From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Thursday, March 29, 2012


So you can love someone crazily and keep them in your heart and ..
Still let them go ..
Have you ever been in a place like so ..
Being at crossroads is not something we all have not faced ..

Our hearts were made to love..
And experience feelings that are impossible to manipulate ...
That's the unspoken pact between our heart and mind ..
To always agree to disagree..

The essence of us all is love ..
That's our very core.
Who told me ..
Well ... I don't remember no more ...

But this feeling came to me one day and has stayed ..
I cannot stop how I feel ..
And I cannot feel less than I do ..
And yet I have realized ..
That this 'Love Thingy' is the most complicated feeling of what really is such a basic emotion ..

It's all about timing I feel ..
Maybe I should have been born in a different time ..

But I'm encapsulated in a moment that brings so much joy..
Making me walk with my eyes wide shut..
Turned me upside-down and inside-out..
And showed me the reflection of someone new ..

Well that's exactly what love does to you..
It gives you new vision ..
It smashes old ways..
It makes you meander on paths that have been waiting for you in a cloudy haze..
It makes you bare your soul to the elements
It dissipates all fear..
It sometimes robs your speech..
It clads you in an armour that makes you feel safe and complete....
Faster than the strongest gale..
Invincible in the stormiest weather..
Bold enough to bare your naked words, that lay steeped in your core..
Wear your heart on your sleeve ..
Strong enough to traverse , anywhere you feel, you could just be together.....

Brave and drunk under this mystic spell ..
A heartful of wine ..
And a bagful of gazes that only you recognise so well ..
Glances.. Moments..smiles that caress your soul ..
A tiny touch that breaks through all your defences ..

So does love make you strong or weak..
Does it hypnotise you beyond all belief....
Does it satiate you with its drunken promise of a rainbow beyond the mighty mountain range..

So like they say..
If you love someone let them go ..
And only then will you know..
If you walked together or you were traversing alone ..
Like yin and yang , separate , but sublime....travelling alone yet together in time...

Because after a bit , a while.....
If there is no one calling your name or braving the storm to hold you close....
No one ,calming the hammering in your heart...
Or stealing your breath with every kiss...
Or gazing into your eyes laden with love, and making you feel like you are the only girl in the world..
Don't be stuck in a day-dream no more ...

It's better to change your route and start anew....
With an adventure..
That will be yours in time ..
All you have to do is face the sun and the shadows will all fall behind you ...


  1. You express so feels like your words express my heart and feelings's the most complicated thing and you are right about the fact that you cannot stop how you feel..sometimes some people may no longer be part of your life but they will always stay inside our hearts..its important to let go of someone who does not brave the storm to hold you close and all the other things that u mentioned...letting go of someone u love so deeply is a hard journey..but if u keep faith in God, stay strong and have support from loved ones, the heart breaks and pain eventually lessen with time..

  2. Dear Ifrah,
    These are just my meanderings...
    and if my words can express what your heart feels...
    I touched at least one person and that makes me happy ...

  3. Dear Maria,

    Today I sat down to read your blog and everything you have written...and I can tell what a beautiful heart you have..may God bless you with the best of everything..:) And yes, you've touched my heart and left me feeling like there's some one who feels the same way and that I am not alone..thanks! :)

  4. Dear M,
    Read the poem. Going through a phase when i don't know whether

    "you walked together or you were traversing alone ..
    Like yin and yang , separate , but sublime....travelling alone yet together in time..."

    why do people disappear without giving a clue, a warning, when they could have simple said so? how do roads that led to each others' heart get blocked just like that?
    i am tired of asking myself questions as to what could have happened? i want to look towards the sun so that the shadows may fall behind me. i have let go but why is this holding me from facing the sun?


  5. Hi Maria,
    you are inspiring me a lot with your poetry and with yumm recipes to make something that is refreshingly different from same usual roz ka khana :) So thanks a lot!
    YOur blog is so much better than those thousands of recipe sites where everything is so complex..but I can try your recipes without any difficulty. Your writing, recipes and your smile is as simple and genuine as it can be :)
    The red velvet cake was a big hit..thanks to you:) My husband and kids love it..but it turned out pink..nice looking :)
    My daughter baked it and I helped sweet is that:) My 11 years old chef was in her full spirits and when her dad asked about the recipe..she said, "it was mom's favourite chef's who is mom's fav.chef? clue...her husband is your favourite Circut". My husband was really surprised to know :))
    THanks again for being a part of our famliy!
    Next time you are in Toronto..let us know..I will cook pure Punjabi khana for you :)
    Raman, Toronto

  6. Dear Amu,
    I really dont know, why people disappear without a clue...It's baffling ...
    and frankly i have no answers for anyone but me...
    But i'm hoping that you are able to heal and walk on ..

    Dear Raman,
    Thaks for making me part of your family..
    Well we gonna be having school holidays in a bit, so actually waiting for them so I can cook some more...

    Dear Ifrah,
    We are never alone...

  7. Hi Maria, Reading through your blogs makes me feel like my latent soul is speaking. I love cooking, travel, write poems and being with my family and friends and your writings reflect the same. You express beautifully are a warm and genuine person. Wish you happiness always...Love Jane

  8. Dear Jane,
    I'm happy that , my writing connects with you...
    please walk by here as often as you can ....

  9. mariaaaaa u r FABULOUS! u av no idea u have changed my life !dere was a tyme when i was so loww and everytime i used t read ur tweets..i used t b instantly uflifted!..dats d affect u av on me!..u r a beautiful human being..i wish t meet u some day sooon..u av made me fall in love wid myself yet again(: i totally love ur tweets..ur blog..ur pictures..ur kids..ur playlists..ur frnz..ur receipes(i actually leart cooking after following u..hehehehe)..had i been a guy..i wud av proposed yu..!

  10. Dear Aashi,
    You know thats awesome, I'm so glad you have fallen in love with yourself again...
    As for proposing to me, I have another girl-friend , who has already booked me in our next life ...ha ha ha ...

  11. I JUST DIED! u replied..OMG..a big tight hug t you!.."may the joy always be with you" or i should rather say may you always be with joy;)

  12. Hi Maria....I don't wander out in to the blog world so often, its mostly my blog which helps me pen my musings :) But I wandered into yours a couple of times and left with a smile sometimes and sometimes with a sigh. I love the honesty with which you write and bare your soul, it doesn't come easy to me, and I love the way you do it :) Also loved the above verse and the last three stanza's - especially :)

    1. Dear Kasturi,
      Thanks a ton...
      I just write , whatever passes through my mind actually ...