From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I woke up this morning, thinking of these two beautiful plates that i had picked up years ago from New York but never really used, because firstly i did not know what to put in because the design was so pretty and secondly was not wanting to use them in case they broke...
I am extremely partial to heart shapes and wings and the colour red ...
So here goes , today I'm making pancakes for breakfast with blueberry sauce and also got maple syrup in case the kids don't like the slight sourness of the blueberry's.
I went through two recipes, one by Roopa Gulati who i used to religiously follow years ago ,who was really sweet and spoke so calmly and made cooking look so easy and the other is Nigella Lawson who i completely LOOOVE....
But both the recipe's were nearly identical to how my mum made pancakes, so i googled pancakes and found a little twist with the same recipe with buttermilk added to it...
So that's the one I'm making, we'll the kids are up, so will make them help with the pancakes and the blueberry sauce today, which means "a lot more love " for "Breakfast from Maria's Kitchen'


  1. Few questions:
    * What blueberries did you use?
    * Where in NYC did you get those gorgeous plates from?
    * And by buttermilk, you mean the indianised yoghurt + water mixture, or did you actually find buttermilk?

  2. Iused canned blue berries, think the plates rare from crate and barrel but not sure and i used home made chaas..

  3. Im a total Pancake freak too and sure could collect all those pancake tools goodies galore :-))
    have yet to begin collecting though!!!!!lol
    As well as a heart shaped and all things red lover u totally had me here:-)))

    Actually i jus love everything cuteeeeeeeeeee and ur blog and posts jus kinda spell that!!
    Ahh buttermilk , i add yoghurt to half and half for nice thick ''buttermilk'' with butter in and i do the same for sour cream, but maybe with white vinegar or lime!!!