From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Every time I'm cooking at home , what always weighs heavily on my mind , are my vegetarian friends, have just 1 of those " species" actually, Jaya...ha ha ha
And she always offers to get her own food, which is sweet , but i think its also because she does not really trust me with vegetarian stuff, which i know completely changed since Sunday...
Promised to make her fresh pasta with vegetables, i did not really measure all the veggies but will give you a detailed account of how i made it

Olive oil
Red and Yellow Peppers
Cherry tomatoes
Pine nuts
Fresh Basil
Baby carrots
Fresh birds eye chili
Dried oregano
Chili flakes
Keya all purpose seasoning
Rock salt

Boil the spaghetti with some rock salt and a little olive oil and keep aside..
Cut all the vegetables exactly like you would like to eat them, i normally like the broccoli and carrots chunky and the peppers in slivers..Dunk these vegetables in boiling water for less than a minute and keep aside..
In a really hot non-stick add a little olive oil and mix in a dash of butter..
Add the garlic and the birds eye chili and toss it till your kitchen has that lovely waft of slightly burnt garlic, at this point add the All purpose seasoning (Jaya got me tons of seasoning for my birthday )and the chili flakes, if u feel you need to add a little Olive oil please do , and then add the pine nuts and roast them for about 30 seconds ...
Add the cherry tomatoes and toss them around till the get ever so slightly cooked...
Then add all the vegetables and give it a good stir..
Add the spaghetti now and toss it all around, in fact play with it like you were a kid with spaghetti and toss it all around till the spaghetti and the seasoning and the vegetables are all intertwined and happy...
I then put in a packet of dried oregano that you get when you order a Dominoes Pizza , i love it...ummmmm....
And the final kill the fresh basil.... oh i so so love basil, so i put in quite a lot, let the leaves just about change colour and if you can inhale the lovely aroma , and want to dive into the dish ,you are done , grate a little Parmesan and serve piping hot....(if you want this to be slightly sinful , just add a tsp of Kraft cheese spread to this piping hot mix)
I saw Jaya's plate being attacked by the girls , so don't really know if she had a her fill..

But this pasta i now make for Arshad and Me nearly every time we have a late night...
If u want to add any choice of meat or some salmon to it , it just gets tastier..
I love this , but then I'm kind of very partial to pasta...Or rather to FOOD in general...

Enjoy "Fresh super sexy pasta " only from "Maria's Kitchen"....


  1. I saw this post earlier, but I guess you took it off. I'm veggie too! Thanks for this. I'm going to try making this sometime real soon, without somethings like birds eye chili for example!And er... without broccoli too, hehe.

    I'm glad you use Rock salt too. Actually I'm just glad other people use it too. I always thought it was too old fashioned and stuff. Ha! Thanks again!!!

  2. You know Maria I always think of making my pasta this way but when I boil the spaghetti ,hunger attacks me and I just crush some tomatoes, add the seasoning and the pasta...

    done and eattttt:D

  3. nice! am a pasta junkie and vegetarian (which also means i dont know why i am reading your blog!)i too love my pasta with a lot of veggies and not so much cheese... this one i am making soon

  4. amazing..... Gonna Make This Real Soooooon !!!

  5. maria the food the other day was delicious, my workouts have increased to compensate. But u r gifted..n what i love is that you can only cook this way for those u love!! The attention to detail, the flavours...belissimo !!

  6. loved the gavar absolutely mom made some and has been trying to find that recipe forever yummy yummy in my tummy lol
    love u n miss u all the more may u always be happy n cook like this (with LOVE ) otherwise no fun :(

  7. Mmmm this sounds yummy. Next time around, I will come visit you over an entire week :-)