From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Woke up this morning, and went out running, before i could change my mind ,because really want to start some kind of exercise, and running is what makes me most happy, was out late at my friend Amit Ashar's photography exhibition, and although i had dinner , we all ate again , thanks to Mini....
The food was yummy, done by my dear friend Chef Vicky, who is the sweetest and has promised to teach me how to make bread, which is something i have been trying to do at regular intervals, today is a jam packed day, besides the regular, going shopping for some Lucknowi stuff and enrolling my self in a Spanish institute...
So the entire family including my puppy Taz is excited about me learning a new language, leave alone the fact that Arshad and Mini think that i should first get my Urdu diction in order, but like my friend Jaya pointed out to me yesterday, i ask everyone and their pets for advice and also listen to their words of wisdom very intently and then thank them profusely for being there and then in due course of time, drive off in my red beetle into the sunset....hmmm
But life is not as easy as making stuffed green peppers with mince is it ??????

2 dozen small sized green peppers
olive oil
a kg of ragu sauce (please check the lasagne's recipe to make it)

Pre-heat the oven at 200 degrees for about half an hour...
In that time , cut the top of the capsicum , and clean the insides, do not pull out the stalks , they look quite cute ...
Stuff each green pepper with the ragu sauce and cover it with the cut portion of the pepper like a lid, sprinkle it with a little rock salt and olive oil and garnish with some cheese and cook it at 160 degrees for about 30-40 minutes or till you feel the green pepper is well cooked..and the cheese has melted over the pepper ...
Its like a mini meal on its own , if you want to avoid the carbs..

This dish somehow reminded me of the "Wizard of Oz" and all the little people in Munchiken land, felt that very soon all the peppers would march out of the oven singing, ha ha ha , YUP i do have an imagination, ya some people think its crazy but i think its a "healthy" imagination..
We'll now I'm picturing all the peppers running around the kitchen because they do not want to be devoured but , I'm chasing them on my broom stick and putting them back in the tray, oh we'll methinks running early in the morning could be detrimental to my sleep cells and so my mind is running amuck...HELP....

Ok guys , enjoy my "Munchiken Green Peppers, Stuffed and Happy" only from "Maria's Kitchen"


  1. Wow this is interesting...

    I will try it out..I have tried stuffed capisum in many forms like potatoes, Paneer with cheese and mushrooms too..

    I guess this one will be amazing:)

  2. There was this place where they served this greeny spinach momos that looked exactly like the Stuffed Green peppers. Pls label the recipes according to will be easier to find now that there are so many.

  3. great to see how lovely you look in that pic...peppers look delicious..say hi to amit 4 us...spanish grt...i need to learn it too but know a few words that get me what i need Ola! Bien & Camarones!!! mucho!! ha :) ha! Brad laughs whenever we go to Mexico...

  4. Spanish sounds nice. Must be hard work. Let us know how that goes! Good Luck!

  5. Dear Anamika,
    it is amazing and very easy too , try it

    Dear Pinky,
    Please tell me how do i get them all labeled

    Hey Shalu,
    really hope i can learn the language

    Dear Bald guy,
    will stay in touch