From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Monday, August 18, 2014


There is a hush in my heart..
With things of the past ..

A wildness that was explored..
Where moors I walked ..
That turned cold..

There are pathways strewn with flowers I adore...
That I visit a little more...
They have no names..
They have no signs..
You have to just walk ..
And take a path that feels like "mine"...

Sometimes it leads me to familiar places..
And sometimes, to a brand new way..
Where the trees are far too tall ..
And in the howling wind they sway..

All things new frighten me a bit at first..
And make me feel a bit of unrest..
So I walk a little faster ..
And then I run..
And then fall into a rhythm ..
With the wind and the playful moon..
Who toys a bit ..
And does not cast any shadows too soon..

The trees then let their leaves run with me ..
With amazing grace..
And everything just falls into place ..

My heart catches it's breath..
And I'm able to look into the eyes of this wondrous sight..
And know that ,'s not all wrong, but a little right..

I gasp at the beauty of this path new..
And know that this will soon feel familiar too..
I sit down under the shade of a wondrous enveloping tree..
And look up into the moon gleaming through its leaves at me..

I allow my self to rest amid it's winding roots..
It's bark strong , that just cradles me...

This feels like love..
All rough and bare..
Nothing polished..
Nothing hidden..
Just the elements and me ..there..

So I let myself be..
And welcome the rain that comes down in torrents..
And I just turn my face to the sky ..
And let my tears wash down on me...

It's nice to cry with the rain..
There is a oneness , you feel that is a bit insane..
With the mighty sky, the stars and all the ones who walk beneath..
They are not too different from me..

They all feel warmth..
They all feel pain..
They all laugh..
They all have the same fears..
The same insecurities..

And the one thing that they all feel , at least once, if not more..
Is love..
And when that happens..
It changes every drop of blood..

Have you ever felt that ?
Have I ?

The kind that moves you from deep inside your soul..
And wakes up with you every morning, sneaking like sun rays into your eyes
And is the last thought, as into your pillow you snuggle deep ..
The one that waits on your window sil..
One that makes you run to your phone with just one ring..
That kind that actually robs your sleep..
And makes even dried leaves, souvenirs you want to keep..

Love is beautiful and wretched too..
It makes you beautifully smile..
It teaches you new ways..
It tears down your defences..
And leaves you standing unprotected and bare..
But it fills you with so much strength..
That even if swords of uncertainty attack you ..
You don't care...

People have done much for love ..
In this life time and in the years of yore..
And will continue..
Even when we are no more..

Is love kind..
Maybe sometimes not as much..

But it always visits and teaches us a lot...
It teaches us how to just love and not to hold...
How to grasp , but let go ..
How to smile and how to cry..
How to not let your ego, come in the way of your life..
How to say what you want to say..
Or then words may get lost without a trace..

And frankly , love that is not realised..
Is such a waste..
Of hearts and eyes, that could have had smiles..
But are separated now by emotions unattended to that run for miles...

So sit with me ..
In this new forest I just found..
Nope...there is no other soul around..
It's just me ..
And a path that's bare..
That's waiting for us to walk out there ..
To talk slower than the wind, that runs..
To last out, longer than the stars who greet the sun..

Will sit with you , nestled in the crevices of a bark that's bare..
Of any opinions, ideas or notions ..
That if you have will vanish in thin air..

It's my solitude that I want to share with you ..
My silence..
And the fluidity of my breath...
I don't want any words said..

I'm not up for conversations..
We may or may not have..
Just let our hearts reach out ..
And take charge..

This place ..
This haven..
I now call home..
And I sit here..
All alone ...

Because no one can actually feel the insides of me..
I may appear to be like any other that has a smile ..
But , I have left everyone behind..

I'm up to walk ..
Only with what makes sense to me ..

And yes with love ..
The only one that can actually hold me ..

So with this in my heart..
I fall asleep..
Deep in the wilderness of the forest deep..
And as I sigh, the wind whispers to me..
Of love and how it has set me free..

This is a little story ..
I met some time ago..
And it has magically changed my soul..
So don't look for love..
It will come your way..
And stay inside you ..
So deep ..
That you will never feel alone ..

So sleep tight , my little heart..
Tomorrow is a bright beautiful day ..