From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Monday, August 30, 2010


Did my 1st ad shoot after 10 years and played a mum , which i am, with a kid obviously.... And a cow and a hen...
Now how glamorous is that....
And the cow stamped on my foot with his hoof ha ha ha ....
But i had a blast and looking forward to some more adventurous times like these...
Want to shoot with lions next........


  1. I can see no make up on your face..I like your cool publicly friend the way did this hen layed eggs??

    if yes then how about an egg dish here:D

  2. Hi Maria
    I watched you on Paravrish this time then only came to know that you have food blog and then browsed for your blog.Just went throw your whole blog.very intersting recipes.Love to follow you.

  3. Dear Anamika,
    no eggs , but was very frightened it would do potty ha ha ha

    Dear Subhashini,
    thank you so much, have fun with food....

  4. ur soo beautiful Maria <3

    what was ur last ad???

    lots of love xxx
    urs Milena

  5. Maria....u are looking so pretty!!!

  6. Dear Milena,
    like i said 10 years ago...

    Ms Sassy fork,
    thank u

  7. heh maria nice blog ... will drop by time to time, u are a fab baker !!!!!.... impressed and how, this is somthing i so did not know bout u.

    what u should get back to is dancing... what a great and graceful dancer u are, coming back to where r those pics u were telling me bout. if u ever do scan them pls send them to shilpadhavan@gmail.

    hope to see u around soon, oh i finally moved this side, am on the goregaou link rd, if even on ur way to inorbit, i am on the big ass white highrise on ur left that me.
    love to arshad and the kids

  8. Hi Maria,
    I've always admired u when u were in MTV , but after ur marriage u din't show up like u used to be..But today, all of a sudden, via one of my fellow blogger, i found ur blog...Am soo happy...ipeeee...Good to c u and ur blog