From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Thursday, September 2, 2010


And so after a mad and crazy holiday with my family and Mini and her family , we finally back in Bombay and getting ready for little Sairah's birthday, we'll after a lot of pulling and tugging I'm baking a Dora doll cake for Sairah who is turning 2..little S looks like a little pixie, little gossamer like hair , brown eyes and a petite structure , but she can pack a punch , bully her brother and yell as loud as Zene , guess that why they both get along.....
Well frankly after Mini got our little Dora doll home, now was the time to bake her skirt and decorate it, so i googled and came up with lotsa help, i loooove google...
Any way , i realised that our little Dora was no little waif like chica, she came from a family that ate wholesome meals like us and so she is well fed and healthy and that's what girls should be like.... well looked after and healthy...So i had to 1st search for a mould for a nice skirt so i put together my beautiful bunt and another dish that i actually bake my chicken in and now it looked right .....
Then bought myself a new bucket and proceeded to make the biggest cake i have ever baked , my help looked at me like ,"she is nuts", but frankly they now used to my funny ways....So here's what i did

Maida: 200 gm
Cocoa : 30 gm
Baking powder :1tsp
Soda bicarbonate : 1/2 tsp
1 Tin nestle condensed milk
Butter: 100 gm
Castor sugar :30 gm
milk or water :3/4 cup
Vanilla essence 1tsp

And so i sieved the dry ingredients twice together, so that you trap some air..
In a bowl beat the butter and the sugar, then add the condensed milk and beat it really well for about 7 minutes,add the milk or water ( i added water so that the sponge gets even lighter) and added 3/4 cup , then added the maida bit by bit , till it all looks like a lovely gooey chocolaty pool , adjust the water if you feel the batter is too stiff..

Of course i made this cake into 5 times the amount in a little blue tub, i then transferred it into my bunt and my huge tray and baked it for 1 hour 10 minutes at 180 degrees...

I then took it out of my oven and left it to cool all night, in the morning as i rushed for my Spanish class , i left it to further chill in my fridge...

After i got back from class i first made my frosting..

1 cup amul butter
1 cup nutralite
8 cups icing sugar
6tsp milk
1 tsp vanilla essence

Beat the amul butter and nutralite till it gets light and fluffy, then add the icing sugar bit by bit and also the milk, till it becomes a lovely consistency..
I also melted a kg of dark chocolate..
I then taped my little Dora up, and cello-taped her up so that she does not get spoilt, in fact i made a new dress and sleeves with ribbon , so that Dora does not need a bath , post Sairah's 2nd Birthday party ha ha ha
I cut each cake into 3 layers and put chocolate and frosting, one after the other in succession, so its a 6 layer cake with as much frosting and gooey chocolate...
Dora went into the centre , i then covered her cake evenly with frosting, and but her back in the fridge, felt quite bad as she looked into my big brown eyes with her big brown eyes, as saying "not in the fridge please" ...
Got her out in half an hour , divided my frosting , into white , yellow and mauve and went ahead and made her a pretty skirt....
Then called Mini to take take her home, just could not keep her because Zeke and Zene were constantly trying to pull out frosting with their cute little fingers...
Now if the kids like it, then all the effort is completely worth it.....

We'll the kids loved her and the adults too , so it was time we'll spent , only thing is she was cake enough for 3 more parties, but that's OK , we all love cake , so that's what we living on till she gets over....
So here is my 1st ever attempt at making a "Dora Princess Cake" beautiful and yummy for my little feisty Sairah Kabir , with all my love , straight from Maria's Kitchen.....


  1. Nice cake recipe but i don think so i can make it..i will prefer having it ..:P

  2. my mom did d same for me when i was 6yrs old :)
    was d happiest girl ever..
    gr8 work dear xxx

  3. And since im sairah kabirs muummy... i have to tell you myself that the dora princess cake was an absolute hit with the kids as well as the older folks.. it was simply yummylicious..and so so pretty ..even the waiters took photographs with it on their mobile phones( now thats the sign of true success!!!) The only problem is, even after 50 slices were eaten.. errr..i can have 4 more parties!!! Anyway there is something magical about the fact that my daughters bday cake was baked by my best friend.. so so proud of you aunty maria... love you!!!

  4. Dear Anamika,
    Well said ha ha ha

    Dear Milena,

    Dear Ms.Mini Mausi,
    i think the waiters were trying to find a way to cut pieces for themselves , but were frightened she would fall out ha ha ha , but Min's i loved doing this....anytime

  5. Just came over here from Pooja's tweet. You have a great blog, I'm hooked already. Beautiful cake, though what 'bucket' did you use??

  6. Hey.... this is simply divine.... but there was something more you had added to it which i wanted to know....

  7. Aw love your sweet Dora cake. Just the way I like it ... well fed & ever so cute. Big bucket? Teehee ... I made a large cake once that swelled like a soccer ball like baking! It was horrible, and everyone said it was very nice {that was 10 years ago}... I'm not too bad now! happy belated birthday to your poppet!

  8. Dora is toooo cute.

  9. Such a beautiful cake! Am sure going to try this out soon. Keep posting!