From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Sunday, June 8, 2014


And why do we keep meeting in my dreams ..
You walked in again tonight as soon as I closed my eyes..

I was walking on soft sand, my happy black and white polka dot sari playing with the wind..
Sifting through my thoughts..
Wondering if this life is what I want or am not living it fully enough..

When I suddenly saw you..
My heart stopped..
I did not think twice..
I broke into a run..

Were we to meet..
I cannot say...
We don't anymore talk that way..

But it felt good to see you again..
You looked at me and broke into a smile..
You stood up..
And ran towards me..
It was nearly a mile..
Its's been a long passage of time...

We collided into each other.
And melted..
Like we always do..
The world quitened around us..
There was no din..
We could just hear each others heart- beats ...
And the softness of our breath..
Pacing hearts and relaxed bodies..
You held my face..
Said the sun looks nice shining in my eyes..
You pushed away my hair..
And settled on my lips..
It was a deep long kiss..
I put my hands around your neck..
And held on tight..

This felt like it was why we met or the reason..
We are not supposed to meet..
You and me..
Forbidden yet so full of love and so sweet..

I said nothing..
And neither did you..
I looked into your eyes..
It made no difference to me..
Whether you said you loved me or not..
Words were not needed..

We anyway always communicated in thought..
You looked slightly tired..
A little bit waiting for love ..

Like your soul has been walking around..
Its relaxed, but still has not found its place of peace..
Happy yet not satiated..

I knew that what you and me share..
Is not at all like the rest of the world..
It's powerful, potent..
And has the capability to combust..
Set fire to all..
And to us..

And so we walked hand in hand..
To as long as the road could be our path..
And suddenly it turned all dark..
The skies..
Grumbled in an angry rage..
And lightening set the dark ablaze..
It poured like the kind , you would not believe..
And then we had the cold wind for company..
You pulled me closer..
And tighter into you..
We shivered..
Searching for some shelter..
Hoping this would stop..
But it raged on without a thought..
Drenched from head to toe..
We just trudged on..
Not letting any moment to go...

I could see..
The sky was turning a different hue..
Dawn was going to break..
And with that you would be gone too..

I stopped..
I just wanted to hide..
I did not want the sun to appear by our side..

You stopped walking..
You just turned me to you..
You held my face..
Looked into my eyes..
And kissed away all my worries aside..
I just froze I did not move..
I did not want this moment to end..
What if this was the last time I was meeting you..
Inside this twilight world that is not my friend..
I put my arms around you to smile and say..
I will see you soon..
But nothing.. .
No words were willing to escape my lips..
I just held you..
And so very very tight..
And sobbed into you..
Till my body racked crying with all it's might..

We let go..
We then sat under that black sky that was slowly turning pink grey..
And lay down on the damp grass..
And started counting the stars that were slowly melting away ..

We both knew..
This maybe it..
So we turned our faces to each other and held on for dear life..

We never knew where and when again..
We would meet..
It would only be possible..
If we both in our sub conscious deep..
Walked towards one another..
And knocked at the door of each other's hearts..

That's where we both live..
In a world untouched by the games of normal mankind..

I know most may not believe this..
But it is true..

Love is more powerful than both me and you..
It can transcend space , time and distance..
If it's true..
And it does live inside you ..

Sometime you meet someone..
Who will just unlock that key..
And it will all pour out..
Like a waterfall..
Held by a dam..
Gushing with a force that is unimaginable by man..

When this happens..
You will be free..
You will understand..
That love was never meant to have a name..
Or have an ownership in anyone..
It was meant  to to given freely and accepted with abandon..

It is exactly that walk on a road without a path..
With the rain pouring down..
And everything being stark..
Everything washed away..
Clean ,naked ,bare..

If you find this path..
You will find me there..
I'm not worried..
Never have been..
About what people may say ..
They say what they want to anyway..

To me..
I'm in love with love of a different kind
Real, with no pretensions or apprehensions ..
The one that smiles into my eyes..
Not bothered about the rain or the cold ..

The one that melts into me..
And let's us be free..
That the kind..
We share..
You and I ..

Is it real ?
I cannot say ..
Time will tell when we walk out of our dreams and into the real world ..
That's where real love lives anyway ..

And so ..
I hope in this life when you pass me by..
You and me..
Will grab our moments..
And let it take over our life..

We let love take over our existence..
And charm life with a smile..
We hold on..
We let go..

But we never treat one another..
Like just another droplet from the sky..

To me you will always be very very special..
And will live..
Part in my dreams, in my words , in my life..

And if you ever want to know if I love you ..
Take a walk with me ..
And when the dark night is seized by the soft tender rays of the sun ..

Just look into my eyes ..