From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Saturday, November 15, 2014


And so everytime I look at my kids I just thank God for them, thank him for giving me a new lease of life.
For giving me a chance to relive my childhood again ofcourse with a lot more responsibilities..
I love kids..
Though not all though..
I'm not mother Theresa after all.

But what I love most about them , is that they will always tell you like it is, until you teach them otherwise.
If you want to know the truth about anything ask a child.
Only if you really want the truth.

And how many of us really are ready to hear the truth about ourselves.
Well I'm putting up my hand first...
Of course we all want to be liked ,  loved and appreciated.
But do we do the same.
Are we able to put our biases and judgemental beings aside and appreciate someone for exactly who she is..
No it's really difficult...

And so I think ...
(And I think a lot sometimes) ha ha ha
That if we can tap into our inner child , and ask her how she is feeling , she will tell you the truth..
She will tell you that , you may probably be doing it all right , but are actually all wrong.

Children to me are our greatest teachers.
They eat when they are hungry, sleep when they are tired , protest when their toys are being taken over , and throw huge tantrums when they want their way and can't have it ..
Not very different from us adults !
But we as adults have learnt how to mask what we feel, say what we don't mean , and our actions mostly do not match our words!
And we call that "Social etiquette " ..
How messed up are we ..ha ha ha

So if we can try and keep it simple, I think our lives would be less complicated.
Please do say no , when you don't want to be part of something!
Say yes , when you want to .
And don't let your ego get in the way of  love.
Give the tightest hugs..
Say I love you , when you mean it..
Say I miss if , because you really do !
Smile a lot, it could make someone's day .
And sing in the bathroom ,if you do not have a voice like "Pink"..

But live ..
As fully and joyously as you did when you were little..
When the most you had to worry about, is whether , Santa is going to get you what you wrote to him about..

There seems to be a huge lacuna between what we want to do in life and what we do!
And that mostly because , no life does not follow our plans..
But plans are constantly running around in mixed up circles , by the life we lead.

Can we step back just for a little while..
Like today ...
And look at the moon, while you are travelling back home, and believe he is following you , because you are special, just like you used to , when you were little..
And believed in all things good and magical..
There is no magic , unless you believe...

And so today I would like to share with you a recipe , that I conjured up in my kitchen..
Pizza dough , chocolate and marshmallows..
Nothing fancy or gourmet about it ..

But the combination "Magical"..
Try it..
And write back to me only after you watch the moon following you home..
Speak to that little child who lives deep inside you ..
Ask her how she is doing..
Look after her..
Tell her that it will all be fine..
Tell her that she needs to always walk ahead with a smile and the world will smile back ..
Tell her that it's ok to love someone to bits..
And that her heart will also smash to smithereens..
But it's only like what Rumi said..
It's from here that the light enters through..
Tell her it's ok to laugh like a cackling witch and it's also ok to cry buckets..
It's ok to believe that not everyone is as bad or as good as the next ..
And it's ok to just walk alone..
To sit under a tree, and fall asleep without an intelligent book in her hand..
It's all right to not know all the right answers..

But it's not ok to
Not dream
To stop loving
To stop trusting
To give up ...

We have just this one life ..
And so many choices..

So let's live like little kids..
Open Pandora's box..
Make mistakes..
Get bruised and run again...

Ok I need to stop ..
I need to just bite into the gooey, melting slice of goodness in my hand..
And share this with all of you ..

This is for you, for me , for us , for all the kids , and to the child in each and everyone of us..that sometimes just needs to chase butterflies..
With tons of hugs from "Maria's Kitchen "


  1. For a very long time I was looking for a perfect pizza dough recipe and this one turned out fabulous in one go. Thanks Maria.