From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Since i was cooking lotsa meat , i thought i should also do some vegetarian stuff , but did not want it to be normal, so pulled out my "Nigella "cook book and found this really tasty and easy recipe with tomatoes...

500 g wine cherry or other baby tomatoes
rock salt
olive oil

I used normal tomatoes, just washed them cut them in half, placed them in a baking dish cut side up, sprinkle , salt , sugar and thyme, and then a drizzle of olive oil....
Put them in the oven at 170 degrees and kept checking on them till it was nice and done about 20 minutes , i then kept them 3 minutes extra just for fun, it turned out wonderful and was all over , i did not get to taste even 1 piece, but was told by people of great food passion that it was a winner , so going to make it often...
Actually its great to have as part of a whole meal , with salads etc..
So try it out , its simple takes less than 5 minutes and your loved ones will kiss your finger tips..

Thanks "Nigella Lawson" for making cooking sooo sexy and fun...

Tomatoes only from "Maria's Kitchen"


  1. Maria you used fresh thyme,dried or the thyme seeds? the way is there any substitute of thyme in it...would love to make it ..looks quite delicouise and low in calories.

  2. And thanks to you too for sharing this with us. Oh and when you get a chance to, tell your husband I envy him big time!

    You should consider having your own restaurant! Count me in to have at least one meal in it everyday! I'm going to try making this someday soon.

  3. Love the addition of thyme in ur baked tomatoes..I love these sprinkled with feta on top! and glad to see a veg recipe :)

  4. Dear Anamika, when in doubt , i just use basil , its my favourite leaf

    Dear Bald guy,
    thank u, thank u, thank u

    Dear Madhuli,
    go for it i say

  5. lovely easy recipe! I was told by my Dietitian to eat foods containing potassium..and tomatoes were a great source..however couldn't get myself to eat em raw and was too lazy to make anything out of it..but this one's super easy! thank u so much Maria >:D<

  6. this is something that belies the ease of preparation...definitely great for a party where you can add one more item with min fuss... would love to mop up that olive oil with a piece of bread! just saying... i hate wasting!