From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Monday, November 15, 2010


There is nothing more satisfying to me than baking bread, i love the whole process of the flour , mixing with the yeast and sugar and water and just like that ,like magic , it all emulsifies together and grows into this wonderful wholesome and fresh mound of loveliness...

I make a lot of bread at home in fact i find it very therapeutic, a few days ago Zeke my little 6 yr old made lovely bread following all the instructions i gave him, i couldn't believe that little boy of mine...felt so proud of him....the way he mixed it all together and pounded it , he had a blast and we all looked at him like he is "wonder boy"...
We'll i don't know about anyone else but to me, he is my wonder boy... we'll after he kneaded it all together and even added the olive oil and salt,he had finished his bit , he was also tired with the kneading and so he looked at me and said, "mama , it's ready now...." my little Zeke with his little apron and flour on his hands , gosh he looked pleased as the cat who got the cream, gave him a smashing hug and a tight kiss, and he in true boy style rubbed the kiss off with his floury hands....
we'll the dough was ready to prove...

I then sauteed some garlic, onion kept it aside to completely cool , i then pulled out some fresh basil from my little terrace garden , washed it and tore it into bits, hmmmmmm i love fresh basil and mostly try and use it as much as i can...

250 gm flour
15 gm fresh yeast
125-150 ml water (but i mostly use an approximate amount, depending on how its going)
1 tbsp olive oil
2 small onions sauteed
15 garlic cloves also sauteed
red chili flakes

Like i said , frankly you can go to town with bread and add what you like in it and own that little wholesome wonderness...
So after the dough proved or after it doubled in size , i slowly added all the garlic, onions , chili flakes and basil very very gently , you may also have to keep adding a little flour into the dough as it does tend to get a bit sticky, and then shape it into a loaf tin and leave it to prove again, it takes approximately 40 minutes or slightly more , depending on the weather ...
I then baked it for 40-45 minutes at 220 degrees...
Oh before you put the dough into the oven , give it a milk wash and sprinkle it with water , i keep forgetting this part and most of the time I put it in and then remember as I'm shutting the oven , and then go for it like "speed Gonzalez" ha ha ha ...
I also sprinkle a little dried rosemary on it, because i love the crunch once it is baked...
Post 40 minutes ,there is that beautiful fresh bread aroma wafting in your kitchen, pull it out, slather the crust with butter if you do not like a hard crust, leave it to cool for a bit , taking it out of the loaf tin , or it will sweat in it and ....
We'll i love to bite into fresh hot scrumptious bread with a little dollop of butter....that's me...
Fresh hot "hmmmmm bread" only from "Maria's Kitchen".....made for the very 1st time by my little Zeke Zidaan Warsi"


  1. breads look delicious and i make them in a very simple way.

  2. I revere people who can bake. Bakes and desserts are the Final Frontier for me

  3. Dear Maria
    Your bread is on its way
    Thanks for the recipe

  4. Here it is:
    Thank you so much. It was delicious

  5. Just came to know about this lovely "kitchen" of yours through Jyotika's blog.Just wanna browse more and more and more....somehow the words 'garlic','bread' and 'olive oil' if stated in one sentence are enough to make me hungry at any hour of the day ;-)
    Will be back again to learn awesome bread and cake recipes :-)

  6. Absolutely lovely looking slices! Jo has captured such happy cheerful portraits of you in her blog. Did you have a look?

  7. I just landed on your blog while going through Follow My Recipe. I was glad to learn that you are an East Indian; since Christmas is round the corner I have a request-- would you be so kind enough to feature kulkuls (I do not know whether I have got the spelling of kulkul right) in your blog. Years ago I looked forward to Christmas not so much for the cakes but for this tidbit-- kulkul. Unfortunately it more or less seems to have disappeared from the Christmas platter.

  8. First time visiting your space.....would love to learn bread making skills from you...

  9. Hey Maria...really great work of urs..i love to cook rather than eating but my mom doesnt allow me 2 get in kitchen hehe..i just try my hand on stuff here and there although i dont know how to cook dal even..neways i guess il learn alot from u..keep up the good work


  10. Nothing like a good loaf of home baked bread... I'm gonna knead it like you {Till the Kitchen Aid Gods hear my call}! Got to make bread tomorrow, and the 15 pods of garlic are calling my name...