From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Monday, October 26, 2015


There is great freedom in knowing your truth ..
How ever dark or light it may be ..
To know where your heart wants to walk ..
And in whose arms you wish to be ..

My favourite place is in the crook  of your arms ..
With your warm breath , at the nape of my neck ..
I could stay..
I could stay for always..
But , no I don't want to lay any claim on you ..
Love never holds anyone captive..
It actually sets you free..

So you are my freedom
And if you feel the same ..
Then all this makes sense , you see..

To me, I'm yours..
But I don't have to stake any claims..
Because anything that has boundaries , has nothing to learn or gain....
I don't have a picket fence around me..
But I have you ..
And if I want something from you..
Its just for me to be in my favourite place..
In your thoughts..

I may not say as much as I used to ..
Or I may just say all the wrong things ..
But I know ,you know the words I'm missing ..
Because I hear them too..
In between all the laughter and casualness ..

What our souls share is incomprehensible ..
And I'm not interested in offering an explanation to no one ..
Not even to myself ..
I just want to bask in the warm embers of this feeling ..
That I don't want to label ..
I don't want to name..
That neither is a raging forest fire ,but are like million dancing flames..
No two are the same..

It always looks like it's going to start a fire ..
That's going to explode some day..
It's mostly on the edge ..
But it's kept in check ..
But forces , probably of deep love and respect ..

It burns my heart from the deepest corners of my soul ..
But I'm learning not to play with fire..
Because I don't want to burn ..

If we fan these embers..
The flames will reach the sky ..
It will sear everything that's along its path ..
And go on for a quite a while..

But it will die out ..
All fires do ..
Or maybe just continue to glow..
Deep passion red and white golden
Spreading warmth ..
And keeping us warm for ever more ..

But I don't know..
I have had my heart too close to a raging fire ..
And it hurt pretty bad ..

But it's a brand new season
And my heart is going a little crazy, a little mad ..
I can't help but trust you ..
I can't help but smile ..
I can't help it ,if I want to run to you ..
And lay your beating heart right next to mine ..

I want you to be your self..
I want you to say what you want ..
Without thinking to much ..
Why won't you give yourself that chance ..

To feel love is one of the most beautiful experiences in life ..
And I'm in ..
I'm just waiting for you ..
Who stares at me , from the side
Devouring me with quiet passion..
Like a river over flowing through a forest with all its might ..

I'm holding out my hand..
I look into your eyes..
You are scared to love me ..
Though your eyes are full of , "c'mon lets fly"

I'm scared too..
If you want to know..
But this space in my heart is filled with you , and I know , you know ..

The way you look into me ..
The way you touch my skin..
The sweetness when our lips meet ..
I've got you under my skin..

I'm fine with all that we have ..
I'm fine with all the love I walk with everyday ..
I'm free ..
In a funny way ..

And I may not tell you, as often as I want to
But for me ..
It's you ..