From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Wednesday, March 8, 2017



And then she bid them adieu..
One word at a time ..
Till she had no more to say to them..

She sat in her favourite corners..
And sipped on her bubbly..
Listening to music that would sometimes make her cry , but now she wondered why..

Them words just walked around her in a large circle ..
And she softly said ..
Not today ..
Not at least for a while..

She sat alone ..
She sat with her smile ..
That did not protest , it just stayed on her lips, and was inching towards her eyes..

Think she had lost interest ..
In all the thoughts ..
That played a game of rhyme with her heart and her mind..

They watched her every move ..
The way she bit her lip and smiled, the crinkle between her brows, grown deeper with years..
The lines around her eyes looking so wise..

And sometimes them words, huddled close..
Looking into her eyes..
That looked like they wanted no more ..
She has played with them and touched them, caressed them with her breath..
And mesmerized them with her kind of magic and charm..

But now she sat there ..
Buried in the nook of her own arm ..
She looked like she needed to sleep ..
Or then in deep thought, about something very deep..
She had a smile on her face ..
No more tears..
She looked like she knew something, she was unwilling to share ..

She had walked her miles ..
She went home ..
Which was sometimes the shade of a tree..
Sometimes a rock on a mountain and sometimes a deep of the sea ..

She had the eyes of peace..
Satisfied ..
And flickered with gold on a dark night
She said nothing ..
And then she stood up and walked ..

Walked out with the beckoning sunrise ..
She turned around ..
Looked at all those beautiful words..
That she loved and inhaled and exhaled with abandon..
But she needed them ..
No more ..
She had said her bit ..
Too many times..

And she pulled her thoughts close around her ..
And spread out her gossamer wings..
And let the rays of the sun ..
Kiss her ..
She lightly flit around ..
Till the rising sun shimmered in her eyes..
She pranced and smiled ..
And felt at peace inside..

Her beautiful words ..
All huddled waiting behind..
She looked at them ..
Each one sparkling in the morning glow ..
She bent down ..
Kissed them all ..
And held them close..
They had given her so much joy ..
So much solace ..
And now she wanted them to rest ..
But they jumped around her and tugged at her threads..
As if to say don't leave us ..
While you go off on your adventures..

So she laughed and smiled ..
And told them to wait awhile ..
She needed to be alone ..
With all of them not impulsively and easily reading her mind ..
She wanted them to wait ..
And leave her alone for a bit ...

And she walked on a path , that paved a way as as she tread ..
It was different ..
It was new it had corn flowers and magpies too..
Hummingbirds that ware singing of beautiful things ..
And puppies that ran chasing the breeze..
She liked this path
With Dandelions playing in her hair ..
She inhaled the scent of a new beautiful year ..

She turned around ..
Looked at all her words..
And blew them a kiss ..
Said thank you for keeping her sane ..
And told them ..
She will meet them soon again..

She felt different inside..
She could speak her heart without making a noise ..
She , her smile and the sunshine ..
And this was just the beginning of a beautiful new story
That had a long way to go..

Love ..
She just carried with her love ..
That's all she ever cared for ..
All that ever made sense to her ..
In her heart and in deepest recesses of her being..
This life or this new one unseen ..