From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Sunday, April 21, 2013


You know some days you wake up ..
And just know, that you are in the best place you were ever meant to be..
And just thank the one above for all that you are and all that you have and for all the rest who are willing to put up with your nonsense(which I have plenty off)

I love the summer holidays..
Yes it is too hot..
But then I live in India and that's how it is..
These past two weeks, I have had a whirlwind of a time.
You know how whirlwinds are, there is nothing normal about it..
But it does not last forever..
So I have soared like a beautiful bird in the blue of the sky.
Have dived into the deepest and the darkest part of the ocean..
Have prowled around the jungles, growling to myself, like I love doing, hung by my favorite watering hole..

My soul sprung a leak..
And I wrote like I never have..

So yes it is all good for me and as normal as I can get in my land of excesses..

I look at Zeke and Zene, and am happy with all I am..
I always knew I wanted kids, though I like very few of them...ha ha ha ..
And have wanted another little one for some time now..
(But that's a long story that I may tell you one day ha ha ha) 
Well let me introduce you to the littlest and sweetest cub of them all"Alisha"..

Gramaasi and "Alisha"...

I'm her "Gramaasi"..
Well if you do not know what that means , let me educate you, her grandma Ritambhara (she writes the tarot section for HT) and me have been close friends for over 11 years , and her mum known as "Kichie-Poo"and me are always upto non-sense, so I'm part her grand-ma and part her mums sister and so , I'm her grandma and her aunt...ha ha ha ..
Poor kid...
And Zene is her"frister" friend and sister..
And Zeke is her "brend" brother and friend..
So yes I have a little baby, and she may not live with me physically, but she is very much part of my heart and soul and the lionesses have a new cub..

So I woke up this Sunday morning..
Full of smiles and love and forgiveness..
(God sometimes I'm amazed that the stuff that goes on in my head)

 If you do not forgive, I feel you will be an unhappy person.
So start with yourself, forgive yourself for getting into anything knowingly or unknowingly , that caused you hurt or harm..
Ask for forgiveness if you have intentionally or unintentionally hurt someone else..
And forgive everyone or anyone who has harmed or hurt you consciously or unconsciously..
 I promise you feel fantastic...
Lighter , happier and smilier (if that's a word)...

This life needs to be lived loaded with love..
And yes sometimes you may do and say things that you should not, but you want to..
Go ahead I say, its better to do what you want than wonder "what if"...
You are in-Charge of your own that's that..

Some will get you ..
Some will not..
Some may be able to understand ..
Some will never be able to fathom you ever..
And yet its all good..
You just don't ever turn that "tap of love "off..

So all this early morning philosophy and introspection that I subjected myself to..

(With Taz following me around, I think he always knows , whats going on with me, I sometimes feel , he will one day sit me down and have a long conversation ...)
Made me very very hungry..

(actually everything , makes me very hungry)

So I put together this lovely juicy breakfast that I had to share with you...


Egg whites - 3..
Tomatoes- 3 cubed
Rocket /Arugula leaves- a hand full
Cheddar Cheese - A sprinkle
Secret ingredient - 2 tsp
Butter/ oil - 1 tsp
Chicken sausages or Chorizo - as much as you like, less the healthier..

Heat the oil and butter in a non stick pan..
Add the chicken sausages or the chorizo..
Let it sizzle for a bit..
Add the secret ingredient..
After 2 minutes..add the tomatoes. and saute till it is just slightly cooked..about 2 minutes..
Add the Cheddar..
Add the egg whites and toss it all around the pan..
do not dry it..
Add your hand full of Arugula, give everything a good stir and then eat it as hot as possible..

Ha ha ha breakfast is the most important meal of the day
Just like peace of mind is important to life..
And so as I bite into this yummy juicy breakfast that is as healthy as it is tasty..

I'm also eyeing the box of mangoes I got from this guy at the Lokhandwala signal, his name is Sabir-9619599733..
We were being our usual vagabonding gypsy selves yesterday, the ZZ's and me..
And when we chanced upon the yellow deliciousness...
I swear they behaved like they have never eaten a mango in their life..
(thank God they are normal like me ha ha ha )
And so in between, buying a skirt from Vintage earth, to a size 3 football. to buying salad leaves and vegetables..
Mangoes were being delivered home...yeaaahhh

Hell I started talking about other stuff..I can be completely Random sometimes, Mini and Sandy always say that...

So back to breakfast..
But please eat Mangoes if you can  ha ha ha ..

So while I'm a keeper of secrets..
You can trust me with anything..I swear...
For my friends and myself...
As far as food is concerned I share it all..
My secret ingredient for the eggs is "Keya -all purpose seasoning" something my Friend Jaya introduced me to, bless her..
And as you know I never cook without infusing all my food with my brand of "all consuming LOVE"..

So here's presenting, "EGGS ALA HAPPINEZZ" juicy, tasty and full of my brand of yummy...
Full of growls and playfulness only from "Maria's Kitchen"


  1. Little Alisha looks just adorable!!! I am eating mangoes as per your order. Not the mexican ones, but apli hafus from good old maharashtra.Packed somewhere in Kandivli. (Just gives me a high reading that on the box). On another note, I just talked with a girl who is coming to the zumba conference in aug to orlando and she works for Vrinda Mehta's vibrations studio in khar. Her name is Aalia. I am looking forward to doing some ganpati dhinchak dance types moves with her at the conference.

    1. Dear Sneha,
      ha ha ha you please live life King Alphonso size..
      All the best always...

  2. Completely in love with "Gramaasi" story..:) Enjoy summer and keep writing for us , the fans in this hot summer..:) ha ha..And also, I have to write this - I saw your beautiful picture on highheelconfidential this morning..and then read this blog..You are a true beauty with beautiful thoughts ..:)

  3. Each time u write a blog before i even read it i have a big broad smile on my face :) :) trust me that much happiness u bring into my life with all ur positivity thoughts and happiness, I would request u to please blog more often.And ur recipes makes my mouth water all the time..a small question u cook such delicious food and eat dnt u put on weight,coz me eating normal food go on putting weight...but Maria ur d best...wen am down or low i read tru ur old blogs and am completely charged and filled with positiveness in life....a big thank u.............Love Pearl

  4. hey maria... i just cant seem to find your red velvet recipe .. can you please re post it or send me the link .. thanks

  5. Maria (I address you like I've known you for years but then again, it's your blog's fault!),

    How do you solve a problem like Maria?
    How do you catch a cloud and pin it down?
    How do you find a word that means Maria?

    And so the famous song goes...

    Maria, you make me smile! :)

  6. hey Maria
    Funtabulous blog as usual..full of gratitude, lovv,growls & yumness. Im a big fan of Ma Prem Ritambhara(never miss her sunday HT column) & was of Ma Prem Usha glad t knw u r her granddaughter's "Gramassi"..hehe...The secret ingredient sounds good.. wud def pick one and I love love mangoes to devour aaamram at bombay bites here in dubai..thanks for the blog..xoxo

  7. Eggs is indeed happiness! No matter how much I'm sulking or in bad spirits, I can rest be assured that if I have eggs I'll be just fine. :) I'm glad so many of us share the same sentiments! :)