From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Monday, May 10, 2010


I actually have loved food all my life, sometimes i feel that in my past life i must have been born in a country that had no food , because frankly I'm eternally hungry and my near and dear ones will vouch for that.
My granny on my dads side was an utterly awesome cook and i still can smell the aromas from her kitchen if i close my eyes and my gran on my mums side was a darling in the kitchen , and her fish curry rice is something that i would love to have just one more time, unfortunately I never learned any cooking from them because I was just not interested in the whole cooking process but very focused on the eating process, so much so that my mom actually thought I had worms because I ate a lot but never put on any weight, so yes have had all the worm medicines possible, anyway to cut to the chase, about 4 years ago i was again pregnant with my little Zene and frankly had nothing much to do or anywhere to go and so spent my time watching Travel and Living and BBC Food, and started writing down recipe's and trying them out, so while i expanded during my pregnancy not nearly reaching a beached whale size, i started experimenting in the kitchen , fortunately i was travelling with Arshad for the shooting of Goal and were living in those lovely St.James apartments and so had plenty of time to shop in great weather and cook for the cast and crew that came over pretty often, in the beginning I used to not be quite sure if they really loved the food or were just being nice, but pretty soon , they came very often and really looked forward to a tasty meal so i realised that somewhere somehow both my granny's , granma Agnes and granma Rosemary were sprinkling their magic dust on me...
And my Mum Joanna, GOD! I love the food she makes, at the moment she is on holiday in Dallas , so i call her and make her tell me what to do next if i get stuck, she is like a Speedy Gonzalez in the kitchen , never there too long but still comes up with amazing drool worthy finger-liking yummy food.
When my friend Mini saw the film 'Julie and Julia', she called me and told me that i had to go and watch it and that's that, so i did , booked one ticket and went to see the film alone, ya i know that's kinda weird and whatever but then that's me i go for films alone sometimes, and when the film began i knew why because Julie was like me she loves to cook and feed her friends, by the way my sister's name is Juliet, and Jaya and Mini have been after me to do this cook-out for the longest time, in fact i did a one week cooking thing for Grazia which turned out lovely and yummy.
Yesterday was 'Mother's Day' and my maids told me they were leaving and as I'm someone who never will stop someone who does not want to stay , because that's their free will and in my experience on earth(ha ha ha) i have realised if you do stop someone who basically does not want to stay they may stay for a bit but make you feel like "burnt toast that nobody wants" so ya i said bye and ta ta and sat in my bathroom and decided that I'm going to COOK.
And that's how this whole thing is coming along, i want to do 1 dish a day , but with two kids home with summer vacation on, this is a feat , but then i have never wanted to do stuff like everyone else and like to walk on a path that very few people would take.
I woke up this morning, and after i settled my kids, i went shopping, but by the time i came back it was time for lunch , so made my mum's tried and tested prawn curry rice that my kids stuffed their tummy's with and then i put on my new apron and felt like the most awesome and gorgeous chick to ever cook ha ha ha and then realised that i did not have the damn fish sauce, so had to wait and wait and tweeted because i needed to get my mind off the sauce that i did not have...
It came after an hour and after tipping the delivery guy , i got my new ikea wok out , and my new wooden ladle's all the ingredients and it was all over in 15 mins...
from my normal kitchen i was actually in Bangkok on the streets with the aromas, and because i actually got it right from the making of the red chili paste to the final coconut cream with coriander dressing , it looked and smelt awesome...if i may say so myself..
The only thing is it was tea-time and though I'm not a regular tea drinker , i sat down in my hot kitchen made a biiiig mug of green tea and had this amazing chocolate cake...
Ya ya i know what you thinking ,the dreaded C word 'CALORIES' well i 'THINK THIN' and it works .
So I'm happy and will be making Mexican BURRITOS tom ... Ciao ...Maria


  1. have you been Inspired from Julie & Julia (movie) for writing This Blog :)

  2. Oh I am Sorry I dint read Your blog before writing the comment yes you have mentioned the Movie Julie & Julia .

  3. Such an nice description of how you began to cook after being an eternal eater. Julie and Julia is such an inspirational movie, isn't it? Whenever I need a little motivation, I watch the DVD.

  4. been to your blog. nice to see some one likes cooking. me too. may be will share some simple dish some times if you allow.

    lots of love to you all. byee

  5. I love the way you write :)) its so natural and lively :)))

    Am sure whatever you have in mind will rock and someday...we lucky people will get to sample the awesome food you cook :))

    Tk Cr and Keep Writing :)))

  6. my dearest maria!! Im glad you actually did this.. we are all talk and no show... You are an awesome awesome cook and Indias answer to nigella Lawson. Some idiot TV producer should read this and make you a show... me included!!!!
    Love and all the best.. M

  7. Looking forward to some awesome recipes. I love the Baking show and am looking forward to your very own cookery show. :)Please post some recipes...

  8. Wonderful so happy for you...please send me mum's prawn curry recipe if you don't mind...i love cooking as u can tell on fb & enjoyed reading your blog...just made mince burritos last wed for cinco de mayo turned out grt used some mexican spice mix...will be nice to see how u do taking tons of photos since i never remember my own recipes :) have fun girlfriend...will keep chking ur blog...hug n kisses

  9. Hahahaha cant beleive you did it! Reading your blog is like being with u M! It reads as FAST as you talk and EAT and is as lively exciting as you are!!! u got my blessings just go with it FULLY now. another thing.. that u could incorporate (apart from a nice pic of the dish) would be to talk a bit MORE about the dish you made!!! i would love to know what you exactly made today :-). im coming over to sample tomorrow darling!!

  10. Hi Maria,

    I myself been a foodie whole my life and I wish that i could eat every thing on earth and stay slim.

    I love making food and have been trying since I was in 5th grade:P

    Haves started writing about recipes also and post it in my blog.

    It give me immense pleasure to read a blog of a celebrity who is such a gourmet:)

  11. Arguably the finest chef duo in Maximum city. Your words are as yummy and spunky as the dishes itself. But tough luck for Zeke's future girlfriends. Such high standards.....

  12. Must admit i read this blog in 2 hrs flat and i totally loved it! Being a student and being on my own gives me loads of free time and I am definitely planing to try most of these recipes..specially the ones involving chocolate. as the other posts say even i am looking forward to your cookery show :)

  13. Hi Maria,

    From a very long time,I was thinking of reading your blog..somehow was very busy in my personal life;but I never forget to visit your profile by any chance:-)...I feel that I am very much connected to you...well I have started with your first blog...Amazing it is...Be the way you are...very ideal,inspirational and crazy fun lover...peace maker;-)..etc...loads of love,