From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Today after a very very long time , was just not feeling upto it, no i was not having a bad hair day or any such frivolous chick thing, its just that i felt that i just don't have a thing for picking up languages and , i sat through Spanish class in a slump, though my teacher Tarana is great and the crowd is really fun, but i guess today was just one of those days....
So i decided to go buy my Espanol dictionary to do my homework , and spent an hour sitting on the floor of the book shop reading "food " books, so after an hour , i finally left with my loot , while looking very menacingly at my Spanish dictionary that could have also been French to me...JA JA JA (thats Espanol for ha ha ha )
Spent the afternoon trying to do"yo soy maria" and tu eres .. and so on and so forth and felt like the rain clouds had burst over my Head, so did what i do, when i don't know ,what to do, "i slept", and dreamt of Spanish....Mama Zeta WHATS HAPPENING ??????
So then woke up and needed to get into a good happy space , so i decided to bake...
A few days ago i met a girl Tarini, who is just a little pixie, cute , sweet and immensely talented in her kitchen , she was sweet enough to let me hang with her while she went about her cooking,and so inspired by her I'm making scones today from a recipe from my new book, i call this

No Comprendo Espanol Scones
300 gm self rising flour
1/2 tsp salt
1tsp baking powder
85 gm cold unsalted butter ,cut into cubed
4tbsp Castor sugar
150 g full fat yogurt
4 tbsp milk
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 egg beaten with 1 tsp milk to glaze

Put the flour, salt and baking powder in a big bowl.
Add the butter and with your fingers , mix it all together till the flour looks like a crumble
Add the sugar and just very lightly mix the crumbled flour into it.
In a pan over low heat, warm the yogurt, milk and vanilla, until hot..
Pour this into the flour mix and very carefully and lightly , just fold it to form a dough, do not knead it , as soon as it comes together you are done, just add raisins to it if you like..
Press it out over a flat surface over some flour about 4cm thick and then cut it into circles or triangles and bake it for 17 minutes in an oven pre-heated to 200 degrees.....

They were ready in no time and soooo easy and tasted so good even plain, made 2 in the shape of mickey mouse that the kids bit into , so could not shoot that..
But its all over we, our help and even Taz are all feeling happier if not healthier , yup this was my comfort food for the day and i really needed it, ok ! even snacked on a snicker bar after buying my Spanish dictionary, but i like to be happy and that's whats important, and really wish that me learning Spanish is going to be as easy as baking for me...
So with that wish in my heart , calling it a day...
So really speedy, lift me up , piping hot "Scones" only from "Maria's Kitchen"


  1. looks yummy and easy too..
    Learning language is terrible..I had hard time clearing my french exam..I hope u don loose the enthu like me midway:)

  2. If learning Spanish is that hard, I'd rather not think about it. :-) No offense to your efforts though. The scones look great!

  3. Dear Anamika,
    the soul is willing but the brain not co-operating, but the scones are good fun

    Hey Bald Guy,
    make the scones and tweet the photograph

  4. u had me no comprendo espanol, eu comprendo ,poquinho mais comprendo:-)
    Hah, ur scones are so perfect!English high tea anyone?
    Mickey mouse ...mickey mouse where are it possible to find anything mickey mouse in India?
    Cookie cutters,pancake rings et all....ouch dont tell me u got them from Disney land!!

    Grandos bejinhos e abracos e bom fim de semana!

  5. wow sounds yummy!! will def. try it!!! keep up the good job. I love your blog by the way!!

  6. Dear Sugar PLum,
    i have no clue what you said in spanish, but thanks for everything else , and ya all the mickey stuff is from orlando , disney land

    And anonymous,
    pls write your name

  7. Y would i kid you Mr. Bald guy, think you are perfectly fit to make some scones, c'mon

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  9. Hey Maria! this is the first time i've been on your blog and it is amazing. You remind me of Nigella

  10. Hi Maria,
    Have been hearing about ur blog from many people... esp Garima who is a common friend of mine and Jaya's :) Finally dropped by, and must say i loooove it! Your recipes are fab, but what i like even more is the way you write... its such an honest, fun, and carefree style. love ur slice of life posts... looking forward to following ur blog :)

    PS - Am sure u dont remember, but I had come to ur place a couple of months ago... was working with Sony TV and our team had come to meet Arshad about a Hum Tum aur Ghost dance act for an event. Amazing place u got there!