From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Woke yesterday morning with chocolate on my mind, and Zeke and Zene really wanted to have chocolate mousse again ...
And as, Arshad had invited Ian Wright and the Travel and Living crew that has been following him around shooting him,home for dinner, i knew that that i would be like a hurricane in my kitchen ..
So while i was wondering what to make , i decided that if it was mousse ,it had to be white chocolate mousse, because Arshad loves white chocolate.
So i just followed the same recipe but used an imported variety of white chocolate..
We'll to begin with i had to hunt for fresh cream , which i then got from Waterstones which is 45minutes away from home, the chef was sweet enough to let me have some , because the Parsi dairy fresh cream that i normally use was not available that morning...
Then i decided that this White Chocolate Mousse needed pretty long stemmed glasses, so i again left the house to search for that, which i found , but they would be delivered at 2pm...
Sitting in the rick , i knew what i was making for dinner, so the menu is

Hummus with lavache
Maple syrup and mustard chicken sausages
Beer batter fried prawns

Main course
Honey glazed chicken
Vindaloo mutton

White chocolate mousse
White mountain chocolate muffins
Mango Tarts

So i got home and turned my kitchen upside down , with my helpers Vijay and Mary, while Baghi kept Zeke and Zene busy and out of my kitchen, it was crazy but great fun, we finished making all the dessert and marinating all the meat...
By 3 it was time to take Zeke and Zene to watch a ' day i met the prince", which a friend Asif is doing and , it was fun and took my mind off the cooking that still had to be done, and the bonus is that you get to meet "The Sashi Kapoor" who exudes so much of calm and niceness , i love his smile and his crooked teeth , and its soooooo wonderful to see him at Prithvi watching budding talent......
Suddenly i realised that i had broken my champagne glasses and needed glasses and did not have long slender spoons for my long slender mousse glasses...ha ha ha yup..
So decided to go shopping again with Zeke and Zene in tow, we got out they were hungry and took the longest time to eat their chocolate croissants, and then fell asleep in the rick ...
Well , to cut a long story short , i got funky pink glasses , found my spoons , bought mangoes and came home and we cooked and finished everything by 8.30 , even the flowers arranged by Chinmaya were beautiful , lit the candles, and my aroma essence pots with lavender ,ran for a bath and was ready just as Arshad opened the door for Ian and his crew..
Ian and Arshad entertained us all ,Phil their camera guy is lovely, met Jessie who used to do sound with me on MTV after eons, Zeke played the "devil's march "on the piano, Zene was cute as a button, Amit took photos(hope i get to see them before the year ends ha ha ha ) and Sandy had us in splits and Sambo giggled, missed MY girls Mini, Jaya and Shaheen......
It was a fun filled and mad evening, but i forgot to shoot the food , so I'm sorry but you are just going to have to believe that i made all this.....
It was a feast that I'm happy i cooked for the ones i "Maria's Kitchen"

P.S. did not do anything today, but write this blog......too knackered...


  1. Hye Maria...Glasses are so pretty but do not forget to write the recipe of it...

    and you should be punished for not clicking food pictures...and Man you try to make every hting so perfect..

    If I have something missing in my kitchen I just make it optional:D...I know if i go out to buy them then I will never have the motivation to cook again.

    You rock baby..

    Loads of love


  2. Food , I feel , helps in bonding people.

    Please give your recipe of Chocolate Mousse

  3. Hi,
    Gr8 post, enjoyed reading it. Out of curiosity also checked ur wiki page :

    Wonder if you have gone through it ever.

  4. wow maria everything looks so fancy n fab, apart from being extremely tasty im sure :)...i love white chocolate too...sounds like u had a mad crazy day haha...goodnight sweetdreams! :)

  5. Delicious...u are going to have to make desserts for Brad when u come stay with us..that's the only thing i don't...he loooves white so happy to see u enjoying getting back to the Maria i know & love :) Grt to see Warsi & hear about the kids & to them too

  6. Dear Anamika,
    thank you so much, i love doing things well or then not all all, so ya im a bit nuts ,

    also Rahul, the recipe is the same as the chocolate mousse a few days earlier,

    and wordsmith , just checked it, my birthday is on 8th dec, n i was born in bombay and my daughter's name is Zene Zoe

    My Dear Shalini,
    yup you are right, finding myself again and going to stay true to who i am, will cook for you when i come to the states

    big hug

  7. Hey Ifrah
    thank you ,and it was a day well spent

  8. hey maria.. what glasses ya.. soo pink and soo cute :)

    love reading your blog!!!

  9. Ian :) He is one of the reasons why I got hooked onto Discovery T & L. Lucky you

  10. i love reading ur blog and comments on twitter and those glasses are wonderful...god give me strength to atleast make one of the dishes ! :-) hubby will be on the cloud nine...since i never go to kitchen

  11. LOVE the pink glasses babe :-) wish i coulve made it...

  12. Wow! I love his show...thanks for sharing the pics! Am not too fond of white chocolate...simple love dark chocolate but this looks delicious.

  13. Wow! How wonderful to be around Ian Wright,he's so entertaining!
    Maria,love reading your blog!