From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Sunday, December 14, 2014


So this recipe is a very very special one , it's the type of bake I have seen my mom do since I was just a little girl peeking over the table ..
My mum was like speedy Gonzalez in the kitchen ..
She would churn out the most amazing stuff in a jiffy...
And was always trying out new things.
Our home was a favorite haunt with my friends..
She always had a stock of muffins at home ..
And in the summer, her mango ice cream was most loved and wanted amongst my friends..

It's funny that we spend all our growing years arguing and opposing everything our parents said to us or made us do..
To find out later in life..
That we are actually them ..
Sometimes when I'm talking to my Zeke and Zene , I literally stop mid sentence..
Because I was about to say the same exact words my mum said ..
And if they were so wrong when we were young , then how come we become them,when we have kids...
It's so weird, that we become a version of our parents, who we may or may not agree with..
And so life goes on..

I read somewhere, that if you want your family traditions to continue, you should involve your daughter, because she is the one who will keep your family traditions alive and will pass it down..
The boys ..
Well there is a lot I can say about boys, I think we spoil them..
But the one thing I would like to say is that, most are more complicated than us girls, but are better at looking cool and unaffected..ha ha ha

So this recipe I'm sharing with you is not just a recipe..
It's part of my childhood memories and a growing up I did when I studied at Tante Marie.


Christmas is a very beautiful part of the year..
During Christmas time , you automatically take stock of your life..
And it just all happens so organically ..

I guess it's the end of the year assessment of your own life and relationships..
So how many are still as close to you ,as they were in the beginning of the year..
How many strangers do you now call friends....
And how many close friends are now strangers....
Well that's quite a lot of introspection, happening, if you are really delving into it and not speed skiing on the surface..

So during Christmas you write cards, or send SMS's , or what's app friends..
Some special ones you will call and face time..
And that's how it is today so connected by the world of technology, and yet I feel there is a coldness about , connecting via a machine.
I miss receiving hand written cards.
But I don't send them either, so frankly I should not expect any..

I remember, along with the sweets that we would be busy making, we would also be either making or then buying special cards, to write and send to family and friends.
And just before Christmas, a big ribbon was hung and all the cards we received would be hung from wall to wall.
My kids don't ever see that...
I don't make cards anymore...
I don't send or receiveany either, except from a lovely old uncle and Aunt..

I feel like a little part of my life has just disappeared ..
Like a missing soul ...
But I'm thinking, maybe next year , this is what I should do..
Gather all the paper and start from scratch, and hand write cards to my family and friends..

I don't go around giving sweets anymore either..
I still remember, after mid-night mass , and that was truly held at mid-night..
We would first run home, to find our toys under the tree but Santa, would always be missed by just a bell..
Damn damn damn...
And then we would all run to one another's houses and wish everyone..
Hug and kiss everyone actually..
Till I grew up , and then it was just a hand-shake and an awkward kiss on the cheek ha ha ha ..
I think that was the only night we were allowed to stay up late..
And then in the morning, my mum would get bustling in the kitchen..

She would have Vindaloo, and Duck Moile , a potato and Mayo salad, fugiyaas , a baked chicken and then dessert would be all the Christmas sweets and a trifle pudding..
We would then have an inch of red wine (Made by my daddy)..ha ha ha
It was actually literally poured an inch..
But it was such a thrill to say cheers ..
And then sip on it and have all the food on the table, after which , we were so full of eating and exhausted with the late night, and the early morning that we slept..

And thereafter the week would be, just going visiting family and friends and having people over..
And eating left overs..
I loved that..

I'm just realising that in the age of no technology, we made it a point to stay in touch with all who mattered..
Today in spite of all the tech-equipment, we don't..
Or then we think that by sending a smiley to someone..
You are keeping in touch..
Is this not a sad state of relationships..

I think I want to go back to my childhood , and continue life from how I lived it ..
But I can't..
So I have to start with right now..

I'm going to start with me and my kids..
They need to know how to stay in touch with people that matter for real..
Writing a letter to someone and posting it is not old fashioned, but really sweet..
Need to teach them simple stuff.
Like return a call, you may not think that person is important enough, but that person thought so , that's why they called you .
Reply to messages, it's really not so difficult..
I'm not saying that people who do are wonderful people..
But the ones who don't, just tell you , that you don't matter..
Need us all to understand that by saying 'Please, Thank-you and Sorry' and really meaning it ..
Can actually change our own life..
Writing a letter to Santa, even though we know he is not "a" single person, (but a hoard of loving souls , who keep him alive , for the next generation...)
Is the best gift you could give yourself..

I write to Santa, every year ..
Sometimes it's a happy letter..
And sometimes I realise that there is a part of me that wants stuff that I'm never going to get...
But "Hope" is beautiful..
It's what keeps us all alive and smiling..

And so this year too...
I have made my grown-up Christmas list..
Knowing fully well, that if you do want something from the bottom of your heart, the universe gives it to you eventually ..
Whether you are still interested or not..
ha ha ha

This year, I just want that each and every woman in my country can breathe safely..
That the kids are kept safe in mind , body, heart and soul..
And that when we SMS, email, what's app or call one another..
We really mean what we are writing or saying..
If not for yours sake, then for the person at the other end..
They may just believe you ..

So yup this Christmas..
I just want to say, this recipe is something that just does not have ingredients, but is filled with moments and collections of memories in my life..
It's years of different Christmases, writing cards, posting cards, opening envelopes, hanging cards on ribbons..
To calling friends and family..
To sending messages ,  SMS 's , whatsapping, FB greetings to Twitter messages..
I hate don't do that..
To making calls after more than the childhood quota , of an inch of red wine ha ha ha ..
It's all encompassing ..

So with lotsa love ..
Merry Christmas..

P.S. If you are going to make this baked chicken, at least try it out once before Christmas..
It's easy, but I never got it right the first time..
But then maybe , you will..
All the best and stay happy ..

And so was feeling a bit brave and decided to wish you in song..
But after hearing it, was thankful that I dont cook like I sing ...ha ha ha 
My kids thought I sounded like a chipmunk, and my cousin Penny felt it was more a chipmunk with a sore throat..
What ever it sounds like ..
The intention was to wish you Merry Christmas..
So ignore the voice and just go with the thought behind it ..PLEASE


  1. Merry Christmas Maria! Thank you for sharing the recipe. The Maria Goretti Corner is doing great! Hope to have something from your kitchen (read: restaurant) soon. Have a great year ahead...:)

  2. Hi Maria, Each of your post warms the heart..and your recipes also oozes out the the 'feel good' vibe.. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christamas in advance and also belated happy birthday ... take care

  3. A merry Christmas to you Maria in advance. Hope you enjoy it with your loved ones.

  4. Maria ...your post touched my soul ...and every word resonated deep within. May you have a truly blessed Christmas season and may everyday you find Christmas

    Need your good wishes and blessings.
    Have a rocking 2015 year ahead......

  6. love all your posts ..especially this one....really touching and so true

  7. You Are An Angel... Well, That's What I Feel When I read Your Every Blog Post... Just Awesome. <3 XoX. Lots Of Love And Happiness To You & Your Family.

  8. Wake up girl! It's 2015 :-)

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