From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Today is a great food day, actually the reason I'm making what I'm making today is because my friend Sambo who has been my fashion stylist since MTV told me she is coming for lunch and she loves red meat , so i have taken my tagine out and am making some Moroccan style meat , and am also making brownies because my mad friend sandy has moved into her newly done up beautiful apartment and has called us friends for "chai" that i don't drink ha ha ha....
U know, I am in love with my tagine that looks so beautiful ,its glossy black and looks like like an elegant woman in a satin gown ... and i love all my baking stuff that i have collected over the years every time i travelled with Arshad.
I don't know if its a good or bad thing , but I'm very happy eating my own cooking and sometimes kiss my own shoulder as a sign of appreciation and well done to me...
Am i nuts , yeeessss, why else would i be cooking 1 dish a day when i have no help and the kids home on holidays...
I also have the crew of "People" magazine coming into my kitchen ,i think they want to check whether i am really cooking ha ha ha so will be busy looking like a glam doll while i effortlessly cook and have fun in my kitchen.


  1. Hey Maria..congrats on the new blog..Love your posts and the blueberry pancakes were awesome.How I long to own a tagine! Best luck for the future posts! keep them coming

  2. Dear Food court,
    you have awesome stuff on your site ,
    wow wow wow

  3. Oh by the way the tagine is from ikea, and its awesome , i love it

  4. I have enjoyed reading your blog so far.... u truly got inspired by the movie.... i also enjoy cooking and like u always want to add that special touch/twist to the traditional recipe!... keep sharing the recipes and yup will be cooking the Burritos and choc muffins! and yes can u please share the prawn curry recipe that u talked about in the first blog.... cheers :)

  5. Hey gurl , that tangine is soooooooooooo cute...i would love it !!!!

    I love what u said about collecting baking stuff, am building up my resources too and well jus need to find the right places at the rite time:-)to find cutey stuff.
    Hey ur on blogger and u sure can add pages to ur blog here:-)
    Like i added one page to begin writing all about the quaint and not so quaint places i could pick the cutest things at:-)))

  6. That is one beautiful tagine! Had Moroccan Lamb with prunes recently and it was amazing!