From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Saturday, March 31, 2012


It's days like today ..
When I'm sitting alone in the solace of my home ..
Without the din of my everyday chores ..
Without my kids and all their friends..
Hovering around me like a flock of sheep ..
That I have learned to listen to the silence of the universe and bow before providence ..
That is mine in all abundance ..

I have realised that I know nothing of the world yet ..
And though I have lived long enough and think I know quite a lot ..
Realised that , that is far from the truth ..

I have always felt I can figure people out ..
Without a doubt..

But that is my greatest folly ..
So after I have stumbled and bumbled and made a complete mess ...
I have now lately realised ..
That because I'm volatile ,impulsive and unpredictable ..
More often than not ..
Find my self sitting on the highest branch of a tree ..
Wondering how on earth this came to be ..

But when you right up there ..
Taking in the fresh air ..
That's when I can see clearly, all my crazy fun times and stupid follies ..

Follies I try and erase from my elephantine memory ..
And as for my fun times..
I do something , that according to me is both sweet and silly ..

"Happy stones" ..
I pick one every time ...
I'm just bursting with joy..
And it just the nicest thing to do ..
I search for colours ,shapes and textures...

Because that's how moments in life are ..
Bursts of joy ..
Bursts of light ..
And sometimes .. Just a crinkle on my nose ..
And a twinkle in my eye, or maybe just a half-smile, that's gonna give the musings in my mind away ..

But I love to collect stones and sea-shells ..
That now, I know so well ..
Because they are little pieces of this vast universe branded with memories of mine..
That I have collected at different times ..

And sometimes , when I'm having a bad day ..
I just run my hands over my happy stones .....
And I know my life will always be more than just a SUPERCALIFLAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS DAY...

P.S. I love this song, feel like it was written for me..ha ha ha


  1. I love listening to the silence of the is in silent and alone times and moments that you understand so much...about this world, people, life...sometimes you think you know some people very well...and then they astonish you by changing faces...a side to them u never saw or knew of...and now ur just left there sitting and wondering what happened...smiling thinking of the good times, and crying thinking they're no longer a part of ur life...learning, reflecting, growing, trying to understand, letting go and moving on..

  2. Hello dear Maria,

    Loved the song. have always loved listening to it when it comes on the radio when i am driving with all these random thoughts in my mind. Ha! i spot my inukshuk again. The last line reminded me of Dr. Seuss . Have been reading the Lorax with the kids the past days before we see the movie.I would love to be in Dr Seuss's world where everything is mad but with a realistic twist. A look at the world thru his crazy eyes. Enjoyyour weekend and read the lorax with your little muchkins if you haven't. it will bring a smile to yourface. for sure. ciao.

  3. i collect sea shells and have built up a huge collection..reminds of the different beaches i have been to!!

  4. Hi Maria! I have always loved watching you since the good old MTv days & now today reading your blogs in something that destresses me. I am a mother of 2 young tots who has more than a full time job but reading ur stuff connects me to you on some other level. I love how you are a good friend, a mother & a wife. I am sure you are a beautiful person from inside as you appear on the outside, would love to meet you some day. Till then., will keep reading your blog! So long.

  5. Hi Maria.I have always liked you from your mtv days. So beautiful,charming , full of life woman you are. Iam complete dreamer like you and my life is surrounded my little boy and home. Your blog is just like peek a boo thing inside my heart i feel thats what iam, just like you. Would love to meet you in person someday till then lots of love from this side. Will stay connected thru your blogs. Keep smiling. XXX

  6. Dear Ifrah,
    yup ... you are absolutely right...

    Dear Sneha,
    I dont know about the lorax, but you always do bring a smile to my face ...

    Dear Sushmita,
    its really a lot of fun...

    Dear Vaidehi,
    Thank you, we are all pretty similar and yet are all completely different and I think that's what connects us to each other...

    Dear Priti,
    We all actually want very little in life and that little is sometimes the most important ...


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