From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Friday, September 3, 2010


And so i started off by making a zoff that i learned in baking college, but somewhere down the line i got greedy and wanted to add more ingredients, i met my friend Ruchi at little Sairah's birthday , and she was telling me that she looooveees zucchini bread with carrot....

And so mid way while i was making my zoff,i ransacked my fridge and found carrot and pumpkin ,so i very finely grated some carrot and yellow pumpkin and a small portion of cheese , and while i followed the same recipe as my loaf of bread, after it first rises , i beat it down and added my grated vegetables and cheese, i had to add more flour to the dough as it became very sticky with the added water content in the vegetables....

I then tried to shape it into my zoff...which of course did not happen , but i never give up until i do my best, so after many a wasted effort, i just rounded it up and laid it on my ready tray for a second proving....

It looked beautiful in a bit and quiet double in size, so into the oven it went at 200 degrees and 35 minutes....
Frankly just could not wait to bite into it, so as soon as it came out, i slathered some butter on the crust and waited for 10 minutes and cut a piece.....

On the inside it has an ever so slight tinge of the pumpkin orange and it was just yummy....

I have realised that if you experiment , you always come up with something different and yummy, so go on give it a try get out of your safe zone and take a chance...

The same in life i say, if you obey all the rules you miss all the fun....So as long as you not hurting anyone else ..walk a path less travelled...

As for me. i love bread fresh and hot out of the oven, and my kitchen has this awesome aroma of fresh bread wafting through, hmmmmm.....
Absolutely comforting and wholesome and hot only from "Maria's Kitchen"


  1. You actually added butter too after adding so much ceese in it Maria..

    It is a sin for fitness freak woman:D

  2. ok pl tell me why most breads have a X cross on it????

  3. Dear Anamika, you put a little butter on the crust so that it becomes slightly soft or it will be as hard as kaddak pav

    Dear Mins,
    Mine has a cross, because it has been blessed ha ha ha
    Actually it stands for wrong shape ha ha ha
    the truth is after i scraped the dough off my palms, got i little dough left so did not want to waste it and put it on the big bun, ya its a hot cross vegetable bun....
    ok im rambling..

  4. Zoff....which is its place of origin? How interesting...veggies in bread!

  5. By the way,my friend Soumik says Arshad and you are the best cooking couple in town!!:)

  6. hey! hi! i am a regular visitor to ur blog, thanks to mini for that. i started visiting ur blog after seeing u in parvarish(J&J) show. R u out of station or what? not posting anything these days. do that i wl do it.ha...ha. Take care. keep it going.

  7. HI Maria

    I absolutely love your blog not only for all the awesome food but for the positive outlook it excudes to life and relationships.


  8. Hey! That looks like a warm and comforting bread--lovely name, too!