From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Thursday, January 24, 2013


So what do you do if the one you love does not love you back ..
Do you give up just like that ..
Or do you stay ...
Till the pain goes away ...
And there is a love that grows ..
That is more mature...
That does not need a reason...
A season..
Or any known  concession...
That gives you reasons why...
About how it should all fall in place...

The right place for all of us ...
Is exactly where we are right now..
And if that does change ...
Then go with the flow ..
You cannot mess with karma's  path no more..

You walk ...
You run...
You stay in the glow of the sun...
And when it rains,
You let it pour ...
Let it cleanse and scrub you clean...
And get you ready for what spring is to bring ...
The bees and the birds ...
And flowers all dressed to sing..
When winter comes cold and white..
Just walk to where you want to go ..
You know there are no footprints left in the snow..
So be who you want to be..
Love like no other can do ...
You cannot make plans ..
That's the only way ,you know..

But dream you can ..
And if you dream of happiness and peace ..
Then that will be ..
Of love and all it holds ..

Actually love holds nothing..
But roams free..
And that's why it touches you and me ..
So open your heart ..
Open your soul ..
Love like there will always be more..
You may or may not feel it returned ..
But does that mean you stop the flow ..
I really do not think so ..

So  while my  world sleeps and some part awakens to a new day ..
All I have to say ..

Is do what makes you happy ..
Do what makes your heart soar ..
Do not hurt anyone ..
Because that's not the way it works anymore ..

Love like its going to never end ..
Like this is just the beginning of a beautiful blend ..
Of difference of opinions ..
Of hearts that beat at a different time..
Of language  that may not understandable..
But set in today's time ..
That rings out more than you can ever feel in this life time ..

It's not about just bodies lost in a mist ..
But souls entwined ..and so if we can ever make sense of this ..
We could try and understand what the divine has in store for us in this life time ..

Found this on it ...

I don't know about you ...
But I still feel love , as intoxicated as wine ..
And so I sleep ..
And know ..
That when I do  wake up to a new day ..
Love will jump into my arms and stay ..

Monday, January 14, 2013


So has love visited you this year..
How many times in a life time do you meet her..
Have you ever wondered about her stay..

How did she come your way..
Was it destiny ..
Or Karma's play...

Or just a walk through your life ..
Like a beautiful summer breeze ..
Filled with flowers that she brings ..
To brighten your day..
Her tinkling laughter..
And her wind blown hair..
Her eyes all shiny..
That it just took your breath away ..

Did she tap you on your shoulder ..
While you searched left and right..
Did she stare back into your eyes..
With eyes shinning so bright..
Did she want to jump into your arms..
Regardless of what tomorrow brings..
Did she make you strum songs, about the most wonderful things..
Did she make you feel..
Like she has never met another so rare..
Did she open her heart to you without a care..
Did she hover around , playing with your heart strings, while you tried to go to bed..
Did she wake you up in the morning, playing with the curls on your head..
Did she pull your covers,while you tried to snuggle in your warm bed..
Beckoning you to join her run in the sunshine ahead..
Did she ask for your time, while you were busy with life..
Did she just sit with flowers in her hand on your porch, while the day turned to night...
Did she take you on adventures through foreign lands never roamed..
Did she just sit in her world while you sipped wine at home..
Did she call out your name in the middle of the night ..
Looked at you with her sleepy eyes, and drowned you in her love with all her might ..

Did she listen to your dreams and about all your cares..
Did she laugh at you as you chased her with different dares...

Did she ever tell you that she does love you so ..

And what did you do ?0
Well I do not need to know...

We all feel love in many different ways..
What we do with love ..
Is not for me to say ...

But let me tell you so ..
If you do find love, that wonderful crazy girl called love..
Never let her go ..

Because she will stay in your thoughts forever more..
All of us meet her at least once in a big way ..

And if you are those rare few that meet her again.....
With the same smile and that infectious laugh , that drives you insane.....
You are blessed to feel that way ..

So smile back at her...
She came back for you..maybe because she just changed her mind , and wanted to be by your side..

So walk with her..
Leaving what happened in the past behind..
A path anew..
Up a winding stair that is spanking new..
Hold her close ..
Take her breath away ..
She is here for you ..
So don't be frightened to let her stay...

She wants nothing...
Just for you to feel love anew ...

Friday, January 11, 2013


    There is absolutely nothing that I do not love about Christmas , except not having the ones I love around..
So this year was no different...
I of course put up my Christmas tree on my sister Juliet's birthday 26th Nov..
Yup she is a Saggi..

And from then on...
It was impossible to let anything come in the way ...
So right from getting the letters written to Santa..
To getting my home cleaned..
To making peace with all issues I am struggling with. I walk into December with a big smile on my face..
It's also my birthday month you know...

My birthday lunch...

And so as Christmas got closer, I made and re-worked menus, invited and cancelled lunch...the usual..
Mercurial...that's what Jaya says I am , and she is probably right..
But I can vouch for my heart being in the right place, on the left and my ventricle's all gushing with love ha ha ha ...

And then suddenly in the middle of deciding that Zeke needs to study with me instead of going out , inspite of all the fights he has with me. to the tiny fingers he points at me , to Zene always smiling and winking at me ..
I suddenly out of the blue, get called for an ad_film test..

Gosh I hate tests, I hate being put under pressure to perform and also , the dates were 22-23 December..
Too close to Christmas..
So I was not too sure..
So I consulted with my voice of reason...Mini Mathur..
And she would have slapped me if she was in front of me, thank God she was not, she made sure I called and went for it ..

Well I got chosen, and as luck would have it, they were shooting the ad-film in far away Ooty..
Which means I come back only on the 24th evening, as the flight from Coimbatore is at 3pm..
So I cancelled Christmas at my place because it was impossible..

I decided to do a very small family celebration..
And started cooking with gusto..
22nd afternoon I left for Ooty, reached there in the night .
Could not sleep because I hate hotel rooms..
Ok ok I'm scared ..
And so I was keeping my self all right with happy thoughts and ignored Sandy who was sending me pictures of skeletons..ha ha ha juvenile friends I tell you ...I love her..

And so at some bizarre hour that night my impulses got the better of me, and I again decided to do...  A BIG CHRISTMAS LUNCH, and so started inviting everyone..
Thank God my friends know I'm crazy..
That saves me a lot of explaining ..
Then I put down a food prep and cook plan..

My Menu..

Chicken liver pate and Melba toast
Mustard-honey chicken sausages
Winter salad

Main course
Mummy's prawn curry
Leg of Ham
Lamb shanks in red wine
Whole baked chicken
Chicken legs in rose and a mushroom sauce..
Feta aubergine salsa bake
Pesto pasta

Hazelnut-Chocolate rum pots
Strawberry cream filled hearts

So was awake till 3am, had a wake up at 5 am for make -up..
Don't know why I was woken up so early, when all they put on my face was a tinted moisturiser and powder and lip balm..
And then I went back to sleep...

7 am I was on set..

We started shooting by 9.30 am , I was put into the car and told to drive...
Ha ha ha not driven a geared car for really long, my Beetle s automatic..
So after composing myself, I shifted the gears in the hope that I do not cause any trouble,  smiled like the cat that licked the "low-fat" cream, and my first shot was done..
Ooty was beautifully cold..

I finished at 6pm..
And my crew was just amazing ..
Went to my hotel , picked up my bags, washed my face and left with three other guys who were driving to Bangalore..
Well I reached Bangalore at 2.30 am..
My flight was at 7am..
So we all sat chatted, yes I can talk also in my sleep..
And at 7 am I boarded my flight , and passed out..
Reached home by 9.30 am and got into full "Chef mode" ..
Thanks to Vijay my helper and Zoya..
We ordered , cut , chopped , sauteed , boiled , broiled , baked, chilled , fried , marinated , smeared, mixed , churned ...
My kitchen was a flurry of activity , just like I love it to be..
And by 8 pm..
I was done..
Then we all went for mid-night mass..
Came back opened the gifts under the tree and slept,,
6am the next day I was up and about..
I was done with all the cooking by 11.30am..
Pleased as punch..I decided to get into this very beautiful body hugging dress that my friend Tisca , gifted me..
Never got into it before , but it suddenly fit like a glove..
Ha ha ha thank you Santa...

The fun 5

And then everyone started trooping in..
The gifts for all our kids under the Christmas tree multiplied as everyone poured in, laughter took over the afternoon..
And it could not be a better day ..
Family corner

Mad cap corner

"What is that"


Gulab-gang smile

My mom says the grace amidst lotsa noise..

Before the madness..

Why do I love this day..
Well because it stands for Love..
It stands for new beginnings..
It stands for everything that is right ...

Baked Chicken

Rose Chicken with a mushroom sauce
Pesto Pasta

Rosemary potato gratins

Out of focus" lamb shanks"..who is the photographer?? ha ha

And so after a very prolonged lunch with all my friends who did come..
I finally called it a day ..

Every Christmas is so different for me, even though I do the same things...

And so on this day I reach out to the ones I love..
Whether or not they do..
I try and let go of pettiness..
I reinstall my faith in everything I lost faith in..
I start again from zero..
I thank God for all that he has given me ..
And leave the rest of what I want, upto him..
If its good for me, it will be..if not ..well too bad for me..

Chocolate pots and strawberry hearts...Pure unadulterated Addictive Love...

I wake up with hope and lots of love in my heart, say good bye to the fantastic year I had and start the New Year , with an open trusting and a loving heart..

I learnt a lot this past year..
I lost a lot..
I gained a lot..
I laughed a lot..
I cried a lot too...
I cooked a lot..
I ran a lot..
I talked a lot..
Had a lot of silent moments too..
I worked out a lot..
I binged a lot...
 Climbed the mountain I used to talk about a lot..

I guess I do not know how to, not to do things a lot.. ha ha ha ...

So good bye 2012, and thank you...

As for this New-Year..
Well it has started off really fantastically..

Zeke and me are fighting a little less..

Zene is waking up on time..

At the launch of "Jolly L.L.B Promo"
Warsi's Launch of his promo of Jolly L.L.B went off really well, and the response is really positive....

I got featured in the Vogue Jan issue..

I'm on a T.V.  advertisement after 12 long years..
Now all I have to do is concentrate and start writing and finishing my work that I love..
And start running ..

So I'm keeping my heart open and am welcoming all that 2013 has to bring for me with a smile ..
And will continue being in love with all whom and what I love ..
Crazily and as long as I can ...


And thank you from the bottom of my heart for always visiting me here and always writing to me here..
I'm a little busy with work, so I may not be very regular, but this is where I'm staying ..
So do come and visit me..

This year I'm plunging into the known, the unknown and into the unknowable, with a knowing , that my heart will stay loved and smiling ...

There is a sun-rise for every sun-set...

Thursday, January 10, 2013


I'm happy yet sad..
I know all may not be good..but it's not completely bad ..
I worry ..
I fear...
I wonder about tomorrow...
About all whom I love..
All the ones I hold dear..

We live a day at a time..
Breathe in, breathe out..
Look at the clock..
Hear it's chime..

My heart sometimes beats so fast and so loud..
It disperses the rain in the clouds..

What am I here for..
Which is my path...
How do I know which way to go...
My heart is wrenching apart..

I look around ..
I feel lost in the crowd..

And then I close my eyes ..
I walk back in..
Deep inside my soul..
Further deep within..
I look at the little light that is burning so bright..
I throw away my cape of fear..
That sometimes engulfs me so tight..

I breathe ..
All will be right ..

I feel hot tears streaming down my face ..
And can see, with eyes closed..
Little smiles and running feet ..
Carefree and full of life...

I look up to the sky ..
And know ..
Where I have to be...

I'm the caretaker of little hearts and feet that run wild and free..
Of little smiles ..
And arms open wide..
Of hysterical laughter ..
And immense madness too..
Of tantrums and tears , and small fingers pointing at you ...

I'm blessed I feel in more ways than I could ever know..
With my heart full of love ..and my eyes always aglow..
To have and to hold..
Hearts I will always love..
In this world and that..
There is no real concept of time..

The more I sit still...
The calmer my heart feels....
It shows me life , that is upto me to believe..
It gives me choices..
It shows me path's..
It lets me live with an open heart..

I see all the ones..
I have met in time..
The ones I smiled at..
The ones I knew..
The ones who went away..
The ones I outgrew..

And then there is you..

Smiling ..
Like all my secrets you know..
What I tell you and what I will never say..
My big broad smile, or my silence on some days..
You ...I can't fool...
You just have a way ...

You can read me like an open book..
Look deep into my eyes ..
And my heart is just hooked..

You hold out your hand..
And I can already feel the warmth of your palm..
You don't even have to say anything..
Will walk with you till dawn..

Some hearts were meant to meet like yours and mine..

To feel love , is a privilege I say..
To feel someone's soul..
To touch in deep..
Is something that will always stay , whether or not you want to keep it that way..

So if you have felt, what I'm talking about...
You know never count it in months or years, or give it a name..

Love is not a feeling ..
It's a spark that lives within..
Within your soul..
Your core..
That shines through..
If you let it breathe..
Let it be ..
Let it engulf you..

And so I smile..
Knowing fully well..
That you ..
Whether you like it or not..
Your heart is mine...

And so I sleep ..
With a heart full of smiles..
I close my eyes..
And kiss you tight..

I have just this one life..
And so I'm going to love with all my might..
That's the only way..

Am I not right?