From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Saturday, June 5, 2010


I tried this out a few days ago and its a great snack and with salad its like a yummy meal, and really easy, i love prawns and always buy them every week and De-vein them and keep them in small packs, today i have just been out and up to my eye-lashes in ingredients....

Handful frozen prawns
1 slice bread
2 tbsp maida
1 red eye chili
1 diced onion
a small dash of beer

Put all the above ingredients in a mixer , but please see that its chunky and not a smooth mash, heat a non stick pan and add a little vegetable oil to it, meanwhile, make little uneven balls of the mash and shallow fry it, it cooks really quick....
Take it off the fire , onto a plate of your favorite salad greens and have them nice and hot with a ready made , sweet and hot chili sauce, they are fluffy, yummy and really tasty..

Made in a great hurry and piping hotilicious only from "Maria's Kitchen".

P.S. if u do not want to throw the rest of the beer out, or use it as a conditioner for your hair , please feel free and drink it, what better way to celebrate a Saturday afternoon...ha ha ha scuzi..


  1. I love this simple n easy recipe...chingri maachhh is my favorite. :)

  2. Thanks for the labels...:) Planning to make this today.

  3. a friend told me about your blog..and it feels like I've wandered into some of my own thoughts and a familiar corner of the world :) This looks and feels a quick surely gonna try it.... I too have quick prawn recipes, a little calori loaded though ...just heat about 50-75g butter in a pan, add about 2-3 Tbls of finely chopped garlic, and an equal amount of dried red chillies sliced into rings (I use the scissors to snip them quickly) stir briefly. Add in about 200gm of prawns and saute just for 3 - 4 mins... plate immediately and pop these luscious morsels in the mouth while still hot... :)

    1. Dear Mili,
      This sounds awesome, will try it...