From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


I love DECEMBER and all that comes with it ..
It's the month of Christmas and  my birthday month..Yeeeeeah...

I love birthdays..
Mine and everyone else's..

And every year on my birthday I just thank God for keeping me blessed and for giving me such amazing people in my life..

Right from my parents to my puppy Taz...
I'm happy for every single person who has walked into my life..
And stayed..
Or walked out, because I'm just too much to handle ha ha ha

I know that nothing in this life of ours happens by chance..
It's all, is a long drawn plan..
By God , who has just the naughtiest sense of humour and has such finesse with timing sometimes, that he can really test your patience..
Well he does mine..

So whether certain people or situations in life are fantastic or terrible..
Or whether it makes no difference at all..
Just remember that it all moves ions and neutrons from the deepest corners of your soul, even if you don't believe in jargon like this ..
And yes, you will never be the same ..

Am I the same girl I was a year ago ..
Yes mostly..
A little kg here and there..
One more wrinkle as I smile..
A strand of grey in my hair that I love..
But this is just the outside..
That may or may not be visible..

But my insides..
Are the same..
I don't know..

But I feel a peace inside my soul that I may have never felt before..
I am able to forgive ,eventually, because I know I'm not perfect either..
I try to forget,between buckets of tears and pillow cases..
I try and keep life as real as possible..
I try and keep my mouh shut, most times, unless I really have to just say what I want to say..
I never give up easily..
I'm still irritatingly impulsive..
I sit quietly sometimes..
I sing loudly in the shower..
I fight for the people I want in my life, until I feel they do not anymore want me in theirs..
I apologise..
I explode..
I dance..
I throw tantrums, if I know it will work..
I drink wine..
I sleep ..
I run..
I love..

I feel that in life...
If we can be a little accepting of what life throws at us..
It brings us , just a little closer to who we actually are..

You don't just find gold..
You have to dig deep for it ..
And then it has to go through fire to bring out it's purity..

I guess we are all like gold...
How we deal with life ..
When you are riding a high or a low..
Really shows us who we are..

Some are honest
Some are brave
Some are accepting
Some are fighters
Some are meek
Some are rigid
Some are malleable
Some just laugh through it 
Some become somber 
Some throw in the towel too soon...

What ever we do , there is no, one perfect way, to live life..
We have to just make the most of what each day throws at us , without losing our true essence..
The thing about our true essence, is that, its like 24 carat gold..
When you put gold through fire, it comes out Gold and shiny, it does not change into some other metal..
Unless it is some other metal, with a rinse of gold..

And so today ,I'm sharing with you a recipe, that I use to make a whole lot of things with..
It's a simple dough , but every time I make it , I do something different to it..
(Why? ...because its fun)
And that changes how it looks and feels, and with the right additions also how it tastes when you bite into it..

We need to be like this simple dough, that is a accepting to change and also absorb new things in life..

So today that I'm a year older, I don't want to preach to you ..
Because I know very little about life myself..
I think I have just about tasted the tip of the iceberg of life..
And have a long way to go ..

But I know one thing..
No matter what you may go through good or bad..
Say thank you to the universe or if you believe in a God..
Then thank him...

Because I know that no matter what road you walk on or through,and no matter who you meet and talk to for a while or a life time..
At turns and detours most unexpectedly, you will feel a beautiful corner in your soul just opening up..

So if someone makes you smile..
Please go ahead and pass that smile forward to some one else..
If someone makes you cry..
There is something that the universe is trying to teach you ..
So learn that lesson ..
Don't harden your heart..
Hearts were meant for love..

It's just that ..
We all live in a crazy maze..
Sometimes there is so much electricity that you can light a whole city with it ..
And sometimes, the wires just fuse..
The point is sometimes, it can be repaired and sometimes, it has burnt itself out..
You always know YOUR reality deep inside you ..You have all the answers you are searching for..
So look inside not out..
(I'm feeling very intelligent right now, just wish I followed my own words all the time ha ha ha )

Whichever way your life travels..
Always remember..
This is how it IS supposed to be , whether you like it or not..
Share the happiness and swim through sadness to the other side..

So go with it..
And be like the dough that converts into crisp pizzas, bready calzone or then the softest dough balls..
Without losing its essence..
Which is not its taste
But its ability to go with the flow...
Like in the words of the Penguins of Madagascar, "Looks don't matter, it's what you do that counts"

So while I bite into the softest morsel of bread loaded with this cream cheese dip..
I'm thinking...

Please add 2 tbsp more of Nutella and 1 table spoon more of the  condensed milk..
Don't laugh I'm serious...
It will taste better..

No you are not going to put on weight with one extra bite..

So I just want to say thank-you, to each and everyone who sent me Birthday wishes yesterday..
A big Thaaaank you , with much love from me to you, only from "Maria's Kitchen "..

So does getting a year older make me any wiser..
Ha ha ha I don't think so..
But yes it does tell me, time maybe running out ..
So grab your moments of joy....
And stay happy ...



  2. loved reading your blog made my day

  3. Wow to your beautiful writing and dough balls :)

  4. Wish u a many many happy returns of the day Mam...:* Ua just getting more younger as d tym passes....:) Ua words are....(no doubt) absolutely beautiful as well as you....<3 Stay Blessed! Stay Healthy! Lotsa love...Mam :* Ua biggest fan..!

  5. Wish u a many many happy returns of the day Mam...:* Ua just getting more younger as d tym passes....:) Ua words are....(no doubt) absolutely beautiful as well as you....<3 Stay Blessed! Stay Healthy! Lotsa love...Mam :* Ua biggest fan..!