From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Day 2: Good morning! And today jumped out of bed because i realised that i also have to shoot for the Savvy Cook Book at 10.30am , make lunch, drop the kids to summer camp and look glamorous in the kitchen while making burritos.
So i first googled the recipe and as usual cannot get my darn printer to print, is it my touch or does the printer know that im short on time and is just trying all it can to spend some extra time with me....ok,ok,ok im just not good with technical stuff and so shut him off took a piece of paper and just wrote down the recipe and ingredients the old fashioned way...
Now knowing me i may loose that piece of paper many times before i get down to cooking.
I have bought ready made corn wraps , but am making the filling completely on my own, basic sauce , chicken that im going to marinate and stir fry and paneer incase my friend Jaya really does come over for lunch


  1. oh :) pretty hurried post !!!

    Now where can i go looking for ready made corn wraps ??

  2. so where did you pick up and the corn wraps from? also where is the recipe? :-)