From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Saturday, August 24, 2013


'Just live in my heart..
Not in my life...
That's a better place to stay..
It's cosy , it's warm, it's snug and you will never have to go away..
Live in my life and somehow it never does work ,always well that way..'
Said me, to the setting sun..

He looked at me lazily and just blazed with that golden glow, that set my heart aflame..
Bathed in his warmth I sat , and waited for what he was going to say..
He was going away he said, to another shore, but will see me again for sure, just hang on for a little more..

I looked at him , heart full of love, I wanted him to stay...
He said I should meet his friend the moon..and then take life from there...

I did not understand his ways,
I slowly walked away..
Is this how it works..
You love someone, and they just go away..
I trampled upon broken sea shells, that hurt my feet , that were sore from walking around looking at the horizon, till I could see no more..

The surf rose and rushed to shore, I walked up my path, where beetle bugs lived..
And heard the birds sing of home, as they flew to their abode..
The chirpy sounds of day, calmed..

And suddenly I heard a cricket from somewhere underground..
His voice tore into the quiet like a shrill escape..
Where is he.... what is he saying..
Why is he hiding, this cricket without a name..

I walked on..
I looked at flowers that were going to sleep ..
And saw badgers that were nestled together in burrows in the deep..

I just walked following the sound of the brook..
She sounded happy..
And that's what I wanted to be ..

So I shook myself up ..
And looked up into the sky..
OK Mr. Moon..
Come on out tonight ..
Show me a path or a way ..
And I'm willing to just be carried along the way..

It was dark...
My heart could take it no more..
I just sat down there in fright and cried..
I sobbed, till squirrels, scurried but stopped to sneak a peek...
And then suddenly there were fire flies..

So pretty..
Just basking, content, each in his own light..
I looked up and smiled..
But there was still an ache inside...
I dull pain..
That was familiar..
A pain that felt at home, inside me..

A pain, that sometimes bought a smile to my face , and sometimes a tear to my eye..
Well I just let it be..

I followed the fire flies..
Who led me through trees..
That started whispering to me in a language I could not understand nor speak..
Then the leaves rustled up familiar words..

These words I had heard before..
They repeated conversations I have had ..
And then it was as if the entire forest and each and every tree joined in a symphony..
With the owl hooting for company..

I needed to rest..
I could not walk no more..
My heart was tired, my legs weary..
I really wanted no more..

But they kept on and on,singing my favourite songs, till I had no choice, but let the big oak tree , dance with me..
His branches, held me close but not too tight..
Just right enough, too feel all warm inside..
I let myself move to the melody of the wind..
I let the leaves do the talking , and just let my heart tumble out..

It just lay there in the dew bathed soft grass, alone and beating so fast..
I looked at her..
She seemed to be asleep, yet beating to a known drum beat..
She seemed peaceful..
She seemed too small to be able to actually keep me together and complete..

I let her be..
She needed this time alone..
To just be without all the voices in my head , telling her ,what is right or wrong..
I curled up near her and went into slumber deep...

It seemed like a forever kind of sleep..

When I opened my eyes..
Mr. Moon was looking straight into me...
I looked up and was taken aback..
Too shy to smile, so unabashedly at someone I just met..

So I looked away ..
And decided to take my time..

My heart was back in the warmest part of me..
Beating wildly like never before..
Stop it Mr. Moon,I said quietly under my breath..

But he shamelessly glowed in the darkness of the night and the stars just followed him , like he is always right..

He looked at me and I just gave up the fight..
"Let me listen to all you have to say, because you don't seem to have to go anyway"..said me..
He glowed and shimmered and caressed my skin with a touch so light..
That I froze in the warmth of his lite..

This is not me ..
I'm normally so chirpy..
He just looked at me...
Deep into my eyes...
And I stared back at his glowing face..
So calm, so mesmerising and bright..
He pulled down some cumulus clouds..
And made me all warm and cosy , and engrossed in the "now" of this night..
'I have known you and you have know me..
We go way back ..
Even before you can remember..
I know your heart , it has been mine since we first met' ..

I said nothing..
But felt like if I did not leave now..
I would be here forever..
So I looked deep into his eyes and listened to him spill his magic around my soul..
And then just before dawn..
I put my arms around him and held him tight..
Tighter than all my might..
He kissed me like I have never been kissed before..
I felt like I could live in his arms forever more ..

I ran..
I ran away..
As fast as I could..
I looked back at him one last time..
He was still there, looking at me through that star speckled sky..

I ran, like a swarm of bees were chasing me,  till I met the sun..
He smiled at me ..
He knew what had transpired deep inside...
And just let me be ..

And so I run with the sun..
Over mountains and hills..
And far beyond ..
We laugh and play , till he goes away..
But I wait for my man in the moon..
Because he holds my heart tight ..

That's how life is ..
All entwined..
Sometimes dark..
Sometimes bright..

That's how it will always be, so you better get used to both the sides..
As for me..
I'm just going to love..
That's how I was meant to be..

I'm staying loving..
Staying loved..
And running free..