From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Today was a day unlike any other, i knew even while i was just about waking up that it would be a wonderful day, i woke up and went to just look at my Zeke , who was still fast asleep, he turned 6 years old today, my baby , my little boy....
He is just my little light..
Yup he is absolutely naughty , only loves Hindi music ,does funny weird dances and mostly fights with me, loves his sister Zene , but trips her if he gets a chance to and loves his Dada like only he can.....
He wakes up talking no matter what time it is , and still sucks his thumb while sleeping...
Remember holding him in my arms when he was born like it happened yesterday, he was a chonky, pink baby, blowing bubbles and showing us his middle finger, not intentionally of course , but its what we all remember....
Mini, Ritambhara, Kichie ,Sambo and Amit all waiting outside my delivery room waiting for him to be born , and Arshad giving all of them full commentary on whats happening , and Amit , getting me chocolate because i wanted to have chocolate while on my delivery table ha ha ha that's how Zeke came into the world ha ha ha
And so today, i just got into my kitchen and made tons of stuff, made his Clown birthday cake, jam rolls, red velvet muffins, pasta and baby burgers....
Had Mini, Jaya, Kichie and Shamim over, and Vivaan , Gia, Sairah and Burzin , Zene served us all Green tea in her toy tea-set, the boys ran around and i actually jumped a bit on the kiddies pogo stick , its great fun...
We ate , laughed and planned our holidays and did some harmless boy-bashing ha ha ha....while Arshad listened patiently to all our nonsense and clicked photos....
I could not have asked for anything better...
A day like this always helps me reiterate a simple fact, "ALL THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE ARE NOT THINGS"
To Zeke, the little man in my life , who i love more than everything in the world, may God always Bless him and always keep him safe in mind, body ,heart and soul....
'Happy Birthday My Lil Shooting Star"

P.S. :Will put up all the recipes as soon as i get time.....G'night n God bless


  1. OMG... This all looks so damn yummy!!! Happy Birthday little one...

  2. Aww such a cute post. :) Happy birthday to little Zeke.

    Btw, I love the third photo of the jam rolls.

  3. Belated birthday wishes to Zeke..God Bless him..btw the cake looks very cute

  4. that's a beautiful clown cake, wishing your baby boy a happy birthday!

  5. I had never seen such a beautiful birthday cake.God Bless ZEKE!!!!

  6. That's a fab cake! Lotsa good wishes for Zeke!

  7. Belated Happy Birthday lil Zeke ! You have the lovliest family so be happy and thank God everyday !

  8. god bless u all maria !!! your love literally pours out of this blog- its really sweet...

  9. wow maria! its such an artistic and cute looking cake!
    Am sure its delicious.

  10. Oooh! It all looks delicious. Belated birthday wishes to Zeke!

  11. Amazing pictures. A fan of your blog since a long time now. Your pictures are all amazing. And I m so inspired that I started a food blog of my own :)

    Keep making us drool.


  12. Awwwwww....! <3 Happy Birthday Lil Zeke :) <3

  13. It's my first time in this blog and am hooked. The cakes and the rolls, are all so tempting. So so eagerly waiting for the recipes.
    Oh amidst all the foodie temptations..i forgot.. Happy birthday to Zeke. :)

  14. Hey! Maria

    It always lovely to read your blog.....

    you write really well....and that goes for you cooking also the things you make... and your recepies sound soooo easy....its really amazing...wish I could also do the same....

    I also have a 6 yr old son his name is aaryan...I understand when u say "the little man in my life...."

    Congrats on Zeke Birthday May god shower his best on him.....

    Am eargerly waiting for the recipes (spl the clown cake)

    Take care n God bless

  15. when u will put the recipes?

  16. Maria, it's another lovely post. I just love the way you describe your world. makes you so 'real'. And the wish for your son - just so touching. Have fun and keep writting!

  17. Love the post... absolutely! Leaves me with a happy feeling!

  18. hey maria im jini....i jus got married a month back and am jus a beginner in the kitchen.I wanna make all your desserts but can you do me a favour....please tell what to use in the recipes instead of eggs which will make the dessert equally yummy because i am a pure vege...

  19. Dear All,
    Im sorry I never replied to this blog, guess it was because I travelled post this...but thanks for visiting..

    And Jini,
    I dont know what to use instead of eggs...