From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Friday, November 16, 2012


Day 8..23rd October 2012.
Millenium to Mweka gate.
Altitude : 3820m to 1640m  .
Hiking time : 5 hours
Distance : 9 km.
Terrain : Descend through, rocks, then big uneven steps of mud, through the rain forest.

Was up at 5, and then crawled out of my tent , and borrowed tooth-paste as usual..
Never found my tooth-paste the entire trek ..

Picked up a packed break-fast, half of which I devoured,before I left, because I cannot function without breakfast ...
And we all set off on our last walk down the rain-forest of the hugely handsome, rugged  and beautiful Kilimanjaro...

We walked, stopped for breakfast and also did a bit of filming along the way...
We again bumped into the Canadians who were filming in order to raise money for water purification in one of the  African countries..

After a bit of our own shoot wrapping up ......

It was Shallu, Shyamal, Vikram and me again walking, our last few hours down the rain- forest again...
Shyamal, Shallu and Vikram.....thank you for the awesome enlightening company..

Bid adieu to the black and white colobus monkeys and a few horn-bills..
Saw the prettiest flowers on my way out, it was like Mr. Kili, sent them specially for me with all his love, the wildest and the prettiest flowers ever..

We walked back at our own pace, with knees that hurt , but hearts filled with the most satiated smile...

We finally reached camp , to be greeted by  this big entourage of our porters, with a guitar , who welcomed us and congratulated us, for making it up and down the wondrous Mt. Kilimanjaro ...
We then had an amazing lunch, by Rashidi...

Rashidi's amazing lunch ...DEVOURED...
Anish on the guitar, and Chef Rashidi sings"Kuchi Kuchi hota hain"

The last one ..
And then we packed our self into a big bus..
And we did it ...we finally walked down ...

And ,made our way to Hotel Planet Lodge..
Well en route, there was lots of singing and revelry...

And in the middle of this ..
Tara and me were finding ways to go to the Masai bazaar , so that we could shop..
And so , that's what we did, without a shower...
What's another few hours ...ha ha ha
Compared to shopping...

Godlisten ,
The naughty Godlisten...
 took us girls , and smart boy that he is, left us there...
Well we had just about an hour and a half...
(Sorry no photos of that gorgeous Masai market, because was too busy looking and , zeroing down and bargaining)
But we managed to buy, slippers, salad bowls, jewellery, Masai blankets, tables and trinkets..
All a a great price ..
And proudly told everyone willing to listen , that we came straight down from their mountain straight to their market to shop ..
Without a bath ..
Well we gained brownie points and got good discounts...
Happy with our loot ...

We returned to the hotel ...

I had a looooong shower...

Never felt more beautiful...
My face is tanned..
My nose is burnt..
My toe is hurt..
My knees still paining ..
My finger-nails, finally clean..
My hair is soft and smells lovely..
I'm scrubbed clean...

Feel just like a wild-flower from Kilimanjaro...
With a dash of Kenzo..

We all went to our favourite place in Arusha, to have dinner and get our certificates...
It was a beautiful long evening..
Filled with mirth and laughter..

Came back , packed and slept...
Gosh on a bed, with pillows and clean sheets ...
This room is fit for a queen...

Our last sunrise from the foot-hills of Mt. Kilimanjaro...

Flying back home Tom...

Just had an amazing time ..
Could not have asked for a more blessed way to bring this year to an end..
Well two months more ..
So I'm sure , there will still be a few surprises and plenty of great times..
But till then ...

JAMBO - hello
JAMBO BWANA - hello mr
HABARI GANI - how are you .?
NZURI SANA - very fine !
WAGENI - visitors..
HAKUNA MATATA- No worries..

Yudi, Shayamal, Me, Kabir, Tara, Shallu and Vikram....We took a walk above the clouds..

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Karunsharya means 'a compassionate abode' and that is exactly what the hospice is. Its a sanctuary that's offers support when a patient loses the comfort and security of a hospital as no further treatment is possible. They serve to bring peace and dignity to the patients life when the inevitable is close at hand. This institution that operates solely off the generosity of patrons such as yourselves,  have managed to help more than 12000 patients since their inception.

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The address for Karunashraya is:

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Kundalahalli Gate,
560 037

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Mumbai- 400050.


  1. Habari yako Maria. So happy you enjoyed your trek up Kili. Loved the pic of Rashidi doing Shah Rukh's trademark pose ha ha. Our beautiful, friendly country often gets a bad press for not being sophisticated enough but it does have heart.:)

    Hongera sana on your climb,

    Jamila xox

    1. Dear Jamila,
      Thank you, your country is beautiful and wild and have a wonderful soul..
      I loved every moment ...

  2. maria u make us all proud!! you finally did it. you are one strong willed woman!!!

  3. Hi Maria,
    Whenever I come to your space I always end up with a Blogathon (Blogs marathon).. It was so much fun reading the Kilimanjaro series. Your description and such breath-taking photos makes me want to go there sooner than later! :-) I'm glad I read the series in one shot, qualifies for such a well-written travelogue!

    Warm regards,

  4. HI Maria, enjoyed your blog. I would like to mail you a business proposal for a food brand. Could you please send your email id to

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