From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


And so dreams do come true ..
If not all. then I know .at least a chosen few..
If you do wish for something from the bottom of your heart ..
Your wishes do emerge from the deepest abyss ..
And come and plant themselves in your life like the sweetest kiss..
And warm life with moments in time..
That I know ,will always stay mine .
We live and learn new facets about ourselves every day ..
But experience really garners no real , Book of instructions for life..
We write each day as it comes ..
And don't really go back to refer to times lived ..
And lessons learnt ..
Guess because ..
We all do change in time ..
And what used to hurt makes you smile for a mile ..
And what brought the biggest grin too your face ..
Now just fills your eyes with tears that you are not able to erase ..

So no don't make no plans ..

Sometimes I have had conversations in my head ..
And also knew what I was going to say and do ..
If I met the person ..
The who ..
But realised ..
That nothing goes according to plan ..nothing works like clockwork ..
Not even the clock ..

But our heart does ...
It does not may skip a beat ..
Or quicken or slow down a bit ..
But it works always ..
Till we go to a better place ..

So yup ..
Will go with my heart ..
Like I say.. It's on the left but it's mostly right ...

It makes me do silly things ..
It's what makes me ...ME..
And yes I do say sorry when I'm wrong ..
I mostly say what I'm feeling inside ..
But sometimes say and do the exact opposite, instead ..because,my heart is running faster ,than all the words ,I'm trying to string together ,in a sensible manner in my head ...
And sometimes ,I seem to hang on to nothing , but can't seem to let go ...

And so when I see a new moon ..
I know fully well ..
That something magical will happen soon ..
And so make a wish ..
And in my heart know this ..
There is always a rainbow after the rain..
and there are shadows only because , you stand in the light..

So live life and dream..
Its completely all right...


  1. Helooooooooooo Maria,

    What would i do if i did not dream. I guess i would have a lot of time on my hands. But then what would i do with that time? take a checklist and finish my chores i guess? That is so Borrrrrrrrring. okay let's finish the tasks at hand and then like a forbidden chocolate take out my little bag of dreams and see which one needs updating and which one is old and which one is silly . DO they all come true????? ha ha. but i still like all my dreams. they r mine and they r special. on that serious note, BTW could you also check the momos blog, i am a gonna post a comment there too. can't write funny stuff here.

  2. Dear Sneha,
    You are too funny...

    Dear Gopinath,
    Thank you ...

  3. Hi! I chanced upon your blog randomly. And I love the fact that it's so honest and genuine and positive. Can totally feel what you're talking about. :)

  4. Dear Dipna,
    Yeah yeah yeah ... that's the only way I know...