From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Sunday, April 3, 2016


So what's so difficult about love ...
Except for the fact ..
That it may just be, a figment of my really fertile imagination ..
But that ,we both know, is not ..

Love to me is you ..
It's all you ever say  to me ..
All you ever make me feel ..
All that you make me want to do ..
Even without me ever wanting to ..

No it's not about ..
Staying together forever ..
And all that jazz..

It's about you and me ..
About acknowledging what we had, have or may have..
Without any pretences, or veiled words..
Infact sometimes , just without any words..
It's about all the places I want to share with you ..
It's about your heart opening to mine ..
It's about what you write and what I understand ..
It's about me not being yours nor you mine ..

But it's about something ..
That does not let me let you go ..
It's about you always knocking on my window ..
It's about a magic that we feel..
Even if we did not intend to cast a spell ..
It's about you holding my face ..
You kissing my lips ..
And me not being able to  figure ,whether this is the start or the end..
It's about the fact that no matter who , where and how..
I live under your skin..

The thing is this...
We can run...
We can hide..
We can behave like all we have..
Is just a lie..

But we somewhere know ..
That this love ..
(Or just let us not call it that and complicate things)
Its not leaving us in a hurry.. 
It has really nowhere to go ..
Till we both open the door..
Let it come in...
Live a bit ..
Walk through us, sleep cuddled sometimes or make beautiful love..
And then decide , what it really wants to do ..

I just know ..
That I'm good ..
I have open windows and doors...
And have walked on beautiful and dirt tracks ..
And love always has just the same to say ..
You and me have a long way to go ..
So if you want to join me for a bit ..
Come along ..
Don't think too much ..
Just walk now, and if you want , it could be slow..

So yup..
Think about it ..
I'm never gonna ever drag you with me..
That's not me..

But come join me for a bit ..
Close your eyes..
Hold me in your arms..
Let me breathe into your scent at the nape of your neck..
And don't be as afraid as me , to feel , what I know you feel ..
It's just love..
At the end of the day..

It will be what is meant to be ..