From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Wednesday, June 7, 2017


It has to be understood ..
That there is no life without a tussle..
No understanding about being misunderstood ..
No heart without longing ..
No love without the greatest wait..

And yet this life we live is beautiful ..
In all it's brokenness..
It's misunderstanding ..
It's tumultuous escapades..
And in the wait for what will never be yours..

And in this wave that cannot be caught..
The water does touch the farthest sands on a shore ..
And stays..
Even if for a nano second..
And in that span of time..
That grain of sand washes it self clean of the past and sparkles like never before..

Does it sit in wonder of the next wave ..
That may or may not reach the shore ..
Or does it continue to dance with the winds of change ..

I really don't know..
Because I'm but not half as brave as that grain of sand ..

I'm just human ..
And flawed and complete ..
Exactly like it was ordained..

And I have been given all and more ..
Be it happiness..
That has made me who I am ..

And then comes along ..
A wave ..
Like never before ..
And it just engulfs my being ..
And although it does feel like you are losing yourself ..
Like you are being displaced ..
That there is no terra firma..
And you are just being tossed around ..
Without being asked..
With no real knowledge of where you are going ..
And no idea of whether you will continue being a speck of sand or a pearl in an oyster..

That wave ..
Was always meant to leave..
That wave was never to stay ..
That's what waves do ..
They rush at you ..
Drown you in all that they are ..
Turn you upside down...
And leave you ..
As you were before ..
The same inside your core ..
And yet cleansed..
Different from before..
And ready to meet the rest of the waves on that shore ..

A part of me loves the sea..
And all it holds..
It's beauty..
It's brooding ways..
And a part of me respects and is disquiet about its unpredictability..
It's menacing tide..
It's intensity..
And it's depths..
That I don't want to fathom..

But life never gives you a choice ..
Just like the tides don't give the waves a choice..
They are sent hurtling to the shore..
Whether they want to or not ..
Did anyone ask the sea if it wants to be quiet and just laze around or then get into a fury ..
With all its menacing sound..

We could blame the moon..
The mischief monger
The spinner of a web of dreams ..
The one that causes so much of chaos to the tides and to us beings..

Everything is pre-ordained
And yet it is not
You can't choose to be a grain of sand or the wave
Just like you cannot choose who you love or not ..

You just have to let go ..
And give in ..
To the tides of life..
Sometimes you come out a pearl..
Sometimes a speck of sand hurled around...

But you have to know
You are in the right place
At the right time

And you were meant to be ..
Truly you..
And how you got here..
Will always be the mystery , it was meant to be ..

To love..
That wave ..
And a tiny grain of sand...