From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I have loved macaroons ever since i can remember, have finished heaps of coconut macaroons as a kid during Christmas and only stopped once my mouth started feeling weird and coarse, last month at Sophias, Shashi mam taught us coconut macaroons, so yup i now bake them whenever i feel like and eat to my hearts desire, which is another reason why i have started running and working out, today my day started early in the morning because according to me , the school fair was on Friday and i had to get stuff done , so i did trial batches of the red velvet muffins , made 4 diff batches and thankfully , have got my zing back, the lovely and talented Pooja Dhingra of Le15 gave me a recipe and broke my jinx, so i have been at it and later when i got to school to pick up the kids i realised that I'm cooking 2 weeks ahead of time, but the thing is i was so excited about making the macaroons that i just went ahead, before starting them i felt that "wish i had gone to a baking school somewhere fancy so that i could understand the nuances and the finer points, but i have not , so i "pulled up my BIG GIRL panties " and got at it, of course i have been reading about these sweet little devils for some time now and decided , how bad can it get, it will just not happen and frankly , i will learn from the "experience" and so far that's who my PROFESSOR is at my "college of cooking and baking " ha ha ha

I found a whole lot of recipes on the net after after a tic-tac-toe i choose this one , its by Lizzie Karmenetzky....i love her that's a positive thing...

175 gm icing sugar
125 g ground almonds
3 large egg whites
75 g caster sugar

Pre heat the oven to 150 degrees c..
Whizz the icing sugar and the almonds in a food processor to a very fine mix and then sieve it , i sieved it twice...just in case
In a separate bowl whisk the egg whites with a pinch of salt to nice soft peaks.
Add the caster sugar bit by bit , until thick and glossy.
At this point add your colour or flavouring, i did not do any flavour, because i just 1st wanted to get the basic right, i did add very little blue in it..
To this mix fold in half the almond and icing sugar with a spatula, fold and cut , do not handle this batter roughly or it may sink, when the 1st half is done add the second half, and fold the mix till its shiny and ribbony....

WHEW !!!!!!!! its actually done

Line 2 trays with parchment paper and then fill the mix into a piping bag and with a 1 cm nozzle, pipe out small rounds of the macaroon mix and leave it for about 20 minutes at room temperature to form a slight skin, so that if you lightly touch the batter , nothing will stick on to your finger....

Put it in the oven and frankly ....just said a little prayer.....

I'm grinning from ear to ear because 22minutes later i had these lovely pale blue babies looking back at me and they also had the crusty part around the bottom which is called the foot, and that i believe is 1 of the signs of a well made macaroon, they look so cute that i felt bad that was going to be biting into them soon, "cute little chubby protected species" that's what they look like and as tempting as "string bikini bottom "ha ha ha ...
Let them cool and then very gently lifted them off the parchment paper..tricky busines...

So now its time for the filling and ya its got to be chocolate so nutella was at hand and it went right into these babies, both the ZZ.s , my man friday Vijay and me bit into our home-made heaven and broke out into peals of laughter and happiness , and yummy wow and further , frankly i heaved a sigh of relief , i did it , wow, im happy i may include this in the school stall, but not yet decided, in the meanwhile think i should go for a run...because this much of sugar and fat intake is not fun for your .... ha ha ha
So here they are
"Little devil-bottom macaroons" happy and really heavenly only from "Maria's Kitchen".

P.S. Think im having a sugar high.....have too many sweet things today...going mad..


  1. Lovely post and amazing recipes and clicks... really liked ur blog and am following it...
    Best Wishes and God bless u always

  2. I find them so tough...wonder how u manage it Maria..:)

  3. Dear Anamika,
    Sincerely no clue, maybe its beginners luck or my granma smiling at me from above, i think its the latter though.....

  4. You so need to have your own baking show! You're a natural! =)
    Do it sweet was mine and mum's favourite!

  5. wow, to crack em the first time round is really quite something!

    found your blog through jyotikas, and im following :)

  6. We met this morning at Pooja's book launch and discussed your food blog. What can I say--you bake magic! When are you going to start taking orders? ;-)

  7. Hey been so long you havent posted anything! :) looking fwd to your next post!

  8. Hi Maria, First time on your blog- you really gotta good thing going in here- loveeeeeeed the macaroons- was looking to make it and now I got myself the perfect recipe, thnx to ya!

  9. Hey Maria!!
    I'm new to ure blog as well!! but i guess in 3 days that i have following it, i've already tried making macaroons n cinnabons from here!! I LOVEEE this blog... I am super duper and more than that passionate about baking! i love it more than eating chocolate! Luckily, Tarana (instituto hispania) liked one of my cakes n muffins n thot i could use some help from you!!! reading ure blog i got to know abt a course in sophia college.. i think i'm gonna do it too!! was wondering if u cud tell me abt it too??
    Lol! its as big as a love letter.. thanks for reading... also.. i hv my finals in spanish tomorrow... but i'm preparing to make ure 'no comprendo espanol scones' !!!!! jajajajajaja
    PS: u r AWESOME!!

  10. Have been toying with the idea of macaroons for a bit now. For some reason they seem to be all over the blogosphere right now and look incredibly pretty. Had a question though..what do you do for the ground almonds in Bombay?? Do you whiz up whole almonds (I tried and found that it became a 'butter') or do you get the almond meal from somewhere?

  11. Hey You've been ignoring all of us and ur blog! guess ur busy with ur TV show but its been soooooooooooooooooooooo long! I wish you would post more often

  12. Hey, new to your blog..went through some of the recipes and totally inspired to don the chefs apron and start!! though didnt help that now after reading i can kill to indulge my sweet tooth.great stuff!!