From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Sitting today early morning in the dark ..
A million faces cross my heart..
Some smile , some I don't know, some walked away, some I love , some I have had to let go ..
Have been told that when I love , I don't know where to stop..
I'm like a retriever that pounces with so much love that it frightens people off ..
Guess ..
I need to mature ..
And be more sedate and keep my thoughts safe and my mouth in a silent space
Say too much too fast and then feel like an ass...
But will live and learn and every little experience makes me a better urn ...
Filled with more understanding , more patience and definitely more mature than before..
So there is no real reason why I love like I do ..
Maybe that's just how I am ..
All complicated and extreme..
I'm not able to do things in small doses..
Life is too short to hold back or pretend ..
That's how I feel, I maybe totally wrong , but then that's me ...
I dont want to wait till the sun has set....
Because when that happens ..
You miss the day ..
Carpedium.... That's what I believe ..
Grab the sunshine, dance in the rain , twirl with the orange leaves in autumn and make snow angels in the cold ...
So today ..
This Sunday..
I'm gonna ..
Sift through the photo albums in my mind ..
And rearrange it all .. And leave nothing behind that wants to hold my hand....
Gonna fill my heart with all that's good ..
And say bye to those who probably just never understood ..
I want to welcome my birthday that's coming soon with everyone I love, have no regrets and walk ahead..
I love December and all it brings..
My birthday .. Yeah ..
Christmas ..
And that fuzzy feeling ..
In my heart and head..
Wanna wrap presents for the ones I love ..
And cook up a feast for all to eat ..
Will spend today and look ahead and say bye to all these wonderful months gone by, that brought me so much of joy and changed my life inside out..
Touched my soul and made me whole again ..
And released chemicals that somewhere tweaked my DNA, made me feel like a brand new me ..
I walk ahead with my heart bursting with love , that I will shower on the ones I meet ..
It maybe too much ..
But let's see ..
I don't know what tomorrow brings...
I'm just gonna continue walking with shiny stars in my heart and mistletoes in my hair ...
Hug myself with the wind tossling my hair...
I'm waiting for December ..
That's all I know ..
And am sure that I will be enveloped in love like never before ..
So good bye beautiful months..
And hugs again for so much peace, love , joy and moments I will cherish forever ..
Till we meet again ..
this year has been a wonderful loving caring friend ...

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One fantastic moment is worth a hundred average hours ...

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