From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

DAY 106 - JALEBI...

And so I was just pondering about the fact that we meet so many people everyday..
Some of us are just not comfortable meeting new people..
Some we are vary of ..,
Most of them we envy..
A few we respect ..
A few we are jealous off...
A few we feel more superior too..
And a few ,then we count as equals ..
Those are the ones we make friends with ..

And then if someone tips our balance ..
Then our equilibrium goes for a toss and all hell breaks loose. ..
Ha ha ha
Do you know under our calm, peaceful, frantic , energetic or OCD exteriors ..

We are twisted
That is a human speciality ..
Each and everyone of us..
So don't berate yourself ..
And don't think you are special either..
We all come with our own set of confused notions to the table, with a somber face..

That's what we learn in life..
Act cool..
Act like you know what you are doing..
Stay in control..

But behind that smile, or that somber face ..
We are all alike ..
We just look like we have answers ..
But I can tell you this for a fact .
The more peaceful a person looks
The more confused he is ..

I may be completely wrong ..
After all I'm not Freud ..

But I have my own twisted theories of life ..

Like any of you ..
I think I'm mostly right , when I may be wrong 99 times outa hundred ..
And so today I'm gonna share something with you that I'm so happy with ..
That it really does not matter how many twists and turns it has ..
Let's just say it's curvy , like me .. AaaH ha ha ha ...

So I'm hoping you do get the drift ..
It's easy to be complicated ..
But it's really complicated ,to just be easy ..
But this one piece of this Jalebi ..
Will give you peace of mind , for a bit ..
The crispness that holds that beautiful gold syrup..
Is indulgence from a happy goddess ..
So sit back and bite into a piece of twisted bliss, filled with many hugs , only from "Maria's Kitchen "