From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Its been a long morning, because I'm making this cheese cake and i needed gelatin for it , and my dear friend Pooja who gets me amazing cooking chocolate , baking stuff , cheese and all things yummmm, from Budapest where she lives, has got me these lovely gelatin sheets that look like the finest and most delicate glass, so pretty that i was feeling bad melting it, but to cut the long story short , the instructions were in Hungarian and since "NON CAPISCA" Hungarian , i woke her up from her sleep and she was sweet enough to tell me what to do, sometimes i feel , good that all my friends do not live close to me , or i would get beaten up most of the times....

Chocky-Marshmallowy Cheese cake:

150 gms chocolate chip biscuits
25 gms desiccated coconut
125 gms melted butter
400 gms cream cheese
50 gms Castor sugar
200 gms chocolate melted
50 ml cream
3 rounded tsp gelatin
150 gms marshmallows halved

Line the base of the cake tin , (which Einstein that i am , i forgot to do, bloody hell...), combine the biscuit crumbs, coconut,butter and peanut butter and press it into the base of the prepared tin , and let it rest in the freezer.
Beat the cream cheese and the Castor sugar until smooth , then add the melted chocolate and the cream , (that i also put 50gms extra....don't know where i am today).
dissolve the gelatin into 125 gms water over a pan of hot water, stir it well into the chocolate mix and add the marshmallows and let it take a "chill-pill"in the fridge for 2-3 hours..
I'm a bit worried today because of my goof ups , but the mix tasted yummm, so in case it does not look like its supposed to , i will still put a picture of my "almost there yummy cheese cake"..
But I'm not worried , i have a feeling , that its gonna be fine, i have songs running in my head and feel like dancing, do you think I'm O-D ing on chocolate ?????? Nah!

Its now 5pm, 4 hrs since i saw my choco-marshmallowy cheese cake , i have just woken up and headed straight for my fridge , we'll it looks inviting , so sliced a piece on to my plate took a bite ........ummmmmm it melts in my mouth and has a lovely silken feel to it and the pieces of marshmallow add to the drama , also like the crunchiness of the base , but cannot really taste any coconut, it is gooey and very sinful, next time will add a little extra gelatin so that it forms better, it looks like a melting mountain of chocolate sin in the heat of my Mumbai kitchen. SO I'M GOING FOR IT, will run for my sins in the morning ...
And this was my melting "chocky-marshmallowy cheese cake " straight from me to you from "Maria's Kitchen"....


  1. Ok this sounds awesome. Keep a slice aside for me. Freeze it, if you have to!!! But keep it!
    Thanks :-)


  2. hey maria, great recipes! it all sounds so fab. here's a question about the chocky marshmallowy cheesecake...can i do away wid the coconut (not a fan!) or is it a must-use?
    keep cooking and blogging!

  3. Ya Shivani,
    absolutely , but im a fan of Bounty , so put coconut, crossing ny fingers and toes today...

    And Jay keping a slice for you...

  4. thx to you sending me this awesome slice of sin, will have to run from here to singapore ;)
    it was fantastic maria!!