From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


There is a longing in my soul..
That never ever goes..
That keeps me walking through open doors...

It makes me seek out things I was always scared to do...
But now,
That's all I want to do...

Some people say,
It's an adrenalin rush..
To me it's just love ..

I often look up into the cobalt of a night sky..
And wonder if every time I wish upon a star..
They figure all in my heart, that I'm keeping..
And send stardust my way , while I'm sleeping ..

Do you know what it feels like ..
When your heart is so full of words, you can't speak ..
And your head is bursting with thoughts , that you should not think..
And feet want to go a way ,that you should not stray ..
I guess not ..

But every time I am lost.. ..
I'm actually bursting with molecular,  shiny , high energy dust..

A shift in my soul ..
A bubbling beneath ..
A smile on my face ..
A beautiful memory to keep ..
They say true love happens just once in life ..

Well who is to say what is true or not ..
Only you ..
Always only you ..
And who is to say ..
It may not be true for that passage of time ..

They say a broken heart lets the light in..
And I'm completely in sync with all that Rumi, thinks..

A lost heart..
Knows no fear..
Will walk up mountains to meet , sunrise..
Will dive into seas, that may give them a fright..
Will smile at shooting stars passing by..
And know that in every stranger, you will meet a friend in a while..

Who says you cannot fall in love, again and again..
I feel that's the only way , you will ever be sane..
In this world where the earth appears to meet the sky..
And the sea appears, out of the sand..

What appears to be, may not always be true..
Sometimes you just need to listen to your insides, that probably make no sense..
If you want to  feel love, in its true essence..

What I have learnt , is that love needs to be set free, you cannot keep her captive..
Or expect her to never disagree..
She may walk with you,but not go with you, where you need to go ..
But she is always sitting with you,and if you close your eyes, and just sit still, you will feel her softness, as you breath in..

I know that love is unexplainable..
Though I can only try to decipher it for me..
Its fire on ice..
A brook babbling about places, it has been and where it is flowing to....
The sun , streaming through the foliage of a really old tree..
Coral on a wreck deep in the middle of the sea..
The deep blue that lures you , with tempestuous waves..
And birds that sing of really beautiful pathways..

Don't worry about what tomorrow may , or may not bring..
Don't confuse your insides..
Don't question why..
You cannot win a battle , with you heart, no matter what you try..
Because it does not understand how to hold a sword...

It just holds love, that is like molten gold..
Shimmers and shines and flows..
Till maybe your heart turns cold..
Then she stays still , but does never lose her essence..
And when she finds the right goldsmith, who knows her worth..
She melts all over again..

So I met a pair of eyes that looked like a love, I lost..
I peered into his beautiful brown depths..
And they peered back into mine..
They were beautiful , and told me of new paths lit by the sun, that I have not yet run..
So maybe in time..

But I feel, its easy to love , if you can give time , some time..
Its never going to be the same .
Even in all the intensity..
Every time you feel it, it will always be a different kind of insane..

They say in life , no one is ever not irreplaceable..
And that maybe the truth..

But don't try to replace what you love..
That is never possible, because these ties are already made up above..
So love each day and every person , you connect with deep..
We have just a few moments together in this vast Galaxy..
So don't waste it on ifs and buts..
Swim with the tide , if you feel strong enough..

And no don't compare what you have with different times..
Just be in the now..

And don't measure love...
Don't even try..

Because it was always meant to run away with all that you feel..
Just like you cannot out-run, the waves on a shore, you cannot protect your heart from feeling, just a little bit , more..
I may be wrong ..
I maybe right..
But don't follow me..

Find out for yourself, you will know when it feels just right ...