From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Friday, May 14, 2010

I Love Italian...

Now that i started cooking,just could not stop at just one dish ,so also made spaghetti with meat balls in a tomato sauce, which has come out pretty yumm...

Spaghetti and Meatballs
125 gms bread crumbs
125ml full fat milk
1 tsp butter
1 tablespoon wheat flour
2oo ml home-made chicken stock
5 large tomatoes, boiled , mashed and strained
1 tsp sugar
1 large onion
250 gms minced lamb
1 tsp paprika
olive oil
250 gms spaghetti
salt and pepper

The aroma of the fried meat balls were really something,i was going mad and jumping in my kitchen and my taste buds were running riot, though i added a very little flavouring to the mix....
To make the meatballs ,I put the milk into the bread crumbs and kept them for some time then added the mince and and onion and added Keya all purpose seasoning to it,did not add paprika because my kids were going to have it, added a little salt, made them into little balls and fried them with little oil.

The 1st batch of meatballs kind of broke when i was trying to turn them over not all of them but a few, so for the next batch , i did what my mum does , i dipped each meatball into an egg batter then rolled them onto the bread crumbs and fried them, this batch of meatballs , behaved themselves and came out roly poly and beautiful brown.

I then added the spaghetti to boiling water with rock salt and a little olive oil, and after it was cooked ,I drained the water and tossed it with a little olive oil over a full flame, and kept it aside.

Made very basic sauce , put butter in a pan added onion and garlic because i love the aroma of garlic ,and like a little textue to my sauce, i then added the flour to it, cooked it for a bit , added homemade chicken stock to it boiled it , then added the pre boiled tomatoes that i put through a strainer, added basil , salt a dash or oregano and a tablespoon of ketchup and a spoon full of sugar n have fresh basil aroma wafting through my hot kitchen.Yes i did not stick to the recipe because i like yo do my little thing and make it mine...
Then put spaghetti on my plate, and spooned the meatballs over it and then the piping hot tomato sauce....

Risotto Style Fusilli
200 gms fusilli
1 big onion
1tsp olive oil
500 ml home-made chicken stock
1/4 cup squared carrots
1/4 cup broken florets of broccoli

Even the fusilli turned out fine, added butter and olive oil to the pan then onions and then the fusilli, cooked it dry for a minute and added home-made chicken stock ladle by ladle till it was all absorbed by the fusilli and well cooked, so it looks glossy and the stock makes it taste very yummy and this risotto style of cooking gives it a different texture.
Put the vegetables in boiling water so that they get a bit cooked , i then made them dive into ice water to stop them from cooking any further and to retain their colour , then heated the pan added a little butter and tossed them in ...ok ok i also added a little Parmesan cheese because Mr. Parmesan was yelling at me from my fridge ha ha ha , i then added the vegetables to the fusilli and mama mia lunch is ready..

(Please say whats written below in an Italian accent)
Risotto Style Fusilli and Meatballs in Red Sauce only from "Maria's Kitchen".....


  1. Absolutely Love Love Love Your blog and your natural style of writing :)

    Keep them coming, the recipes are scrumptious... cant wait to try them out !!!

  2. Book offers coming soon....but I'm booking my spot as kitchen help when the TV show starts.