From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Saturday, September 19, 2015


So I woke up with a missing..
A void inside my soul..
An emptiness..
A longing..
Of something of yore..

On the surface of my smile..
There seems to be little drops of tears in my eyes..
A path I walked on again..
Led to a dead end...
Not that I have not walked here before..
But I thought my laughter could melt down that door..

And so I walk back again..
Looking for the sun shine in the sky..
But am met with tiny droplets of rain..
That fall softly..
Without a sound..
So that the breaking of my heart is the sound all around..

It's funny sometimes..
How things turn out..

I told you so
Says my head to my heart
Empty words make the most noise
They are just said because...
Its what was not really meant.
But it's the actions that really count

Am I looking in a place that does not exist
At a face that I think is smiling..
But just not my way ..
Walking down a road
Where streets have no name

Help me out of here ..
Says my heart to my head..
Take me away to another space instead..
Where I can fully heal and be whole again.
Where I can meet ones..
Who know me by my name..
Where you say what you mean..
Or not at all..
A place that shelters you from hearts you should not trust..
A place that does not have broken hearts all over like dust..

And so I keep walking
And sometimes get lured
By "what If's" and "lets take a chance"..
And I'm greeted with a "but"..
Or then words ...
That stay just that...
And disintegrate into the dust ..

There is nothing in life more beautiful than the "now"
Nothing better than the "real"
And even if it's not what you would like it to be ..
It's your reality ..
So step in and ..

Break your heart
Let it burn with the fire of love..
It's only then you will fully know ..
Who you are inside ..

And what ever you do
"Go with your heart "
It's always true...

Saturday, September 12, 2015


There is a place in my heart 
That has your name carved, in deep ..
It's not really your name actually ..
But it's that feeling, that I keep ..
It's kept there for days ,I might feel blue ..
So that I can walk into this space I call our's..
And feel all warm ,like sun beams , shining through..

I sit here often, playing with the sun smiling at me, through dancing leaves..
And sometimes, just lay down, in the deep ,,among it's roots, and just go to sleep..

That is the time ,you find ,to walk into my peace..
You wake me up ..
You say we have to go ..
To a place , that I will love much more..

I ask you to stay,to wait a while ..
To just be ..
To rest in the space , nestled in the bark of our tree..
You look at me , I smile back into your eyes..
You wait a bit ..
You ponder a while..
I know you want me to stroll with you while you walk along a path that is strewn with blooms anew..

So how do I stay and yet go away ..
To a world that maybe new..
And all that I would know ..
Would just be you ..

I guess that's what , love means ..
Trust ..

I hug you tight ..
One last time in the shade of our oak ..
That we both grew to love ..
This bark has our stories, and our conversations etched in deep..
It has our love and kisses, that we keep..
It has moments that we shared without a care..
And troubled times that lingered in the air ..
It has good bye and forever kisses, caught in the green of the languorously swaying leaves..
And crickets that hummed ,as we lay nestled , entwined in one another for keeps..

I will go with you .
Wherever you may want to be ..
Because I'm home wherever you nestle happily ..

No, I'm not giving up part of me ..
I'm not making a sacrifice for thee..
I just know deep in my heart ..
That it's you and it's me ..

The rest is all just immaterial..
Bricks and stone ..
That do not understand the way love works ..
Love does not need anything , but just love in return ..
That's all that matters ..
Everything else is just a pretence..

You want to know ..
If I will walk with you further on ..
Till the end ..

But how can I make promises ..
About a time I have not seen ..
I'm here with you now ..
Flesh and blood ..
And a heart bright with the flame of love ..

And that's all I can give you ..
My now ..
Should that not be enough..

Now is where we are..
Wrapped in each other's embrace..
Weaving memories in each other's hearts that will stay..
Uttering words in rapture of each other's gaze ..

I kiss you softly ..
I hug you tight once more .. 
I bury my head in the nape of your neck ..
And I inhale you ..
So that this moment runs through my soul evermore..

Who are you and me to make plans ..
That have already been made for us much before this life time..

I just have one little thing that I really want to do ..
I just want to stay permanently in love with you , in this world where everything changes..
Some days I may love you like the tempestuous sea..
And some days , all coy, like stars bursting softly in the night sky ..
Some days I will love you as silently as the dark deep ocean loves the rays of the sun ..
But love you, I always will..

That's the way love unfolds..
It does not really know why ..
But follows a path that's lit with tiny little flames, with embers that don't really die..

Unless it has been stamped upon...
Of snuffed out ....
Or has been left to gleam ,without any care ..

Love is , at the end of the day ..
For the brave one , who are so rare ..



So who does not like being in love...
I don't know anyone, who does not like that feeling..
Unless of course it is unrequited, but then..
Life is unpredictable ..
S@/#* Happens !!!

But that's another blog...ha ha ha

So let's get back to being in love..
I love it ..
Totally and truly..
And what I love most ,is that big fat smile, that just does not go away..

In life I feel it's very important for love to be part of your life..
Whether in the form of people, animals or a passion..
It just makes life a better way to live..

There are a few people that I completely love in my life, but I'm not going to give you any names, because I don't want to be politically incorrect , I'm trying to not always put my foot in my mouth..this year ..

Then there is Taz my 16 year old mix-breed doggy-love-muffin,  who is a cross between my Golden retriever Betty-Boo and my Boxer Ninja..



I love him, like totally love him, and I know he has not too much time, because he is really old and has arthritis, and he has to go one day, and he will, till then I will just love him to bits..

Then , the other love of my life is travel, and that is something that I plan to do voraciously, for the rest of my life.
     To go to a new place and find my way around with a map, or just get lost and discover paths, old structures full of history and their food culture is one of my most satiating joys..Oh and of course shopping ha ha ha ...Then there is running that I do, really well, physically and mentally..ha ha ha

And then of course there is food..
That I fell in love with very very organically ,and have discovered so many nuances about myself , and about the art of making "Food Glorious Food" ..
That I realised that it is one of my happy places..

I also realised that sometimes, love is all about timing..
And timing and me , are old friends , that have always missed one another..
And on the occasions that we were able to meet..
It has been totally magical..
I have a lot to thank God for ,and I do..

I think saying Thank-you is the most amazing thing you can do in life, not only because it is a good thing to do , but also because, it acknowledges the kindness and love in the other person...

Ok so ,for starters I'm over the moon, that I'm interning in a Patisserie near my home.
It's called "Petits Plaisirs Patisserie ", and Chef Javed is just the most talented and patient and generous Chef I have met.

Chef Javed

This is the first time , I'm actually working in a kitchen , and I hope to work here for a good amount of time.
I would have liked to go back to school , but that is really not possible anymore, and so my pastry school is going to be this Kitchen.
And I have a really wonderful set of talented pastry Chefs in the making , that I get to work with everyday.
Saachi, Niyati, Chef Ajit, Amit, and Swapnil...
And then there is Chef Javed, who has such a positive , quite, generous way of running his Patisserie, that I feel totally lucky to be part of their everyday craziness in the kitchen.

So today I'm going to share with you something that I have wanted to make since my Friend Shalini, took me to this Bakery somewhere off Jersey, and introduced me to this totally yummy Focaccia..

It was light , totally tasty, had a layer of apples on its crust and was served with a drizzle of a balsamic reduction..
And , it has been haunting me ever since I bit into its yumminess in May.

So last evening after work , all I wanted to do is make this , and eat it ..
So here it is


All purpose flour- 260gm
Yeast - 10 gm
Water - 150 ml..but don't pour all in together.
Olive oil - 4 tbsp
Chili flakes- 1 tsp
Mixed herbs - 1 tbsp
Rock salt - a sprinkle
Apples- 1 ,thickly sliced
Olive oil- 1/2 tbsp
Butter -1 tsp
Cinnamon - a pinch


Mix the yeast into 100 ml of water and keep aside, for 2-3 minutes, then add 11/2 tbsp of oil to the water and yeast mix.
Add the above mixture to the flour and very slowly bring it all together, add the remaining 50 ml water to the flour , and see to it that the dough is not too sticky.
Over turn this mixture on to a little flour and knead it well for about 5-7 minutes.
Leave it to prove, in a bowl , which  you have nicely smeared with the remaining oil.
After about 40 minutes to an hour , it will have doubled in size,(I left my dough in the fridge overnight ) knock it down , add the remaining oil , from the bowl and all the herbs, knead it all into the dough, and shape it in to a nice circle , not more than 5 inches inches in diameter , and leave it to prove again.
Then after 25 minutes when it has proved again, just very gently press it flat with your finger tips.
Now arranged the cooled cooked Apples on to its surface, and sprinkle it with rock salt,  and leave it to prove for another 25 minutes.
Pre-heat the oven to 200 degrees and bake the Focaccia for about 18-20 minutes.

Apple topping 
Heat a non stick pan and then add the oil,then the butter and as soon as it sizzles , add the apples to the heated pan and  let it cook for about 3 minutes on either side .
Sprinkle with cinnamon and leave it to cool 

Serve it with some balsamic reduction or just plain olive oil and Balsamic vinegar will also do ..

And so this morning , after I had baked my bread, I most greedily bit into it while it was really hot .

And all the different flavours, just burst into me like a rainbow in the sky..
Yes please have it with a little Balsamic and olive oil emulsification..
The soft herb bread, the sweet apples , the sea salt and the balsamic , together is just a party that you will not want to stop .

You know in life , it takes all kind of experiences to make life well lived.
The bad to appreciate the good, and the Good to get over the bad.
That is the circle of our life and I bet you , that no one single person can escape this.

It takes all kinds of interactions in life to bring out the best in you .
And yes , I do believe that , everything you want does come to you , at the time it is supposed to .
And sometimes it just does not ..
Well at times like that , just go for a run ,cry your heart out..
And get back to getting used to the fact , that life gives you almost everything , but keeps you wanting ..
And if you are able to let go of the wanting ..
You eventually find your place of peace and happiness..eventually ..

Ok in my opinion, things can make you happy for a bit ..
People for a while more..
But ultimately things break ..
And people break up with you ..

Just don't give up on your own little fire that shines so bright ..
There is so much love inside us ..
But it's funny how we are always looking out ..
No one can make you feel loved or make you happy
Unless you yourself are not in peace and a little in love with yourself ..
I'm serious, don't laugh ,I know it sounds weird ..
I'm sure you think I'm cuckoo..
And of course you are right ..
But just think about what I said ..

While I just bite into this really yummy piece of flour ,that has magically transformed itself in a fluffy piece of Focaccia, after it has been , beaten and pounded and had to also go through fire ..
Well that's the way life is ..

Home-made Apple topped Focaccia

I really loved my Focaccia , please do try and bake it, and please do send me photos at my Twitter handle @mariagorettiz..

With much love from "Maria's Kitchen"
See you all again soon , as soon as I fall in love with another incredible morsel of food ..