From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Monday, June 7, 2010


It was just the most wonderful day and way to spend the last Sunday of our summer vacation, wanted to meet all my friends and their babies and just wanted to hang, behave silly, laugh, bitch, eat and drink... and that's what we all did and more...

The Mad Friend's
Mini and Kabir
Jaya and Sanju
Shaheen and Roshan
Anusha and Victor
Vediti and Julius
Shamim and Kerman
Sandy and ...
Kunal Khemu (yup, the cute actor)

The Kid Gang
Zeke and Zene
Vivaan and Saira
Kabir and Gia
Arsalaan and Ayatal
Suhani and Seher

The Menu

Chicken sausages in soy , mustard and maple syrup

Our Poison
Malibu with fresh coconut water and mint

Main Course
Lamb shanks in olive oil and feta cheese
Prawn Curry Rice
Mussels in white wine and cream
Baked green peppers stuffed with mince
Vindaloo smeared fish
Potato salad with Rochette leaves
Baked tomatoes with thyme
Baked garlic in olive oil
Salad with onion, cucumber and tomato and mint
Pasta with pine-nuts and basil

Kids lunch
Baby burgers
Penne with bolognaise sauce

Pavlova with fresh cream and fresh summer fruits
8 Minute Choco lava cakes with ice-cream
Mango Tarts

Gosh it was a crazy afternoon and it also rained , which was the icing on the cake, there was great conversation lotsa laughs, faux-pas by me and my home was filled with laughter and loved ones just like i love it, it was not perfect because i don't like perfect, it was real and amazing, my friends were stuffed and satiated and happy and there was no place for even green-tea..
We passed out after that and could not even eat dinner..
Since this was a last minute thing , i forgot to call i few friends that i would have really liked to...
But this is not the last time , so waiting for another opportunity to hang with my mad , wonderful , beautiful, hot ,fun and crazy girl-friends , the men in their lives and all our collective naughty gorgeous kids..

Good-bye Holidays, see you soon..
Till then , stay happy and loved ...
Because that's the only way , life was meant to be, the rest does not really matter....

P.S. The photos are all done by Arshad , there are many not there, because the dish got over ,before he remembered to click it ,for all of you....enjoy only from "Maria's Kitchen"


  1. You cooked all that? Wow!

  2. Amazing... everything looks sumptuous... :)
    Plz share the recipes too...

  3. Wat a delicious spread Maria, Maria's kitchen is sure to be loved for all its deliciousness galore!!!
    Super day to u!

  4. Lovely photographs , i simply love reading your blog ! Maria , pls share some veg recipes too ! bye . take care

  5. As a vegetarian, who was there at this divine lunch i would like to share my experience! Well Maria called me 2 days before and threatened me with dire consequences if i ditched (becoz she knows i LOVE my sundays) there i was ...she'd made awesome babaganoush with crackers and a sexy guacemole dip with nachos for starters and for my veggie lunch she whipped the most awesome pasta with pine nuts and cherry tomatoes. I also had tonnes of baby potato salad and those baked tomatoes! we all looked like we'd never move from our seats... i saw mini devouring mussels and decorating her plate with the shells....Victor did not speak a word and ate like its the last time we are ever going to get food. By the time the desserts came we all thought we wouldnt be able to eat a morsel. Anusha rightly remarked that this is a food orgy! BUT the pavlova melted in my mouth....adults i.e sandy and shaheen were stealing the kid's mango tarts.. and the lava cake...oh! LOrd! i thought this woman kills us once a year on christmas with the lunch but yesterday was seriously ended with death by chocolate! GOD BLESS goretti and poor warsi who will NEVER lose weight at this rate!

  6. could u plzzzz share recepies?? specially of 8 min choco lava cake?


  8. I have said this before, I say it again- your passion for food and life in general is very inspiring. Perhaps you could share your mantra for high spirits along with your lovely recipes. God Bless!

  9. Dear BaldGuy, Taurus girl, Sugar plum fairy, Thank u so much for your continous support

    Dear Manasi,
    will write all the recipes this week after i send the kids to school

    Dear Annonymous,
    made the choco lava cakes early on , so its on the blog

    Dear Kausar,
    i have worms or maybe im mostly on a chocolate high ha ha ha , see u in class soon

    Dearest MS.J,
    U r mad and i love u....

  10. You are fantastic! How do you manage to rustle up so much food...:) Its my dream to one day cook an umpteen course meal like you do time and again. Waiting for yr recipes.

  11. Dear Maria,

    Its getting tough finding particular recipes. Can you sort it and arrange it further? Like a catalog where we can go for non veg recipes, veg, starters, baked goodies and so on. Blogspot allows you to add labels to categorize recipes. Do let me know if you want any further info.

  12. Okay.. i know its a bit late to post this.. but i cant not have considering the absolute treat maria gave us on this given sunday.I cannot fathom ANY human being being able to rustle up Sooooo many high quality dishes without going slightly berserk.. .but ms maria was as cool as a cucumber till even the evening before and actually did this with little help. Yes JAYA.. YES.. I did eat a kg of mussels and decorated my plate and thank you for not noticing that it was my 5th course... I changed my plate 5 times so the flavors wont mix. And Maria if we ever fight and not ever talk to each other again.. please promise me that you will continue to supply me with the mango/ strawberry tarts that i love so much. And babe your blog is PRO.. One of its kind. Truly.