From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Saturday, November 3, 2012


Day 4 : 19th Oct 2012.
Start from Moir Hut, to Lava Tower, to Barranco...
Altitude : 4200 m to 4630 m , to finally 3976m..
Hiking time : 3-4 hours to Lava hut and 2-21/2 hours to Barranco ...
Terrain : leaving moorland plateau to walk on lava ridges, beneath the glacier of the western breach, Then descent into the Barranco valley , surrounded by towering cliffs.

Woke up fresh...
So the combiflam worked..
It was my tiny miracle pill , that I decided I will now take only before I summit...

Godlisten our guide, told me to give my bag to a porter because it's too heavy..
So I decided to wear most of the clothes I carry in the bag on me.. of our super-guides...

And that way I will only have 4 kg of water weight ..
It's weird, but when you are walking , uphill -downhill over rocks and sand , every gram you carry , counts..

And while we were all kind of getting ready for another day of climbing ..
I hear this soft voice calling "sister-sister"...
It's Shallu , calling out to our food helper who is a man , whose name is "Sistus" ...
So we had a good laugh and christened her "Sister Shallu"...
She is really too sweet and gentle, and was hanging with a burly bunch like all of us ...

At around 8am, we had started our days walk to Lava Towers..
Today after many days , it actually felt like a new day..

We started our walk uphill and in about 15 minutes..
I was boiling and so was Yudi, so we took off all our layers and just kept our thermals on ..

Kabir ...was not looking too good, he was not feeling too well, at all....

Today we were all told to walk at our own pace, because we needed to figure it for the day of the summit ...
The trail to the next camp..
Tara started off right in front,
She says trekking is in her Swiss- Blood..
And I completely agree...
Well me and my Indian blood, that uses the car and the lift a lot ..
Was walking slowly ...
I kept thinking , that I have never ever really done this before..
And though today I was feeling like I had more than a spring in my step ..

The "voice of reason" in my head , that I always tie up and keep in a corner,is the one I listened to ...
I just went slow ..
All of us kind of found our own pace today and walked on our own ..
Today was kind of good, I felt no tiredness..

 And since we were feeling upbeat, Yudi and me decided to strike a few poses at "Lava Hut " ha ha ha

Yudi and me, paying homage to the mountain man...Ram ..

Lava Hut ,was cold very cold and windy, and it felt like we were among clouds ..
Post lunch we had a long walk to Barranco camp...
Long long walk , but the topography kept changing, we again started finding plants and flowers

Reached Barranco camp..
It is beautiful..
Filled with a lot of green ...
And as we were trickling into camp..
We came across a very disoriented guy in his tent..
Yudi , immediately called for help...
(Well must tell you , that he made it up the summit, he was fine the next day onwards)

This happens a lot , if your body is not getting acclimatised...
Head-aches , fatigue really normal...
I loved this camp..
Our tent was closest to the loo..yeah that what you call real 5 star in the mountains ...bloody Diamox...

My head-ache had lessened here at the Barranco camp...
We were camping above the clouds..a beautiful surreal sight..
This camp was in the middle of the valley , so it was really cold...

But we had signal, so everybody was on their phones, calling home..
Telling family that all is good...

Then came some really bad news..
Kabir is going to have to go back, his body was not taking in enough oxygen..
And though he looked physically fit, Godlisten,said that he will have to go down , as he was not acclimatising ...

This was horrible..
Not Kabir..
He is really fit...
But today, I saw him struggling while he climbed up and down from Moir Hut, to Lava Tower and down to Barranco....
And within half an hour of reaching camp, they had him bundled and 12 porters were sent to take him down...

There was a silence that fell over all of us..
This was Kabir, my best friend Mini's husband, who is fit, does not drink or smoke , works out ..
And to see him shivering in a sleeping bag , and being carried away..
Is something I was just not prepared for..
But there is always a better plan for life..and so knew that this was for the best ..
Well, after he reached down, 3000 m, he walked for 6hours all the way to the base...
We got to know this the next morning ...
(well he is going to be back soon, amidst a family that loves him to bits)

That night I wore nearly all my clothes and went to sleep ..
I looked nearly as big as a bear..
Now I finally understood , why bears do not feel cold..
It's the layers of fat that warms them up ..

Unfortunately for me, did not have the required amount of fat to keep me warm , just enough to not let me fit properly in my jeans ..damn...
And to make it even better , I am allergic to wool..
I wore Min's fleece..
I miss all my girls..
I miss my family..

I miss cuddling my ZZ's...

And so I finally drift off to sleep over the clouds, never thought that would happen , with my feet still on the ground ..

And as I sleep in the prettiest valley of Mt. Kilimanjaro..

I thank God for keeping me safe and for everything ..
I'm blessed..
My fingers are frozen...


Day 4 - we are one person feel different...

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  1. the journey is soo tough and exciting.. at every point there's something new and the way you describe it, it seems as if we are there with you and experience all the things.. its soo magical.. love it.

    1. So I'M really glad then, because, I want everyone to feel this journey..
      It was really special ..

  2. Maria enjoyed reading this! I'm so proud of you!!! You Go Girl!!
    Juggie :)

    1. Ha ha ha ha Juggie,
      you actually read the whole thing,
      Im soooooo happy....

  3. Am feeling chilly just reading this..The pics are amazing too...

  4. its really beautiful & the way you narrate ur experience i feel i'm there with you.......i had my first visit's to the mountains in July'12 - visited Leh & Ladak......i guess ur blog has added a new destination to my adventure list :)

    1. Really,
      Well I have never been to Ladakh and Leh..
      So that's a place I'm looking forward to ..