From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Friday, December 21, 2012


If today really, was the last day on earth..
Would I really do what I'm doing ..????

Would we not tear the distance...
Ignore our work..
Forget what did not work ..
And just try and be who we always were meant to be with each other..

No pretence..
No broken promises, never made ..
No reading, between lines never said ..
Just you and me ..
And what we feel ..
No one ...
Not even us, in-between ..

Not any of our doubts...
Not any of our supposed truths. ..
Nothing ..
Just the naked now ...

If there was no tomorrow ..
I would actually feel free ..
Free from the shackles of wrong and right ..
Free to be me ..
Free to roam , where my heart pleases to be ..

Free to indulge and just be ..

As a woman ..
I have so much ..
I give so much ..
And yet do I walk free ..?????

I have love ..
Friendships ..
Which may or may not be ...

Hug- giver..
Dragon slayer..

What more can I be ..???

Can I follow love ..?
And just be ..?
Free ..!

As fish that  swim in the brook..
As butterflies that flit from flower to flower..
As sand that flies with the wind ..

I'm just a girl ..
At the end of the day ..
That feels love ..
That holds it close..
Hoping it never goes away ..

Who feels hurt
Who feels pain..
But smiles through it all , and just walks again ..

So where would you be my love ,if the world were to end today ..
Would you search for my heart beat ..
Or turn the other way ..
Reach out to what is next to you ..
Because I maybe a little further away ..

I love being me ..
I love that I can love ..
Absolutely freely ...
I love that I meet you in my dreams ..
I have you when I'm not  aware ,that you may be searching for me too, on that stair ...

Well it's not the end of the world ..
Just the end of what should end ..
And so be it ..

To love ..
Like it should be ..
Deep ,with abandon ...
And laughter like crazy ..

To a world , where we respect all man-kind ..
Where we look after the old and children who maybe left behind ..
Where a woman can be, who she wants to be ..
Protected by all and revered for who she may or may not be ..

I dream of this place ..
That has a golden glow ..
Where we are all loved and cherished ..
And blessings bestowed ..

I look out ..
I call your name ..
I hold out my hand ..
I search for the brown of your eyes ..
The tan of your skin ..

Tomorrow is a new day ..
A new beginning ..

And I accept what it has in-store..

To love and some more ..
What was, what is , what will be ..
Do I know ?
Or can I see ?

I will just breathe ..
And keep my heart always open to what will be ...

To my world..
That just ended ..

And began anew ..

Thank you ..
Siempre and an extra day ..